Showerthought: Simple Rick is the life Rick C-137 would have lived, had Rick Prime not returned.

  1. I have wondered about this since the episode where they confirmed that Rick wasn’t lying about his backstory.

  2. In the 'fabricated origin story' it's pretty clear that Rick actively made the choice to become simple Rick when Rick Prime showed up. He actively rejects all the science stuff, and calls out Rick Prime's offer as lonely.

  3. Nah, simple rick would live a completely normal life like in the ad, our rick has gotten through A LOT, he can still find contentment and settle down with this family he has, but there is still a lot to go through starting with evil rick.

  4. Riddle me this batman, how come simple Rick didn't get the offer? It pretty much seemed like Rick Prime (and I guess others) went out giving portal tech away, while being pretty unhappy when rejected. Are we gonna believe that factory owner Rick was a recruiter and put him on ice when he refused?

  5. I think he was offered. His family is dead and he's trapped in a mind loop of just before his family was slain. I think he's outside of the central finite curve because if he has his family killed in front of him like c137, then he isn't rick prime and he is a victim too. I think the central finite curve was a way to narrow down where rick prime could be. If he's trapped in a finite amount of realities that he can travel to he will be easier for c137 to find. Either that or what the other guy said, maybe he just wasn't smart enough for portal tech.

  6. The commercial does say that Simple Rick is "sixteen iterations off the central finite curve". Since C-137 Rick created the central finite curve, he's probably considered to be the reference point for universes in relation to the curve. So, the further off the curve you go, Rick becomes more of a family man, and the further you go in, Rick becomes more of a scientist.

  7. So does that mean he knocked Rick Prime out of the Central Finite Curve? Or was he stuck inside it and C137 locked him inside to kill him eventually?

  8. Personally, I think our Rick and simple Rick would be right next to each other in terms of the curve, and more importantly, would both be outside of it. My belief is that the central finite curve that our Rick made was intended to keel Rick's like prime Rick confined to universes where a Rick as we know them is inevitable, and universes without a Rick, or where the Rick would choose to give up science and become a simple Rick are protected. Simple Rick was probably abducted during the construction of the citadel before the curve was created enough to prevent travel to those universes.

  9. I 100% believe that "sixteen iterations off the central finite curve" was written long before the details of the CFC were come up with.

  10. I wonder how Bushworld Rick would fit in. He’s some crackhead who also happens to be a family man, and yet he still appears to be presumably related to the other Ricks by some arcane logic.

  11. Yeah I don't think they even make it subtle, the only Rick that's actually happy is Simple Rick and therefore his memories need to be tapped and sold as drugs for other Ricks.

  12. When it comes down to it, Rick will go to all lengths to protect his family. As simple Rick, he has minimal work with the happiest version of his family. I feel that's what most of us struggle for. Well, I know I do.

  13. I think a lot of these comments are failing to understand what 16 iterations off the central finite curve is supposed to mean (or at least our guess).

  14. So what would that mean exactly? "When the curve has spiraled around the central point 16 times"? It sounds like far more universes passing between 1 and 16 iterations than just simply 16. Sorry I am not smart lol.

  15. Simple rick exists outside of the central finite curve, but he of course was born before the central finite curve existed. Would c-137 also be outside had he not pursued what he did and some other rick built it?

  16. Very likely. When the episode first aired I assumed the "Asshole Rick comes in and explodes life" tale was essentially SimpleRick's backstory and not C-137's memory.

  17. It goes deeper than that still, ‘Rick Prime’ starts the events that creates c-137 central finite curve. The reason that Rick couldn’t find Rick Prime is because RP was outside of the curve that was made when he blew up Beth and Diane. In Infinite universes each Infinite is getting bigger than the last, Prime Rick comes from a smaller Infinite. Evil Morty probably when to Aleph Null(smallest infinite), which is so detached from where the show takes place we can’t even conceptualize it. Infinite is scary

  18. Shown stated before we learned the truth about where Marty came from. They've stated cronenberg reality is c137 also

  19. Maybe prime Rick is a Clone that simple Rick send into outher space, like space Beth, because he couldn't decide between family and science

  20. Except Rick C-137 was also responsible for the following: 1) He agreed he was a horrible father; 2) Rick made Froopyland because Beth was psychopathic. He also made an array of weapons and torture devices for childhood Beth before she was blown up. This suggests he both wasn't simple with respect to science OR a good father; 3) Rick C-137 told everyone at Birdperson and Tammy's reception that he couldn't make his marriage work (to another Diane or some other individual); 4) Nimbus knew of Diane, suggesting that Rick C-137 had genius sci-fi adventures BEFORE inventing portal technology, suggesting he wasn't simple.

  21. Your statement sparked an idea, are we just watching ricks dream? Like is all of the show what he pictures in his head. All the adventures, the multiverse hopping. The fact that he can replace his family when he needs to. All of it feels very narcissistic dreamer to me.

  22. But how would be this be true? Because isn’t simple rick the same rick (from the memory) from when Rick C-137 broke out of jail in S3E1? And if that’s true Rick C-137 said that was a fabricated origin story. Please correct me if i’m wrong i haven’t seen the new season yet :(((

  23. Okay, so basically, it was revealed later in a season 5 flashback that everything in the flashback was true besides him finding the codes that destroyed the Galactic Federation. So everything else actually happened

  24. I want everyone to note the difference in simple Rick and Tall Morty. Simple Rick is smarter than tall Morty. Tall Morty is most likely a fluke that cause him to be retarded. Simple Rick is a Rick whose values are closer to Jerry and less to ricks.

  25. You're confusing simple Rick with Doofus Rick. Simple Rick is the one they use to make cookies from his happy memories. Doofus Rick is the one you're thinking of.

  26. Theory: Our Rick isn't c-137... c-137 is the Rick he impersonated. Marty is c-137. I believe our Rick is on the hunt for c137. Thougts?

  27. The show has shown/stated a plethora of times that our Rick is indeed C-137, Rick primes’ reality number hasn’t been announced yet.

  28. This is unbelievable next you’re gonna tell me the new cookies are what happens when the factory owner rick kills the rick sitting in the chair

  29. Uuuuuuuugh. These guys are trying to figure out w-what makes me tick again Morty. Don't they get it?! I'm Rickity-Riiiick! My rhymes are siiiiick! I got whole civilizations, hell, whole planets riding on my diiiick. I'm a (Burp) I'm a bit drunk Morty, even this is boring now. Maybe I'm Gen X Riiiick! Don't give a fuck, totally apathetic! I should get a flannel. What do you think Morty?

  30. …only to get kidnapped by a cookie magnate, held captive in a dreamlike state for years, then when he finally awakens, tossed into the blender dimension.

  31. Well, there are an infinite amount of universes. So there's gotta be a universe that was 99% identical to Rick and his universe, with the sole difference being that no one dropped a bomb on his family.

  32. LOL I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS WOW OMG WOW, SO SMART, I mean only 3 seasons late and I really feel like you got some thing here, like wow like wow

  33. People talk about relating to Ricks, Mortys etc etc and relating to Jerrys as an insult, but out of any characters I genuinely think I’m a cross between simple Rick and Summer.

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