What episode do you consider the worst and why?

  1. Whoa, Lawnmower Dog? Really?! That and Rixty Minutes are what got me into the show way back when. I thought it was such a clever combination of Inception dream logic and Nightmare on Elm Street (helps that i love NOES)

  2. "Where are my testicles, Summer?" Is still such an iconic moment in the series. I don't know how anyone could hate it.

  3. i mean i thought it was funny.... buuuuut ive still got the same sense of humour i had in 96 when i first was introduced to south park..... soooo yeah

  4. The incest baby plot line I also didn’t like because of all of the forced sexism. That was a problem I had with raising gazorpazorp. When solar opposites did this, they showed both sides to the argument: sexism is real, but forcing girls to work twice as hard to combat it is just as bad, as feminism is all about equality and choice.

  5. I agree with this comment. However, I gained a new interpretation of the incest baby episode after the supreme court supremely shit the bed earlier this year... It felt like there was actually a message, in my mind, but maybe it is just pure dirty humor.

  6. I don't know if it's the worst, but I was most disappointed in the Voltron one. It did not go where I would have wanted it.

  7. Definitely pretty boring. I also disliked the turkey pardoning episode. It felt nonsensical, and despite a few good laughs ultimately felt like filler

  8. Which is a shame I loved the chuts parts of the episode. But the incest baby portions were just over the top

  9. Throwing everything at the wall and seeing what happens. I think the episode at least had value due to the escalating absurdity. The Voltron Parody was straight up boring me to death. It had almost no value.

  10. The only episode below a 7 on IMDB was that one and the Voltron episode. I thought the meta train episode was everything wrong with the show. South Park hit a slump where they tried to do serial arcs because the fans wanted it and they absolutely hated it. R&M showrunners were in the same boat and did a soft reset and went back to standalone episodes.

  11. It seemed forced. Like - why did they use Summer's egg? I think if they'd had a reason (e.g. Beth had eggs frozen behind Jerry's back or something...) it could've worked... but it seemed like they just decided 'incest baby is funny' and didn't really develop any persuasive plot from that point on to give the 'punchline' a reason to exist.

  12. The dragon one isn't great because they just constantly reuse the joke of 'slut dragon', 'youre a slut' etc over and over. It was slightly humourous at best the first time and repeating it 50x like a Family Guy episode doesn't make it any funnier

  13. Which is funny, cause I think the Die Hard jokes worked for me, but it was done in the same exact way where they just say it over and over again.

  14. It was good when they used soul bonding as a euphemism for sex. But then they made it completely overt and it lost the clever subtext. It only works when you aren't explicit that it equals sex. Then it just becomes an episode about Rick having sex with a dragon.

  15. I don’t like the incest baby episode at all. I never liked it. ALSO WHO HATES LAWNMOWER DOG? It’s one of my top three favorite episodes

  16. i don’t love dragon sex or incest baby, pretty much love all other episodes. and even bad episodes of rick and morty are still enjoyable for me to watch

  17. I don’t really hate Rick and morty episodes like some in the sub. It’s still an episode, and there are good things to find in all of them.

  18. I agree one of the weaker episodes not very many zingers. But I never fail to laugh when they get on there knees and start praying lol

  19. Yea, did not like the dragon one and the train one was just boring. My unpopular opinion is that Vindicators is one of the better episodes. Noob Noob needs to be a reoccurring character

  20. Yeah I gotta agree with the train one there. It wasn’t as funny and it was kinda crappy. If I had to pick bc a least favourite episode, it would be that one.

  21. Thanksgiving Episode. I don't see many people talking about it so I'm not really sure what the general consensus is, but I found it unfunny and not at all memorable. Like seriously, what was it about again? I'm trying to recall a single plot point and can't.

  22. I liked the first part with them trying to get the pardon and then the Spider-president. After that it went downhill.

  23. That’s my least favorite episode. At least with the incest baby there is a reason to hate on that episode. The Thanksgiving one just fell flat and was mediocre all around.

  24. Agreed, I think this one really added nothing interesting. This feud with the president only really worked for one episode. And maybe it's because I'm European so I don't know the ins and outs of Thanksgiving, but there just isn't much to the episode, no deeper layers or interesting high concept or even character development.

  25. Yeah I think Rick and Morty is a good, not great show and also thought the sex dragon episode was pretty funny and good.

  26. Hot take (apparently) I don't think there are bad episodes, both the incest baby one and the slut dragon episode had really funny moments. Not all episodes need to be heavily canon or some serious scifi black mirror shit. Some episodes are just dumb goofy stuff and it's been like this since the beginning.

  27. I definitely agree. I sometimes skip one or two when I’m doing a watch through but that’s just my personal preference, like I don’t think the show drops in quality to the point where it warrants as much discussion as I see all the time. It’s always been goofy and improv-ish and fun, like you said.

  28. The incest baby plot line I thought was funny outside of the ending and the forced sexism. I think what didn’t make that episode work was in a regular episode, everybody would’ve been like “wtf??” Instead of just going along with it. The most I think is Rick calling morty a perv.

  29. Not that I really want to rewatch it a bunch but I do quote that episode a lot because I mess with my dog "Where are your hands? That's how we play handy hands!"

  30. Surprised I had to scroll quite a bit to see ABCs of Beth come up. It’s not terrible, but the rest of season 3 was just so good that it was just pretty weak and forgettable in comparison.

  31. I don't hate any episode, but I would pick the sex dragon one as my least favorite. I just find the sex dragon stuff kinda gross and not that funny.

  32. Who the fuck hates Lawnmower Dog? That's a classic. To me season 5 episodes 4 through 7 (the incest baby, turkey rick, hellraiser, and gotron ones) were the worst of the series and make the dragon episode look good in comparison.

  33. I’m gonna get a lot of shit for this but there are 2 of them….here goes - the Story Train episode and Planetina episode. braces for impact

  34. The planetina episode, I feel like her turnaround was so sudden. It would’ve been better if considering how they make the point that planetina is so sheltered she isn’t even allowed to watch the news that she goes outside and she sees just how badly humans screwed up. They could’ve made the point that her telling people to recycle unfortunately didn’t do much.

  35. I loved both those episodes, the story train i didn't really find funny but it was still a cool episode and so different although not one of my main choices for rewatching. The planetina one, wasn't it a guest writer or something like that? I think it was a one off episode from whoever it was.

  36. I’m gonna be honest. The last 2 seasons are kind of a blur and don’t really stand out to me… except for the one that shows the real reason Rick and bird man had a falling out. The reason he hates bloodridge is because he was rejected…. Cool I guess

  37. Inter dimensional cable 2 was the first bad episode imo they didn’t even want to do it. The Jerry subplot and Werner Herzog cameo were great tho, so there’s a balance

  38. Never Ricking Morty. Way too meta, way too non-linear for my tastes. I know they have an episode of this ilk every season, and none of them would land on any favorite list of mine, but this one just wasn't really fun to follow in any facet.

  39. That episode is just fine, not great, not terrible. Plus they do rule of threes with “cum gutters” which is hilarious.

  40. Boooooo really disappointed to see this one coming up in multiple comments. It’s a top 5 episode for me.

  41. I skip the heist one and the decoy one. They just seem too convoluted for the sake of it without doing it in a funny way

  42. god i hated that episode SO much and i can’t believe people hate incest baby more than it. Incest baby is painful but after watching ABCs of beth i turned my tv off

  43. The Thanksgiving turkey one. It's one of the only episodes I have to force myself not to skip when rewatching

  44. I dislike the dragon one, the heist one, and I kinda 50/50 like and dislike Mortiplicity. I just don’t like when it gets over complicated. Like inceptionally complicated.

  45. I didn’t love the Die Hard episode; however, I find myself making a lot of references to it already.

  46. I actually didn't care for the Narnia episode. Mr Nimbus wasn't that entertaining to me and the storyline for Morty felt disjointed and not well thought out to me.

  47. Whoever says lawnmower dog has no soul. I'm always at Jerry's level at the end of it. And then I go give my small white Maltese a big hug

  48. Definitely the Story Train episode for me. Just didn’t get it, especially the scene at the end, where it’s just a toy and Rick goes off one

  49. Slut Dragon will likely forever be my least favourite episode. I don’t feel like explaining why, please respect my privacy.

  50. Season 8 episode 4. Zombie Summer and nercophile A.I. Jamajama. Literally no part of the episode made and sense. And that post credit scene with the ramson callback to the Season seven finally... we didn't need that bookend. Anyway you are gonna hate it whe you get there.

  51. god, the clones episode worn the joke out so quickly. wasn’t like the parasite episode where they were particularly clever at making it even harder to seduce who was a parasite, best part is the after credits scene

  52. The first one I thought was good. Second one felt like they were trying too hard to improv. Plus the first one had a super deep story about Beth and jerry and summer, and second one was jerry being told to donate his penis in a super convoluted plot.

  53. Almost all of season 1 for me... I just don't enjoy the episodes knowing what I know about the show and how the characters voices developed.

  54. The incest baby and the one with the facial parasites; lawnmower dog is far better than the first episode, the dragon one is not a great episode but it's still solid

  55. I don't like Lawnmower Dog because the B story is kinda dumb, and the A story isn't that exciting. It's just a kind of boring episode. I get it's the second episode ever but you can tell they just kinda threw this one together to fill the space.

  56. Can you? It was one of the episodes that they planned in before they even started making the show since it was based on some of Justin Roilands older ideas

  57. Sorry because people may not like this but seriously fuck the season 4 Christmas thing with the fucking snakes and whatever the fuck

  58. The Die Hard episode, to me, was bland. I didn’t really laugh at all during it and thought it was stupid. Props to Dinklage though.

  59. Agreed. My man, we are gonna get downvoted. To me, it was en episode made just to make something as random as they could. I always skip it on my re-watches.

  60. I really agree…. It’s just Rick fighting as a pickle for like the first 15 min of the episode, and then he shows up at Dr Wong’s office and she just explains ricks behavior and monologues the whole point of the episode. Like Whatever happened to show don’t tell? It’s bad writing and it’s not a compelling episode at all

  61. Lawnmower Dog is great for the inception storyline. What were we doing again? Incep... incepting? It also gave us Scary Terry

  62. Honestly, the only one I don’t really like as much is the pilot. I feel like Rick’s character is just too far off, too doofy. I usually skip that first episode when I start it over.

  63. I didn’t like the dragon or sperm episodes too much, but at least the ones everyone tends to dislike are remembered. There’s some pretty forgettable episodes that I think are worse, like the Rick and summer world ending party episode or Abcs of Beth.

  64. I usually skip the dragon episode. But I wouldn’t say I hate it. I don’t think I hate any episode but the incest baby one just isn’t like super great, and I love almost every episode with the President in it.

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