Post Fergie era United has finished 2nd twice (under Mou in 2017/18 n under Ole in 2020/21) in the PL, was wondering which was the better finish considering the squad they had at that time

  1. I can accept this, though I think "more consistent" is a better description for Jose's team. Ole's team was way more fun to watch and had a higher ceiling.

  2. man, the 6-2 wins against Leeds and Roma are unforgettable, it was just so entertaining to watch them sometimes. Had they been more consistent, maybe it would've been different back then.

  3. On paper was Jose but actual football was Ole. Jose’s team was dreadful to watch, lockdown united were actually fun to watch

  4. Jose's team played genuinely awful football and was saved by the best goalkeeping performance I've ever seen in a single season by a united keeper. We we're 5th in xPoints that season and de gea single handedly saved us something ridiculous like 15 points.

  5. Our game against City in the Etihad (when we won 1-2) is one of the best performances I've seen in recent times, we totally battered city and if not for Rashford's finishing, we could've gone into halftime with a 4 or 5 goal lead. Pep was fuming and I was elated. I downloaded the game and when I'm sad or when I need to remind myself why I love this team I watch that game. It was bloody brilliant.

  6. I agree with you most. Still pissed at the owners not to bolster the team after getting 2nd. Both time we were dragging our feet to the end of the season. Upgrades clearly needed, but non was delivered

  7. Also, we got some very tough draws in EL knockouts (Sociedad, who were having a terrific season, and Milan). And Roma in the semis, although that's sort of expected in a semi.

  8. That 17/18 season from ddg is the best I've ever watched from a gk. Idk how many points he won that season just as a gk. (Mind blowing saves against city, Stoke comes to my mind first)

  9. Ole's 20/21 team produced by far the most enjoyable season since Fergie retired. After a bright start in 17/18, Mourinho's negativity throttled the team's potential and the fan's joy.

  10. Mourihnos team were pretty poor defensively, they just had the best keeper in the world behind them. Ole's team were actually pretty good in defence EXCEPT for De gea dropping off a cliff

  11. Having a younger Matic and Mata, Herrera and Carrick to pick from, plus Fellaini to offer a plan B / tactical option gives Mou's squad a big advantage here. Plus Lukaku was a reliable goal scorer in Mou's system, and Valencia after he'd fully retrained into the role and when fit was an excellent RB. Downsides being having to play Young and some of our CBs who were pretty weak.

  12. The fact Ole got us 3rd and 2nd with McFred and Dan James as starters is not praised enough. Guy got shit on constantly but if his name was Conte it would be praised as a good achievement

  13. Mourinho had it harder in terms of competition where in 20/21 half of Liverpool's starters were in hospital and Chelsea were in turmoil until Tuchel.

  14. We should have signed Herrera earlier, played him more, and kept him longer IMO. And we've spent a lot of money getting players that aren't any better than Smalling, Rojo, Blind, and Darmian.

  15. Ole did a very underated job at United. Getting Ronaldo back, and not dealing with the Pogba situation are what killed him off imo.

  16. Yeah Pogba should have either been out or we should have bought a new Herrera and a new Matic and built midfield around him. One or the other. Just keeping him hanging about the squad was horrible. And Ronaldo should have been a flat out no, he requires a completely different style of football to the squad - absolute madness trying to fit him in after the season already started. I think Ole was a decent coach the problem was he was never really in charge. Our transfer windows never made much sense and buying Ronaldo and VDB and other players shows it wasn't the manager making the decisions.

  17. Agreed. And starting Maguire over and over despite his awful form. I guess he thought he needed to just play it out, but while he was playing it out he was absolutely awful and concerned so many goals due to stupid mistakes.

  18. i thought we genuinely had a chance to build something from Ole's team. it was honestly just missing a defensive mid and wide player (sancho). Hell, we needed a dm and wide player in the summer just before ole's team got 2nd.

  19. He was , unfortunately his best days were before utd. Lets not forget he was also poor at spurs after utd.

  20. Ole's 2020/21 squad was way more fun to watch, so I prefer that season so much more. Jose's team just felt like they were barely getting by each match

  21. Idk maybe it's because the sub is getting bigger? But even 6 months ago you'd see upvote/downvotes based on truth/accuracy it's a joke now. Suggesting frenkie was unlikely to happen 1 month ago gave u -12...

  22. For me Ole's team were unpredictable, some games they would turn up and suprise everyone but then go on to lose the most obvious games.

  23. I miss fellaini. For all the shit he got I liked the big hairy tree. Also smalling, a defender who could actually defend. And then there's Ander. Sad he left and sad he never got to really become a mainstay in midfield.

  24. honestly i feel bad for badmouthing him but fellaini was a warrior, he might not had technical ability of a man united player but he always had heart and spirits. mentally he was a united player.

  25. Jose's team performed better. Under Ole we get to 2nd place only because of Liverpool's defence having gone to shit for an entire year, Chelsea having Lampard instead of a coach and rough Arteta tenure

  26. You could also say champions Chelsea exploded in 2017/18 in Conte's 2nd season following the departure of Diego Costa and Matic -- ended up missing out of top 4.

  27. Jose’s team for that season was better and never got smacked up like Ole did on a few occasions. Ole fluked it lets be honest and some results were a strong hint for the following season.

  28. jose had better midfield and de gea on super saiyan mode. ole had to make do with McFred and poor form De Gea. also liverpool was not a monster yet at that time.

  29. I dont know if I even want to see him ever again in this shirt but honestly im curious if he has extra trainings and is commited to football so he can eventualy comback if case is solved in his favour.

  30. Fuck that shit. We know what he did. Don't need the legal system to tell me he's a piece of garbage.

  31. Unfortunately our players are extremely inconsistent. Having rashford in the teams makes sense only if you specify the year too.

  32. the line between success and failure is so thin. i always wonder what would happen had we not sign Ronaldo and bought CMs instead in summer 2021? the fact that the last time we signed a CM was back in summer 2017 is a disgrace, but Ole had made his bed for staying silent all the time, i hope EtH is different because we know how cancerous the players and the fans could be.

  33. 2016-17 with Zlatan was probably the best season post SAF. Every game was a blast and watching the group have harmony was something else. When defence and Youngs senseless crossing was the only issues..

  34. Ole would be 5th with his amount of points in 2017/18. It was mostly luck that other teams were shit in 2020/21 season and we were scoring last minute bangers, never in control of matches. It was never going to last.

  35. Ole had the better players (individual talents) but Jose's team was way more organized & better. We finisged 2nd with a Valencia - Smalling - XXX - Young back four ffs, thats an achievement by itself.

  36. Valencia was a monster RB, Smalling was a pretty good defender(the reason we were able to sell him at all), and Young still had legs. And you could just as easily point out the quality in midfield vs what we have now. Herrera alone was as good as McFred.

  37. Reading through rhe comments makes you realize just how many Ole apologists there are. Even when comparing him to one of the greatest managers ever, they still don't have any respect....

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