My Apartment Resin printing setup :)

  1. how good is it at keeping the smell in, because I am considering something similiar in an apartment, but i am living together with somebody really smell senitive.

  2. It's more or less completely gone! I used a piece of plywood that I wedged between the window to keep the AC in.

  3. Buy 2mm foam rubber sheets and cut yourself a seal around the door. That is what I did. No smell, no anything

  4. I have a similar setup and it is great for the smell. It still gets out occasionally as expected, mainly when draining/filling the resin itself, but goes away once the door is closed and the fan pulls everything out of the window. A more powerful fan would probably mitigate a lot of that as well when the door is opened but doesn't need to be very strong once it's closed

  5. Looks like cardboard sandwiched in the window. I used the foam insert from my printer to create a barrier for my sliding window in my last apartment.

  6. Very nice! mine is similar, went with a taller version that goes to the floor so I could have a cabinet and drawer to store all the supplies relating to it, and have the top vented out to a window just like yours is.

  7. Literally just bought one like that as I can't stand the smell everywhere and the builders couldn't put a big one on our wall.

  8. I want to finish my double decker enclosure with some ducting, but I also wonder if I will miss the nail salon smell of some of my resins. What are you using to push the air? Are those two 120MM powered off your rig?

  9. I have almost the same because my husband is super smell sensitive too. But I still have the cover on the machine..BUT the best thing I did was start using anycubic plant based resin.. I think ii is much less stinky.

  10. Seems like a good project to do. Thinking of a wooden box with a glass door and some sort of lights inside like a short led lights.

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