OG RE4 fans with the new design

  1. As Luis is clearly very able, his choice of employer implies less than sterling reputation for some other reasons.

  2. I don't mind it but it all depends on how his character is portrayed. Let's be honest, that "ballistics" line was pretty sleazy - but he was otherwise portrayed as a pretty suave, charismatic guy. If they lean more into him being sleazy the new look is great. If he's still meant to be charming I don't think it was a good idea.

  3. I think he'd be received a lot better if they didn't have him doing a quasi-kubrik stare. The dude looks like someone who would ask every woman "where's my hug at"

  4. I said it on my standalone comment: I like the new design better, that one actually looks like someone you might run into here in Spain. In fact, I've seen cops who looked kinda like that, so very accurate.

  5. I like the new look, it's more modern. Never understood why in the original he was designed like he lived in the 18th century, didn't make sense.

  6. To be fair, the whole village in the original was living like they were in the 18th century with the occasional machine here and there

  7. If they remove the ballistic line, then I'll feel like the redesign was completely wasted. New Luis looks like he would make comments like that and more

  8. Man it would make even less sense if they were to remove his ballistics line given how greasy his remake design is. Though I guess it depends on whether or not Ashley’s ballistics will be visible to begin with

  9. Okay, I am TIRED of pretending REmake Luis is unattractive. He is STILL HOT, he just looks SLEAZY as intended. He was too done-up and pretty-looking in the previous RE4 title. THAT is the hill I will die on!

  10. I love his new jacket so much. Kinda miss the long hair going over his face but other than that, I really like new Luis.

  11. I think part of it is they keep giving us really weird angles and lighting on his promotional images. Hopefully he’ll look better in game? Hopefully…?

  12. He looks like a DMC character now. I don’t mind the new design but cmon, they didn’t change Leon and they barely changed Ashley, why change Luis so much?

  13. Remember how in 2 remake Sherry got her classic outfit whenever Claire was in her classic outfit? What if there is a classic RE4 Leon outfit to unlock and it changes Luis into his original outfit too?

  14. I don't really mind his new model or face. I just miss his old vest. always thought it looked cool and fit him very well.

  15. His new look is um ok I guess. I suppose he actually looks like he's been stuck in a village full of bug brained loons now.

  16. The only redesign I vehemently dislike… even Leon’s design is decent but I prefer the buffer leon in OG Re4 and the VA. RE2 VA makes sense for RE2 Leon, while RE4 Leon should be deeper.

  17. He has the uncanny valley to his look now. Before it was stylised, and it was so silly he became incredibly charming and fun with it.

  18. I like the new design better. Minus the jacket (which I'm glad is like this, RE4 wouldn't be RE4 without some stereotypical absurdness), he looks more like a spaniard than the original design.

  19. Idk, I love the new design. As a person who grew up with the original RE4 and has that game as a very special thing for my life, I think it's an improvement. Of course, it lacks a bit of the charisma of the classic, but that charisma is transferred to the voice and body language. I think that this was the perfect reimagination of Luis Sera.

  20. Well, I hate the redesign in a good way (?). I guess it makes him look much less friendly and much more sleazy, which… he should be. Discovering if you can trust shouldn’t be obvious and him having that “sex offender” look definitely contributes to that.

  21. I also really hate Leon's new jacket design it looks terrible compared to the original. I mean Leon overall looks way too skinny in the remake.

  22. I don’t dislike the new design, he looks like an actual person. However, I will say there’s something off about him. Not in a comparison, but in a “if saw him talking to a señorita alone I’d be a little concerned” way. I think it’s his eyes 😂

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