#36 Today’s the day

  1. You can listen to TL;DR for Alex/PJ content you may not have heard, though the episodes are shorter, less banter-y, and more focused on the actual topic.

  2. I also skipped it back when it came out, and now I think I need to give it a listen. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. It’s one of my favorite episodes. It’s like exploring with friends on a summer day. It has that feeling of freedom from childhood when your parents told you to be home when the sun went down or the street lights came on.

  4. This episode makes me cry. The way they’ve managed to not only capture nostalgia but bottle the feeling of summer, it’s perfect. It’s my all time favorite episode!

  5. I just started listening because I’m on the train so why not. The part where PJ says Alex would be a “snobby” serial killer just cracked me up.

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