First print anycubic photon m3 max Kakashi from Naruto

  1. I bought it off Etsy for like 3$ or less. I know there are free stl’s on cultis or whatever but I didn’t find anything like this one.

  2. Yes I have the wash and cure station and I’m not sure if it’s the 2.0 version or not but it is quite nice and honestly is totally hassle free . I can even wash my building plate and tools in it by just putting it in the tub and pushing wash . So easy I highly recommend it for clean up. In retrospect couldn’t imagine cleaning and curing things without it. I just wish they sent me the extra tub I paid for.

  3. Tbh I can’t tell you it’s to big cause I have never owned any sort of 3D printer before this. This print was really more of a test and I didn’t really push printing load to the max so but I am quite surprised it is so detailed. looking at the plus and the m3 regular I’d say the max kinda over kill and the price is steep but I want to print really large models so that’s why I went with it . I didn’t take into account most prints or models are split into parts so in that regard I can print fucking huge models if print in parts.

  4. Well I am just using the default anycubic slicer and just used the fill auto support I don’t have a lot of experience but just the auto support function worked for the torso and the head . I had some failures with the legs so I started auto supporting then adding additional . It honestly wasn’t to bad at all. I do have some spots on the back where I need to touch up cause of supports but from watching YouTube videos I’m sure they are really easy fix with some resin on a brush and a UV flashlight. I did heavy on the items after they failed once then added light supports manually but it was fairly simple.

  5. i just went with whatever ratio it loaded into the slicer as. ended up being about 11in tall 2in wide 1 inch on the z axis. i could make it much bigger if i wanted to but i didn't want to go overboard. as it was my first print and i didn't want the weight to cause it to fail and was still learning learning about proper supporting.

  6. Are these the stock print setting or have you calibrated the exposure at all ? I have just bought an m3 and am wondering if the standard settings will give me results like this , real nice print!

  7. This is stock print settings , I was awhile go now but from what I remember I even did mostly stock supports using the provided slicer. Note that this is after I glued the legs to the top half. After having done more prints I know now I could have printed it all in one go but I was testing out stuff so I wanted to see if I could print in parts mostly all stock settings and supports. I’ve done about 5 full size prints now and havnt change any settings at all but I have started applying my own supports in addition to the default supports

  8. If it possible can you show me the settings of your printing and i want to know about the (exposure off compensate ) is on or off because every time i prints its taking too much time and failure prints . Much appreciate

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