This was the peak of the Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry in my opinion. Iconic.

  1. Pedro’s “Who is Karim Garcia?” after this is an all-timer of a line, up there with Varitek’s “we don’t throw at .260 hitters” to Arod from the same year.

  2. Holy hell I forgot about that Varitek line. I really don’t think I’ll experience another season like 2004.

  3. Y'all are completely missing the fact that Garcia jumped the bullpen fence to attack a groundskeeper during that game too, that's why his hand was wrapped up.

  4. Joe buck and that other dipshit, the absolute worst in the business. “Ugh, terrible.” WHAT WAS PEDRO SUPPOSED TO DO? Let that fat asshole tackle him??

  5. Zimmer had a tear-filled response to the pity party he was getting for being ATTACKED by Pedro. He wanted to be acknowledged as the aggressor, that he was an old man defending his team by attacking a young stud. He hated how the narrative was framed

  6. It could have been a lot worse than it was for Zimmer. I think Pedro made the “polite” move in that instance. Guy looked like he couldn’t slow up anyway. Legs stopped but that massive upper body he had kept on going. Lost his balance and Pedro laid him down lol.

  7. One of my favorite moments from the 2004 ALCS is when McCarver was just shitting on an at-bat O-Cab was having, while the at-bat was still going on. I’m like, is it really fair to criticize how an at-bat went when you still don’t know the end result of it?

  8. Well, they're St. Louis fans which is just as bad. Absolute worst commentary team for baseball. McCarver barely coherent and Joe Buck always looking for the money call rather than just calling he game.

  9. Yeah I have a soft spot for the 04 fight personally, maybe also because Pedro judo'ing Zimmer to the ground is ugly to watch whatever you think of either.

  10. Pedro hit Garcia square in the back, not really near his head at all. Clemens pitch was definitely sending a message about throwing at heads, it was far enough away to make it seem questionable though. I loved the hate. It made the rivalry seem personal. I think baseball needs more of that.

  11. I had the misfortune to be walking through time square in my Varitek Jersey as this was happening. We were going from one place to another to finish the game, and heard a lot of yelling so we ducked into a bar quickly to see what was going on.

  12. As a Red Sox fan, Zim absolutely got what was coming to him. No idea what was going through his head when he decided to charge at Pedro.

  13. We're lucky this was in Boston because I don't think Pedro is making it back to the hotel if that was NYC lol

  14. Zimmer was already stumbling and falling down before he got to Pedro. Pedro just redirected him to make sure he safely landed in the soft grass instead of dirt.

  15. The crazy thing is Joe Buck is way better suited for baseball like his dad yet he's terrible calling both sports.

  16. I disagree. The peak is when Varitek smashed ARod in the face which changed the season for the Sox, leading to the world series

  17. Don Zimmer can fuck off. Hes the one that attacked Pedro. Honestly that was a light throw down by Pedro. Dons fat ass made it look worse than it was. You cant cry fowl when you are the one going after somebody.

  18. He passed away 8 years ago. He also admitted as much afterward and apologized for being foolish. I don't know if you know this but Don Zimmer was one of the better Red Sox managers in our history too. He never finished below .500 and really didn't have more success as a coach because there was no Wild Card back then.

  19. Definitely Zimmer's fault he got planted, but Pedro had been acting like a punk too. Huge Sox fan here, and Pedro was the greatest pitcher in baseball history, but you don't point at your head and tell people you are going to hit them there. An old school twat like Zim took serious offense to that.

  20. I remain 100% convinced, to this day, that Pedro's pitch actually hit Karim Garcia's bat and should have been ruled a foul ball.

  21. Back when sports were fun. Now everyone is a robot and any outburst are huge suspension and fines. None of the players today are even allowed to have a personality.

  22. There should still be smallish penalties for unacceptable outbursts. Competitive nature/ slight shit-talking should be allowed tho imo.

  23. I miss this. This old school video with all these legends, tough mfs, it gives me the chills. There's so much passion

  24. Karim. He was a mediocre player who bounced around the league in the late '90s and early 2000s. He had some power, but had trouble making contact and didn't want to take a walk. Think of a left-handed Bobby Dalbec and you'll have the idea.

  25. This throws me back to being a little kid excited for baseball games on our local fox Channel through antenna on Saturdays. Now its almost impossible to watch a game.

  26. All my homies say “Fuck Don Zimmer, he deserved that shit.” Pedro showed remarkable restraint to simply take him to the ground and back up, rather than pummel him.

  27. At first it’s easy to think Pedro’s a piece of shit. But what’s he supposed to do? Let Don Zimmer do whatever he’s able to and just take it?

  28. "So I said to him, 'Look, buddy. Your helmet was dented when we got here. And as for your grandpa, he shouldn't have mouthed off like that.'

  29. So satisfying seeing that whale get pushed down to the ground. Also another reason to say fuck joe buck. “tHrEw hIM tO tHE gRoUnD” gimme a fuckn break

  30. Don Zimmer biggest pussy on the planet. Hate that people say anything about Pedro there when Zimmer CHARGED him

  31. Zimmer took responsibility and apologized afterwards. With tears in his eyes. I guess sometimes people forget how old they are.

  32. Nah. Zim was a national treasure, and he's in the Red Sox hall of fame, though he wasn't a good manager for us. Dude was 75, thinking he was 35.

  33. I (Yankees fan) was listening in my car driving from NJ to Boston to visit a good friend and his family (Red Sox fans), with plans to attend game 4. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing on the Yankees broadcast. I ended up having to switch to the Red Sox broadcast somewhere on I-90 outside of Boston, and remember how sad the broadcaster sounded when Bernie caught the final out. I arrived at my friend’s home soon after the Yankees won. His young sons (8 and 6) were crushed. I ended up in Fenway that Sunday waiting out the rain, but Game 4 got canceled and even though Monday was a Columbus Day and I was off from work, I missed Game 4 because Sunday rainout tickets got moved to Game 5.

  34. I remember that, I was young, but also had tickets to game 4 Ave was so mad they got moved to have 5 after the rain out. Worked out though, pretty great game

  35. There is no way to justify Manny’s reaction there. The pitch was high but it wasn’t inside. The comments by McCarver and Buck about Pedro and Zimmer were way off. A coach on 1 side should never go after a player on the other team and that’s exactly what Zimmer did. Pedro pushed him aside and to the ground to defend himself. What was he supposed to do, let Zimmer attack him?

  36. Zimmer was 72 years old and charged a professional athlete in his prime. He got what he deserved, he should have never left the bench. What else was Pedro supposed to do there? Let Zimmer clobber him?

  37. For sure...coming off of that '03 season. Shit was intense. We will never see that kind of ferocity again imo.

  38. Just like the '70s were greenies vs. greenies (until they all discovered coke). If everyone's doing it, the playing field is still level.

  39. Such a comical series of events; throwing at someone with runners on second and third with no outs. Then, Manny looking for a fight after a not-that-close curveball. That’s how you no it’s a rivalry. The smallest spark can turn into a raging inferno.

  40. Yankee fan coming in peace. How many people got ejected from this game, and how many people got suspended for this game?

  41. Loved watching this live, problem was tickets between the two rivals got so expensive in the years following this game, remember having to pay $300 for $9 seats in 2003.

  42. I went to college with the guy who got in a fight with the Yankees pitchers in the bullpen. I remember bartending and the crowd going wild at the fight, I looked up at the TV and immediately knew who it was.

  43. Buck Mcwhateverhisfuckingnameis loves the yanks. Fuck these guys. Have to watch this on mute every time

  44. Ahhh the good ol’days. Most intense baseball I have ever experienced 03-04, nothing will ever replace those 2yrs in this rivalry.

  45. Jesus, forgot about this. Another 2 feet and Manny gets beaned! Pedro basically lets the Gerbil’s momentum take himself to the ground and Fitzy paradrops into the bullpen.

  46. An overall lose-lose situation with the Martinez and Zimmer clash, but the old man should've never come at him like that!

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