Professions of Rolex Wearers?

  1. Finance. Saved up for a Hulk for 4 years while paying off student loans, engagement ring, debauchery, etc. , then they shot up to $20k. Serendipitously was gifted a hulk by my brother who was gifted 2 from diff clients.

  2. How did you like your time as a consultant? Ex real estate working at robotics start up now. Got an opportunity to help a friend’s consulting business. Curious. Currently Tudor BB58 owner lol.

  3. An AD making snarky remarks about your age is not right. Before asking Reddit about their jobs to feel more secure about that situation, I hope you walked out and said your piece. And by piece I mean you told him some variation of fuck off.

  4. happens to me every AD i go to lol. at which point i just said screw the ADs, the owner of my dealership gets wholesale prices so he sells me whatever i want at retail prices

  5. Acoustical Engineer. Got it when I was 35, been on my wrist for about 37 years. Bluesy. I had a good bonus (after making partner) and after taking care of the family… I bought it. It cost $4k then, which equals about $100 per year.

  6. Teacher. Didn’t buy my first (datejust41) til 31, got a submariner at 32. Made money buying bitcoin and ethereum to make these purchases.

  7. Construction project manager - got my Explorer I in 2017 then Explorer II in 2018. Love both of them. I daily the E2, n it shows. I will probably need to get the E2 serviced soon.

  8. Biglaw corporate lawyer. There’s Subs, Explorers, etc. A Rolex is often the one watch collection for most folks. My mentor has an amazing gold Portuguieser, there’s also Omegas. The partners at my firm are very rich, so I’m surprised I don’t see more of them rocking awesome watches. Might have something to do with my market though where people are a little more buttoned up.

  9. Lol. I guess I have to skip over my desire for a Rolex entirely and go straight to Patek. I’m still upset at myself that I have even found myself getting interested in any of this at all!

  10. and founding member of Cage the Elephant- assuming you’re the real Lincoln Parish which I’m sure you are lol. It’s so random to just run into you in the wild on Reddit. Cool to see you’re into watches! I’d actually like to connect with you on SoundBetter for a project I’m currently working on. Hope to chat soon!

  11. I'm a non-profit executive. The org I run does homeless service and housing advocacy. I know that sounds very... strange. But watches are not a flex thing for me and I readily admit that I probably make significantly less money than your "average" Rolex owner.

  12. Lawyer. First Rolex at 23 as a gift from my parents. We didn’t have a lot when I was growing up and it was a big Christmas gift after I made law review and moot court. My dad did a lot of horse trading to get it (ca. 1960 OP Date) Now I own my own law firm and have four total.

  13. Not my first but my first I purchased with my own money. My shop got a large tool build package, we hit a home run, purchased an DD 36. Fast forward 25 years upgraded to a 40 DD but still have the 36. Has lots of personal meaning. I only wear 2 out of my collection it’s the 36 and my 36 DJ.

  14. Originally hotels development, now asset strategy and development, been operating across Asia for many years now.

  15. Orthopedic doc. Daytona, datejust and just got kermit and love it!!! First watch 7 yrs ago each of my 3 boys can fight over them when i am gone!!!😂

  16. Tax accountant. Probably the only one in the accounting function to own one in my company. Used to wear Apple Watch but submariner is something different. Got it three days ago. My very first!

  17. Wallpaper hanger bought my first when I was 29 1675 gmt master, my 2nd at 47 green hand gmt master ii, and 3rd at 49 16750 Pepsi on jubilee

  18. I’m in sales. I own 3 Rolex watches and a few others (Omegas & a Breitling). My boss is a Breitling fan and doesn’t like Rolex but that doesn’t stop him from calling attention to my watch every chance he gets when in front of a client.

  19. Chef/ restaurant owner. First one was a gift from my wife on our wedding ( age 32). Been saving and collecting since , and now have a few more.

  20. 34, Director - Product Engineer. There were a lot of times when I was younger where I thought about buying a Rolex, but saved for a house and a car instead.

  21. Engineer and computer programmer. I get lots of screen time and work with computers all day long. I appreciate the mechanical nature of a fine watch ad it represents an escape from my high tech world.

  22. Explorer (and a Speedmaster) at 23. Not a doctor yet, but a medical student. And yes I bought my watches with my own money, which I worked for and saved up. No inheritance, trust fund or allowance here. I actually got a full ride to both undergrad and medical school so no student loans to worry about. I’m the first person in my family to go to graduate school actually.

  23. I’m 29 and haven’t worked at a job in over 7 years. I made some investments when I was younger that worked out well, and I married a woman wealthier than me.

  24. College professor (biology). My first one I inherited from my dad’s Oyster date 1970. I bought my first sub at the age of 35.

  25. Consultant, was 31 and bought a DJ 36. Would have bought at 30 but I had the opportunity to buy a house which was a priority purchase at the time.

  26. I got my no date Sub at 40 years old, after my degrees were paid off. I don't work in finance (far from it-- academic research), so it's not in the professional culture to buy Rolex (or any real extravagance, really).

  27. Data Engineer. But I got my first Rolex as a 30th birthday present to myself. Planning to get YM40 or GMT Batman next

  28. So you’re the guy that makes money through rounding… above .0006 customer gets it. Below .0004 bank gets it. At .0005 you get it ;)

  29. Small business owner: Property management and maintenance. 1st Rolex was a 126710 BLRO, then 118238 DD,. Looking to buy vintage sub, possibly a red sub if the price is right and I can trust the seller.

  30. Global Sales/Operations manager in the sports equipment industry, 36 now. 99% of my colleagues wear Apple Watches or Garmins but my grandfather opened a watch repair shop after getting out of WW2 (later expanded into a retail jewelry shop as well) so I started collecting and doing minor restoration on watches a few years ago as a hobby in memory of him.

  31. An IBM electrical engineer’s son. A stainless steel Oyster Perpetual Datejust given to my father on retirement. He decided it wasn’t his style and gave it to me

  32. I own an agency that represents European designer furniture brands for the North American market. First and only Rolex at 44 - Vintage No Date Submariner.

  33. I don’t care what others are saying or thinking. I don’t want to trigger people on purpose so I don’t brag about things but I buy or do whatever I like. I mean it is my earned money. To your question: being a physician it is not that uncommon to get a Rolex. At 28 I got my first one and I already got a Breitling too. For me I just love watches so I bought these. The Rolex was some rather unexpected buy.

  34. Got my first rolex at 14. Inherited it from my great grandmother. Got another at 20 as a bonus (working in the oilfield) bought my first one to commemorate my son's birth in 2020. I work in industrial construction.

  35. Dermatologist here. Saved for my first one from the end of medical school and bought as a reward for getting into my residency program

  36. You should see the rest of the "a lot of money at a young age" professions. Plenty of 20-25 y.o. sales dudes who walk around with a few rolexes...devalues the brand a bit.

  37. I work in tech sales. At 23 I hit a commission target and was SUPPOSED to get a Rolex but I got a vacation to the Bahamas instead. I bought my datejust the next week.

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