I’m apparently still talented at catching big iguanas. 4-foot one found on my daily walk while visiting FL.

  1. Honestly, pretty minor injury for an iguana of that size. They can make some pretty nasty gashes if you're unlucky (or just stupid)

  2. I do not recommend anyone try to grab the big ones unless you have had extensive experience with them. They are not friendly and can really Injure you.

  3. They got me pretty good. I knew I was going to be scratched bare-handed after they death rolled on me. I just wanted to make sure that I would not get bit!

  4. A couple years back on a trip to FL, I spotted one swimming in the ocean. Who knows how long he was swimming. When he finally reached shore you could tell he was absolutely exhausted. I picked him up and he was incredibly docile, likely due to fatigue. Grabbed a quick photo OP and plopped him right back on the sand.

  5. Unless you live in south Florida please shut the fuck up lol. They are almost as bad as cane toads and hurt and kill many other animals

  6. Crazy to read how these are so invasive in Florida that they’re that common, meanwhile in my country an iguana of this size would fetch a hefty price as a pet, even as an untamed one.

  7. Unfortunately unless you killed it or eat it you just committed a crime and posted evidence on the Internet. Catching and releasing or keeping a iguana in Florida is a crime.

  8. I’m not sure why these comments are being downvoted lol, but I’m assuming he didn’t kill it since he went through all the trouble of catching it😅

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  10. I’m visiting Florida for the first time in a week and one of my number one priorities is to find an iguana and chill with it….not catch it because I don’t feel like getting tail whipped…..just find one and respectfully observe.

  11. If you’re in south Florida, just find a small body of water with trees close by and you’ll be guaranteed to see several. Lots of juveniles running around all over the place.

  12. Healthy girl! She may have been a pet at some point with how meekly she’s handling being held. Just a wry “okay you got me” look, I don’t think either of mine would even be so accepting when only restrained by one hand.

  13. Man, you are good! I pride myself on being good at catching things but I can’t imagine catching an adult iguana. Usually by the time I know they’re there, they’re just a blur or a splash!

  14. Iguanas are majestic. The problem with them as pets is they get som god damned big. They are easy to care for, however, if you can find a place for an enclosure big enough to house them

  15. Pardon my ignorance, but are iguanas invasive there? Wife told me that they’re invasive so you can just.. take ‘em. but obviously I’m not gonna do that. Just curious!

  16. the way I was immediately zooming into your arm to look for the iguana badge of honour (read: scratches galore)

  17. I'm really good at catching lizards as I've done it since I was a kid.. where is that because I would Love to catch my own lizard.. That would be so cool..

  18. Is there purpose behind doing this? I'm just curious not judgmental. I can't imagine it's great for the Igs wellbeing, short and long term? Looks lots of fun though, love these guys :)

  19. Talented definitely but it looks like he got a couple hits on you too. Judging by your arm this day will not go unpunished. Give it about 10 minutes. Your arms going to be on fire. I play with my cat with my bare skin. I know that burn. It's a delayed burn

  20. Such a beautiful iguana!!! That really is crazy impressive that you can catch one. They are terrifyingly strong and smart

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