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  1. I have family there, I spent weeks and weeks over many summers (cumulatively months) there growing up, probably the state I’ve spent the most time in that I haven’t actually lived in. Southern NH, the (very general) Concord area mostly, but I’ve been up as far as Milan.

  2. If you end up going to Missouri, I highly suggest the spring or fall... the scenery is gorgeous. If you prefer cities, go to St. Louis. If you prefer nature, go to southern MO and do some cave tours! I'm originally from Missouri, so I guess I'm pretry biased. But it's so beautiful!

  3. How did you make this map? I’d like to make mine. I originally had a goal of seeing all 50 states before I turned 40 but I hit 40 in November and I’ve only been to 26. It might be easier to accomplish my goal if I had a map and not a list.

  4. “States Visited Map” for iOS. I’m at 41, though eight of those are just “passed through”. But I’ve got two and a half years to go before I hit 40!

  5. You need to visit Arkansas! Eureka Springs is fun and beautiful, The Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View is very interesting and in the summer, they play bluegrass music on the courthouse bandstand. The musicianship displayed is impressive. There's a great art museum owned by the Walton (Walmart) family near Fayetteville. There are some beautiful state parks around the state as well. If you're into tubing, the Buffalo River is beautiful and fun.

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