My gf (25f) keeps wanting me to take the lead

  1. Have you asked what does she exactly mean by that? If she replies with something among the lines of: "you should know already" it's probably that she just wants to create trouble and arguments.

  2. Clearly they're walking somewhere and he knows where they're going but she doesn't. She needs him to take the lead and he just walks too darn slow. Open and shut case.

  3. Like seriously are we supposed to be able to read your partner’s mind? Especially this one in particular, if he already plans the dates and does the dishes, wtf does “take the lead” mean? Talk to your SO and get a concrete answer OP!

  4. Hi I am girl and very confused. What is she talking about? Take the lead?? Have you tried putting her on a leash and going on a walk with her? Because idk what she wants lol

  5. Is this her trying to get you to make future plans or propose or something? It just sounds quite confusing for you so. If you want things to be equal, have that conversation with her and both of you might need to make some compromises once she’s clearer with what she actually means

  6. You need to ask her what does she mean by “take the lead”, because that’s pretty vague. She’s the only one who will be able to tell you what she really means when she says that. It’s not fair to you for her to get upset over not being able to do as she asks when she’s not being clear. I would sit her down and ask her to be clear:

  7. She's a secret submissive who wants to be dominated. Try slapping her around in bed a couple of times, she'll love it.

  8. Maybe she wants you to stop suggesting and start doing. Plan surprise dates you take her on. Make choices (on minor stuff not major).

  9. As an old guy(51) this ⬆️. I’ve heard so much about equality 50/50 that everyone thinks this is the only way. My wife very much wants me to lead and feels comforted by being told what to do. Believe me this was a huge struggle for me at the beginning. Learn your woman everyone one of them is different.🤷‍♂️

  10. Just ask what she wants you to do. If she cannot communicate with you properly, Id reevaluate the relationship. Also its not necessarily a gender thing but more of her personal preference

  11. We know what she wants! She wants him to initiate things from what's for dinner to plans with friends to life.

  12. Stop cooking and cleaning and tell her to do it. She wants you to take charge. Tell her when you want sex.

  13. I'm quite sure that if you hammer her to a wall and fuck her really hard (with her consent of course) is taking the lead and she would love that. Hell I would love that and I love being in control.

  14. Yeah dude, they are like that. Not all but most. When she means take the lead, I think destiny wise like "we are moving to NJ" because job prospects are better or"we are buying a house" because we are starting a family. Big ticket life changing events is what they refer to in taking the lead. Happened to me too. This cleaning and whatever you are doing is basic shit and I don't think it's really what she is talking about. Anyways, it's up to you to decide if she is a $5mill prize or just a fling then plan accordingly. Good luck

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  16. This is super weird. Does she want a ring on her finger? I definitely wouldn’t suggest it at your age/the age of your relationship, but I can’t think of anything else she might be talking about.

  17. I have a wife that did this before we got married. Some women are very traditional and when they ask you to take the lead it means take on more responsibility. Women don't like being stuck in routine as much as men do. They like to feel things moving forward. Find a church to go to and if not religious find a community to get involved in, read books and educate yourself, find more adventurous things to do other than plan simple dates etc. Anything that creates the illusion of moving forward and happiness for the woman. If you think you aren't capable of this you guys need to sit down and talk about priorities. Long story short she's asking you to be a the man and the leader. Don't get complacent. I know at 22 you feel like a man. Buddy it takes a lifetime to figure out how to be a man.

  18. I would break up with her, she sounds delusional and delusional women always do something to backstab you, regardless if they know what they are doing or not.

  19. Talk to her about what she actually wants, but be prepared to have to end it because it doesn't seem to really be ideal for either of you

  20. She wants you to tell her what to do instead of asking. Some women are weird and want you to order them around. Its sick imo

  21. There's nothing wrong with her wanting her man to take the lead, but if your every attempt at doing so is shot & cut down by the same woman making these demands, then that's insanity & she's in the wrong.

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