How do I (14) nicely tell my CRAZY mom (31) to back off and chill out when I’m with my dad (44)?????

  1. Okay, you’re 14. Your mom was impregnated at 16 by a 30 y/o. Imagine a 28 year old was showing interest in having sex with you now. That’s beyond creepy, right?

  2. When you're that young, it's hard to understand how creepy 28 and 14 in a relationship is. You just think that the 14 yo must be mature for her age to attract an older partner. When you're older, then you understand how vast of a difference it is and if you don't, there's something wrong with you.

  3. Yeah I’m wondering if the dad left mom because she got to old for him. I feel nothing but bad for your mom she was a child when your dad got together with her. In a lot of places that’s illegal and it SHOULD be. What is wrong with your dad?

  4. This answer right here. As an adult, you mom is probably realizing just how wrong it was, a 30 year old with a 16 year old. That is crazy. Now she sees you being a young teenager, and is worried you’d make similar mistakes. Not having custody of you is probably terrifying her, and making her feel she has no control.

  5. Your dad got a 16/17yo girl pregnant when he was 30. Your mom's concerns about your safety are VERY valid.

  6. Add the cop family and judge, Dad could be quite the gaslighting monster. The victim always end looking like the crazy person in those situations.

  7. Yes, I really couldn't get past that. OP is nearing the age her mom was when a 30 year old man, who is able to manipulate the courts and police to his advantage, got her pregnant. Yikes. Sounds like mom is going overboard, but I get it.

  8. Yeah, it was hard to get through the rest of the post when I saw the ages. Best case scenario, she had her at 17 with a man 13 years older. Worst case, she was much younger when they first got together. Gross.

  9. I was going to say this. There are concerns of safety here. And she’s worried. Cause only months ago, he split from a woman when his daughter became of age. It’s scary! I can’t imagine the thoughts running through her moms head right now 😞. I feel bad for OPs mom.

  10. This!!! I can here to say this exact thing! Op You are a 14 yo Kid, I know I thought I knew it all and in reality I didn’t now shiet!!! Your moms concern for you is 100% valid your dad is a predator and he could possibly be grooming you and you wouldn’t even know it. Some parents keep a lot from their kids because it’s not a burden we want you to carry. Nobody unfortunately knows everything that happened with them, tread very carefully from where I’m sitting your in water surrounded by sharks. Good luck and I hope you stay safe!!!

  11. This right here! He groomed your mom, sounds like he used his relatives in the system to gain custody of you & now your mom is freaking out because he’s doing the same thing to you! Your father sounds like a fucking creep and I’m sure as you get older you will see this but by then you may have destroyed your relationship with your mom. You really need to look at things from her perspective. Not saying she’s totally correct but your dad has fully screwed your view of her.

  12. This. Mom was a teen mom impregnated by an adult. Got the courts to bully her and the cops to bully her. This is like a bad news story.

  13. You are spot on. Add to all of that- mom was 17 and dad was 30. Consider that dad was completely inappropriate with a teenager and how that shaped OPs mom from very early on. Now mom may/probably feels like she lost her child to her abuser.

  14. The mother was 15-16 when a fully grown adult of 30 got her pregnant. She has every reason to fear for her 14 year old daughter. The man is a cop and uses the system to his advantage. Mom is acting irrationally, but any good mother would be terrified for their daughter’s safety with a man like that.

  15. Very pretty talk and all, but completely leaves out the fact that a 30 year old impregnated a teenager and abused his power in this dynamic at every instance he could. It's true, it's unfortunate that OP got caught up in their parents' mess, but let's not forget that the mom also got caught up in this disgusting creep's mess when she was barely older than OP is right now. This is so unfair to both OP and their mom and it's sad OP can't realize this.

  16. Initially I completely overlooked that OP's mom was 17 when she had her and dad was 30. Now I'm thinking that OP's mom have witnessed that her ex and OP's dad is interested in underage or barely legal girls. May be she have witnessed odd behaviour on his ex's part towards her daughter. If that's the case her mom's concern are extremely valid. Initially I thought it was due to anxiety attack because her ex got full custody but now it seems the concerns are completely different and it changes everything.

  17. Try to have a serious & adult conversation with your mom about WHY she is acting “crazy”. don’t buy into everything your dad says bc he is clearly trying to isolate you from your mom. it may be hard to see your dad as the bad guy right now so try to remain neutral to both so that you can see the bigger picture about what is going on. if your mom is worried about your location and safety you need to wonder what she knows that you dont.

  18. So your dad got a minor pregnant in his 30s and used his family connections to not only stay out of jail but to also get full custody and you don’t see how that might have made your mom lose it? If this isn’t a troll, there are definitely huge chunks of this story you don’t know. But the fact you aren’t addressing your father committing statutory r*** makes me think this is a troll.

  19. Friend, you're expecting a child to do that math and understand the implications of statutory rape when she's literally smack dab in the middle of the age group targeted by that crime. If 14 year olds knew what that entailed, there wouldn't be a concern for how they can be manipulated. Have some compassion for this kid, she's trying to make sense of a very messed up situation, with a mother that isn't being reasonable and a father who obviously manipulated the entire legal system to his favor, let alone his kid.

  20. They’re a kid…. Do you really expect them to think with an adult brain? 100% not an insult to OP but it’s unrealistic to expect them to understand things on an adult level like that.

  21. You'll see this in a very different light when you're older. I feel sorry for you. Your dad is a groomer and your mother is scared for you.

  22. Why are you ignoring everyone who’s saying your mom is a victim of a predator, your dad, and that’s why she’s worried for your safety? How old is your stepmom??

  23. Honey, none of us know your dad, or your mom. But ALL of us know a story of a younger girl who was groomed by an older man who then totally fucked up her life. And a few of us know how that story continued when the kids involved approached the age their mom was when dad got her pregnant. Does that mean YOUR dad is a predator, or that he will hurt you? No. But it is a very real risk, and I bet it is at least part of what your mom is worried about.

  24. Kiddo, your dad was 30 and your mom - 17 when they had you. I think your mom's concerns for you are absolutely valid.

  25. So the creepy 30 year old that knocked up a minor isn't trusted by the woman who he abused connections to keep her from the child they created as a product of statutory rape. Yeah I'm all team mom here.

  26. Interesting how OP has only responded to like 1 comment on here, assuming she is realizing her dad raped a minor. Teenage brain is a weird thing, because even after that being g brought to her attention she still said her moms crazy. This is way too far for reddit to help

  27. Honey, it sounds like your mom is terrified for your safety. She was groomed as a child by your father and got pregnant when she was only a little older than you. She knows he could be dangerous and a predator. By cutting her out of your life, using the courts and his influence, your father is driving her crazy. Please reassure her.

  28. Dad is obviously a predator...he got a child pregnant in his 30s. Mom is reasonably scared for your safety. I would love to know the age of the new wife.

  29. Took me a second to do the math. Your dad seems like a saint by your words but by golly he is a pedophile or something isn't he. Coming up on 30 myself and I cannot comprehend looking at people your mother's age. Yet he looked at someone that was BARELY not a child and knocked them up.

  30. damn ur dad got you wrapped up in a bow… that sucks. Even though mine was granted full custody we still never gave in to the shit he said about my mom. Your dad has legal connections, he can do a lot of things your mother can’t. Your dad lol. God I’d love to meet this man because I have an image in my head of what he looks like lol.

  31. I second all of this. I lived with my dad until I was 14 and any time he would start talking shit about my mom I would tell him to shut the fuck up. My mom never said a bad thing about him even though he ruined his life.

  32. It’s probably because he was a pedophile when you were conceived, and born. If I was groomed by someone and had a child with them, I definitely wouldn’t want them being around the child alone either. And now she must think he’s managed to get you on side like he did her all those years ago. I’m not saying he’d touch his own daughter, but if he was once a pedophile I wouldn’t put it past him.

  33. Honestly I really think this is a troll. Because OP…. How can you not see that your mom was completely fucked over unnecessarily? You literally told us that your dad knew people on the inside and got you full custody. Do you know how rare it is for one parent to get full custody? And make ALLLLLLL legal, medical, school decisions himself? They are extreme cases. We’re talking heavy drug use, abuse, and oh wait….. SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A MINOR. Hey that’s crazy, didn’t your dad do that? Your mother is concerned because she knew she was with a pedophile once she reached a certain age. Now she was in a marriage where he knew everyone in town. She KNEW that if she left, this is what he would do. Your mother was groomed and statutory raped by a man in his 30s when she was a CHILD!!!!!! You are a COUPLE YEARS away from being the age she was when she was preyed on by your father. Pedophiles don’t stop being pedophiles one day. They don’t EVER stop. And they don’t care if you are related to them, they will STILL rape and molest you. Being a pedophile is extremely disgusting, vile, and fucked up. So do you really think that’s the only fucked up thing he’s ever done? People like him have TONS of issues. I don’t care how many times a day your mother calls you. Your father is a fucking psycho, not your mother. She is extremely scared for your safety and life. Please please please take these comments seriously and recognize that your mothers whole entire life and youth was stolen from her. She is a victim. ETA Also: no non-corrupt judge would look at their ages, and give full custody to a pedophile.

  34. I really hope it's a troll. Otherwise, this poor woman. The story gives me a major ick feeling. My heart breaks for the mother, and here her kid considers her the villan.

  35. I don't want to take anything away from your point, which is totally on the mark, but just in case it wasn't a typo and might help you in the future, the word you want is "preyed", not "predated". ("Predated" is a word, it just means "something that came before something else", it "pre-dates" it.)

  36. OP, why are you only replying to people who are omitting the fact that your parents age difference is a huge part of this. Are you make or female? This is not something you state. And what country are you in? These are all huge factors. Your parents age difference is a huge concern for your mother if you are female. She’s afraid of what happened to her happening to you.

  37. It’s a good thing there isn’t a doctor on the dads side of the family or the mom would locked up in a mental ward too. The mom needs to move out of that community to ever be safe

  38. I'm sorry that the red flags about your parents age gap has been pointed out so harshly to you. That must not be nice to read, or realize. It is definitely something to keep in mind/consider. I think there's enough comments going into that side of things so I'll leave that there.

  39. Your dad is a damn predator. The fact he wasn’t prosecuted and then he got full custody because he has people in powerful positions is absolutely disgusting. Your mum should be worried about you.

  40. She was a minor. You’re a minor. Not too much younger than she was when she had you. Maybe you need to be asking different questions and address the reason she is so worried about you.

  41. lol do the math kiddo, your dad is literally a pedo/groomer. ofc your mom is freaking out and worried, i'd bet she was around your age when he first started grooming her

  42. It’s also possible the dad has already started getting her ready for the abuse he intends, or he has been already doing something and has already conditioned her to believe this is “love” that dads do. I would also bet he’s alienated the mom from the child, and told his daughter all sorts of things about her. The fact that she doesn’t even register that her mom was around her age when she started having sex with a whole ass adult man seems disturbingly not weird to her

  43. She’s a 14 y/o kid & it’s her dad, you weirdo… what kind of replies are you expecting? “Ooohhh look, OP’s quiet” as if this issue was their problem to begin with.

  44. The fact that your mom is worrying about you is a good sign. It means she loves you above everything. You have no idea how lucky you are. If your dad turned off your location knowing how important is this for your mom, this is wrong. It shows lack of respect for her feelings and needs, which is to make sure you are okay. Not only that but if something happens to you and your location is off how are going to be able to help you.

  45. There are things about your parents' relationships with each other that you have no idea about, and frankly given the details here I'm Team Mom and I get why she's concerned for you.

  46. Did is a groomer & potential child abuser with friends in the legal system manipulating things in his own favour - your mum has every reason to be terrified of him/them and worried for your safety.

  47. Woah- you dad hooked up with a 16/17 year old?! Your poor mom. Look, I get she is ‘bugging’ you, but try to be kind, you are her child and you have been taken away from her. It’s pretty obvious that your dad has more power than she does, and that your mom is dealing with a case of parental alienation…don’t necessarily believe everything your dad says. He is an adult who had a child with a child- that is creepy enough. No wonder your mom is worried!! My heart goes out to both of you.

  48. It’s nuts to think that when your mom was just one year older than you that your dad at the time being 29 knocked her up. That is just straight up illegal… in the states it’s called Statutory Rape.

  49. Your dad got an underaged teenager pregnant, he belongs in jail. Your stepmom is probably literally my age (27) and the thought of it grosses me out.

  50. Oh God I'm so relieved I wasn't the only one who immediately felt huge concern about what's going on here. Sometimes reddit surprises me. OP, your mom lives you and your father has railroaded her into losing custody. He's a HORRIBLE human being. Not to mention as a 30 yr old he knocked up a minor. Your poor mom. Someone needs to show you how to look at this through a more realistic lens. Your father has alienated you from your mom with the oldest trick in the book. Use her desperation to NOT lose her child to paint her as crazy, overbearing, and paranoid. She's paranoid with good reason. Your dad totally stacked the deck against her in court with all his connections. Just because a good ol boy (and women can also be in the good ol boys club) just granted him custody doesn't make it right or fair.

  51. Your dad seems to be interested in minor girls (source: age of your mom, he got her pregnant, when she was 15 or 16 and he 30!!! - Big red flag). So your mom tries to protect you from this bs, she's NOT crazy.

  52. Hi, I was groomed like your mom was and I absolutely detest my ex husband for the sexual and mental abuse he inflicted on me.

  53. Have you looked at that age gap? Your father is likely a predator and your mothers freaking out because your starting to hit that sweet spot for hin

  54. I am sorry but your dad was 30 when your mom was 16?!?! Wtf. That’s just sick. I know you are probably too young to see it… but this is very problematic and once you are older you will realize this.

  55. It's fine that you are doing alright with your dad ans step mom but your mom got pregnant with you when she was 15? While your dad was twice her age. That is concerning and maybe she knows something you don't. Whatever it is , sit down with her and ask her about her concerns.

  56. OP, many people have already said what I came here to say. Please take the big age difference and your dad’s creepiness as a 30 y.o. dating a teenager into consideration. You are in the situation and love both of your parents so you may not see with 20/20 vision.

  57. Your mom is probably scared for your safety since your dad thinks it’s fine to knock up teenage girls when he was 30. She’s probably worried it’ll happen to you.

  58. So your dad impregnated a teenager, at age 30. Then used his family connections to block her from access to her child when they split up.

  59. Your dad has a history of being a sexual predator to minors. You are reaching the age your mum was when he groomed and took advantage of her. A lot of these men do not give a rats arse about whether or not the person they are preying on is related to them or not.

  60. Sorry kid your dad seems like the creep having impregnated your mom at 15/16 while he 29/30. In some places he’d go to jail for that. Your mom is right to worry.

  61. Hey OP, in case you see this, I just want to say that this has to be really overwhelming for you. I doubt that this was the response you were thinking you'd get. Please focus on taking care of yourself if this has upset you. None of this is your fault, and it's perfectly natural for you to trust and love your dad. You're likely going to have a lot of conflicting feelings, and that's totally OK. You don't need to come to any conclusion right now. Please don't feel like you have to defend yourself in the comments - you have done nothing wrong. Wishing you the best.

  62. This screams parental alienation to me. I feel awful for your mother. She might bring going overboard, but her desperation is tangible. She's grasping. She wants to hold on to what little bit of interaction she has left. There is no doubt in my mind that she has lasting trauma from her relationship with your dad and has no idea how to appropriately express herself anymore after it sounds like she has been railroaded by your dad and his family.

  63. What is wrong with you? Surely you have some common sense at 14??? Of course she’s worried when her child lives with a pedophile.

  64. Send her a text telling her how you feel. Sometimes when your write something and ppl have to read it, reading drowns out the noise. Does your mom physically or emotionally hurt you? Or is she retaliating because you want to be with dad? Did dad cheat and she's using you as a pawn or is she genuinely worried about you? Lots to consider in order to understand your mother's actions.

  65. Hey there. My family dynamics were very similar to yours so I kind of understand where you're coming from. When I was a kid, my dad got full custody of me... Because he had been a cop and had a lot of friends/family in the court system and sheriff's department. Even though he was on record for being abusive. That didn't matter. My mother seemed crazy from the outside looking in, but she absolutely was not. Now, I am not saying this is the case, but please remember you don't see everything going on. It's really hard to look at perspectives when you're 14. Your situation is pretty suspicious, but I think you just need to take time to make sure you're ok first. Sounds like some individual and family therapy could be helpful. What mom is doing isn't right, but it could potentially make a lot of sense as to why she is reacting this way. I know it's hard to understand right now, but there are some big red flags in this situation.

  66. Yeah, sorry to break this to you as it might be hard to see the full picture when you're this young and it's someone you like/are close with, but your dad is a horrible person and a MAJOR creep. Decent people don't wanna compromise with creeps, which is fully understandable, but I see how, from your perspective, it might seem unfair. Sorry you got caught up into this, but just try to see things from her perspective a bit, even if you don't fully understand/agree with her behavior. It'll make it easier to process when you're old enough to fully understand how messed up what your father did truly is and how unfair and painful this must be for your mom. Stay strong.

  67. You mom sounds desperate and anxious, not crazy. She probably has good reason to be. With the age gap and her getting pregnant by a 30 year old while still a minor, I guarantee you that your father was manipulative and abusive. As a 40 year old woman with 2 kids, I promise there is A LOT that kids do not see or hear in a marriage. Even in a good marriage

  68. Your dads a predator, so I can understand why your mom is acting “crazy”. Your dad should’ve gone to jail for impregnating a 16 y/o as a 30 y/o man.

  69. Listen kid, you only got ONE Mom. Whether you think she's crazy or not, your Dad is no saint! You should spend more time with her given that your Dad is attracted to minors, and you don't want to learn that behavior. Depending on where you live that is considered statutory rape and it was a crime when your Dad had a relationship with a teenage girl (your Mom).

  70. Oof that age difference, especially considering your age, is real sus on dad’s part. Have you considered that she’s concerned because she realized now that he was a grown man dating and impregnating a child? Nah, dad sounds like a creep, how old is step mom? Have you tried actually having a conversation with your mom? I’m also curious about whether you’re male or female because that could significantly change the dynamic, she’s either possibly trying to protect you from him, or trying to prevent you from becoming him. Maybe take the time to listen to her and not your predator father. It sucks to hear, but all the red flags are there that your dad might not be a good person.

  71. You’re young so you aren’t doing the math yet; but your father is a pedophile. . . It’s plain and simple; if you are 14 that means that your mom would have had to be 15 or 16 and dad would have been 29 or 30 when they did the deed. . .how old is your step-mom? Is this a pattern with him (probably is)? She is not being “Overly” anything, she knows him and more than likely is worried for you since she was probably groomed by him before actually having sex with him, and probably had sex with him multiple times before you were conceived so just think on that. . .

  72. Your dad sounds like a master manipulator and your mom is the victim here. Your mom needs therapy and understanding, she has been groomed since she was a kid.

  73. Those ages. Your mom is probably worried your dad is a pedo and might be scared for you. I mean this in the nicest way possible. You need to stop calling her crazy and start imagining how you’d feel if an old man impregnated you and then used his family influence to steal your baby.

  74. OP needs to have an open and uncomfortable conversation with her mother where OP directly says: "I know you had me at 16. I know something's scaring you. Here's how I will protect myself. I promise, if anything makes me uncomfortable, I will call you right away, I will leave right away, etc."

  75. Okay! OP, I know you are only 14 but you need to listen to all of these people who are older than you and cut your mom some slack!

  76. Man people in these threads don’t even want to consider maybe the mother is a bad person? Maybe she seduced an older man to cater to her needs with financial stability and had a baby to anchor him and feels out of control now and can’t cope with her narcissistic personality. Her selfishness could be the lynchpin here.

  77. You are almost at the age of when your father impregnated your teenage mother. She’s concerned about your well-being because she doesn’t want you to go through what she had to.

  78. It sounds like your father used his connections to have an unfair advantage in family court. Your uncle the judge and all your cousins that are cops ought to be investigated and your mother should file an official complaint. Have you considered that the power dynamics between your parents is the reason why your mother is behaving the way she behavior. I guarantee you your father has always been in control of the relationship and when he left her he took not only the finances but her identity as well. She doesn’t know what to do with herself losing a husband and now a daughter. She is in a lot of and unfortunately it seems you are she the situation from your fathers point of view which very manipulative. You and your mother need family counseling.

  79. Your mother was a child when she got pregnant with you and your dad was FULLY ADULT. She probably knows something about him that you don’t. Like the fact you’re getting to be the perfect age for him to abuse. I am a mother and I am so upset for both of you. Please, keep in mind how much she loves you even tho I’m sure it’s annoying. She was manipulated by him and is afraid you will be too. You probably already are.

  80. I agree with a lot of these comments. Your mother was a minor and your father was 30 when you were born. Your mother has right to be concerned. I'm sorry gun but your father is a pedophile and should be a registered sex offender

  81. My parents got divorced when I was a child and I too took teams. I thought my father was the best person and dad in the word, I loved him so much I almost got his name tattooed.

  82. Your mom was essentially raped, which you are the product of and you don’t see why she’s concerned about you hanging out with the man that did that?

  83. Some things you are just incapable to understand until you are older or have certain experience. This is not “ok boomer”…listen to other comments.

  84. 1st I want to address your original question. Teenage (I am assuming you identify female) girls and their moms navigate a tricky relationship everyday no matter what other situations are happening in life. If you truly feel you need to discuss this with your mom start by writing her a letter saying everything you think and feel just to get it out of your head... DON'T send her that letter. After you have written that write the letter you will actually give her. This one needs to be written with love and using I statements. Mom, I know you are concerned about me, but it is difficult for me to finish my schoolwork, hang out with friends... (whatever you are doing) when I am answering the phone all the time. I am currently comfortable and safe but I promise you that if at any time that changes I will let you know immediately. Can we make a deal where I text you when I get home from school and before I go to bed to let you know I am ok... something along these lines. If you make it loving and about you not about her or your dad and put it in writing so she can look at it when she is feeling anxious and realize you are being mature about the situation. 2nd. I was a teenage girl with a crazy mom. I also was a teenage girl with a boyfriend 15 years older than me. (That wasn't what made my mom crazy) I didn't truly realize how wrong that was until my daughters were older. I don't know your parents situation but many people in this thread have made valid points. I would advise you to talk to a counselor or some other uninvolved party that neither parent knows. I wish you the best and hope this all turns out ok for you. You are lucky to have parents who care and I am praying that is all this is. Good luck!

  85. She’s right to be concerned. He’s a child predator that manipulated the system to take his victims baby away from her. It makes sense that you see her as a crazy overbearing person because you’re only 14 and have his version of events to go off of, when you’re older you’ll see this in a different light. I’m 22 and I wouldn’t touch a 16 year old with a ten foot pole.

  86. One day you will wake up and realize your father is a predator who impregnated a minor and used his connections to cut her from her child. How old is your step mother, I wonder? And also, how come your father already remarried? Was he cheating?

  87. See I was about to reply but then I realized that a 14 year old posting about this probably wouldn't also post the parents ages and the fact that the dad has connections with the courts. Not to mention, if the judge is related to the Dad, they have to recuse themselves.

  88. Jesus Christ reddit you're talking to a 14 year old kid maybe use some discretion and don't lay out all your assumptions in graphic detail. Have you literally never considered how discussing things with a child is different than with adults?

  89. Your dad was a predator to your mom. He impregnated her as a teenager while he was a grown man. Your dad then used his power in court along side his cop brother.

  90. Your father is a sexual predator who used his connections to steal custody of the child he made with a minor. Your cousin & uncle abused their positions to make that happen. Your mother is terrified for you.

  91. Controlling his daughter like he groomed the mother. It all comes out in the end. Right now dad looks like a saint but eventually op will look back and go oh, oh wow.

  92. Why don't you want to have your own mother in your life? Ok she needs more boundaries. But you shouldn't be shutting her out, either. That's just not right.

  93. I hope your mom ends up being okay and able to heal. She probably had a lot of reason to be concerned about your safety and you’re too young to understand that.

  94. Honestly we only became concerned about age in the last 30 years. My mum as a 16 year old dated a 27 year old nobody batted and eye. My nan at 13 dated a 30 year old. Nobody batted an eye. My cousin just the other day is 17 and brought home a 25 year old nobody cared. For reference we live just outside of london in the UK.

  95. Haha a lot of things have been the norm throughout human history, like child marriage, slavery and even genocide! Usually as societies evolve, norms progress to protect more vulnerable members of society, usually by asking that we suppress some of our most base instincts like lust, greed and anger. Or at least that we appear that we’ve suppressed those urges.

  96. This! This was the norm for most of humans history, just because the husband is 10-12 years older than the wife doesn't automatically mean that he would want to molest his own daughter, this is a truly sick mentality.

  97. Eh - you can't reason with crazy - maybe try to tell her that whatever the relationship between herself and her husband might have been, he's a good and loving father to you.

  98. I’ll tell you a secret - no one can MAKE you call them. Ya it’s gonna be unpleasant but she’s already unpleasant bu the sound of it

  99. Forget all the crap these people are going on about, it doesn't matter and isn't important right now. Focus on the issue at hand here.

  100. Just be blunt and idk why ppl keep trashing your dad as you feel comfortable in his house their mistakes aren’t your problem. Be blunt with her and turn off your location and set boundaries as the court already gave him full custody or you will have a very difficult time in highschool with ur mom helicoptering you at all times

  101. The reason your mother acts like this is she is no longer in control over you and she cant manipulate you against your father. Just tell her in certain terms if she doesnt chill out you will have a restraining order filed against her.

  102. So long as your dad isn’t bad mouthing and putting your mother in a bad frame around you. It is very wrong for any parent to bad mouth the other parent in front of the children. What happens between your parents is between your parents. You stay out of picking sides and just try to keep a good relationship with them both.

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