RDR 3 with a young Charles as the protagonist (or one of the Protags). Yeah or Nah? Exploring the Native American angle would be cool, something that's not usually seen in Western movies/shows.

  1. Yep, if it's at all related to RDR 1&2 I'd want it to be Arthur's father and in the epilogue we play as a young Arthur before meeting Dutch & Hosea, but the more I think about it the more I want them to do a whole new original setting and cast and just let 1&2 be the masterpieces they are

  2. IMO the next protagonist should be someone we haven't seen before, who has no relationship with the Van Der Linde gang, in a different location we haven't seen and at least 15 years before the events of RDR2.

  3. Yeah, maybe the mid 1880s or early 1890s. I think it’d be cool to see references to the van der linde gang in conversation and newspapers, and maybe even side characters from RDR2, but it should be a clean slate.

  4. I don't mind if they have a relationship to the Van Der Linde gang but I definitely think it should be an entirely new character. I liked that RDR2 used an entirely new character to flesh out the backstory for RDR1.

  5. You right cause rdr1 happen like at the end of the "cowboy" era . that be weird if we keep goign forward. it ahould stay in a similar timeline

  6. Honestly this, they need to distance themselves from the vanderlinde saga, no young Arthur & hosea no dutch...just start fresh thst way they're unbound from narrative constraints.

  7. Landon Ricketts I think would be the best choice, he's not directly involved with the gang ,and it would be definitely set in Mexico for parts of the story . I'd just love to see his story unfold in the game, either that or something like the revenant movie, about the days of trading furs up in the wilderness.

  8. I think a good way to thread this needle, while staying connected to the story, is for the MC to be a member of the O'Driscoll gang, set about 15 years before RDR2.

  9. Sure. But I still think there is more we could learn from the perspective of Hosea Matthews on the formation of the gang and his struggles with trying to leave and Betsy as focal points. It can be an opportunity to show the rise of Dutch, maybe even do what GTA5 did and have character arch’s which move in tandem with each other. And in line with RDR2 they could introduce Arthur and John either as NPC or as late game characters.

  10. In my opinion, the next story should be completely independent of the current one. They created rdr2 and Arthur Morgan to add an emotional support/backbone for John and Rdr1 storyline. I don't think Arthur would have someone like that. It doesn't make sense.

  11. I don’t think it would be a good idea, because rdr protagonists need to be morally grey, for example low honor Arthur makes the same sense as high honor Arthur, just like low honor John and high honor John, I can’t see Charles as low honor character, that’s why I wouldn’t like, but it would be cool to see a Native American as the protagonist, especially if it were in the beginning of the old west, when the Natives vs Soldiers were more common.

  12. That wouls maybe work if its more than one protagonist . Like gta 5. Would kinda like having a good protag and a nice protag that play paralel story

  13. That and idk how well it would go with having a native american character that has potentially to be a shitty person, think it would cause quite a bit of controversy ngl

  14. nah but I would love to see a story set it war with natives tho. you could make hundreds of redemption stories about some horrible things that happened back then.

  15. What about a protagonist who starts out as an army soldier fighting against natives who (around the beginning) defects or is discharged and forced to become a rebel outlaw, caught between the natives who hate what he was and the army/government who hate what he’s become

  16. Been saying I want a Native American protagonist. But I want a completely new story & set of characters. This would be cool tho ngl.

  17. I personally think Landon rickets should be the protagonist of rdr 3. He's been seen before, but not in too much detail, he's had an interesting and storied life, with room for character development with his wife's death. Also he seems to be intertwined with the VDL gang, its like hes linked with it by fate (At the blackwater massacre, shoots many vdl gang members, finds John later.) I personally think the game would play out over many years, maybe even have dutch and landon team up in one mission to save kid john from hanging.

  18. No Vanderlinde gang, maybe peripheral characters but no direct connection. Go back in time 1870s-1880s, explore Indian wars and conflicts but my concern is with how progressive entertainment is becoming in general that it would not be as historically accurate.

  19. If you’re going that way, and it’s an interesting idea, how about playing as a young Rains Fall? He starts off as trying defend his people, betrayed by the government, Trail of a tears type scenario, then sees his son grow up wanting revenge.

  20. I think playing as a Native American would strike a nice balance between innovating the original gritty storytelling while also getting the plus of representation more and more people are demanding these days. It would check that box without deviating from the formula

  21. I would love this, there is so much potential and to explore the real historical events but to keep it in the rdr world would be amazing. It was a tough time for Native people, there is a lot to explore there, especially from the pov of a Native protagonist

  22. i want dutch we get to see the creation of the gang and we get to make the plans up until black water which should be the end of rdr3

  23. A bunch of mango farmers in Tahiti sell their farmlands to a bunch of Yankees with Confederate gold. They use the money to take a shot at life in the great American West. Off to adventure!

  24. I don't really understand the whole lore, but that seems interesting. Some kind of 'native cowboy', could also lead to some very interesting outfits.

  25. I'd be down for a completely new first Nations character, hell I'd be down to play as Charles. God do I hope the next game does not take place in the past of some pre-established character. I want to see new stories with new people, or at least stories that end with the beginning of another game.

  26. Hear me out. Charles’ father would make a great story. Run away slave marries an Indian woman only to succumb to drink based on the horrors he’d witnessed. In the epilogue you play as Charles and see what caused him to join the gang.

  27. what? that’s such a shitty idea. no one wants to play a red dead game that’s takes place during world war 1 that just kills the whole feel of the game

  28. I think RDR3 needs to be a completely unrelated character. They need to be morally grey, it needs to be the old west. They go round shooting, killing and robbing folks. Maybe they meet the Van Der Linde or O’Driscoll gangs for a single robbery, near the end of the game or meet Dutch and Hosea as young men and give them a little guidance.

  29. Tbh I want a new character set in the prime of the wild west. I feel we’ve seen it’s death withArthur and John, so now it’s time for it’s peak.

  30. Red dead 3 with young Micah Bell as the protagonist, started off as a good man but slowly become the villain we see in 2. The game will be called Red Dead Retribution.

  31. I'm pretty sure that it is going to be Calendar brothers. All the signs and lore are pointing to this. It's going to be a Brothers story who both die. Or atleast one of them die (which we have seen in the beginning of rdr2)

  32. I absolutely love Charles, but I am jonesing for some classic cowboy action in the glory days of the old west. Basically I want to be John Wayne. Charles’ story would make some great DLC content, or even a spin-off game, because he’s honestly the best NPC in RDR2 (I’d argue he’s better than John, even)

  33. I’d love a Native American protagonist. I’d be pretty sweet to live with a tribe and defend our land against the US and Manifest Destiny.

  34. Idk, I always thought that rdr3 should be the prequel to rdr2 and the events building up to the Blackwater massacre, or about a pinkerton infiltrating a gang

  35. I ultimately wish they would've given some DLC to expand their stories when you're John. I loved going and seeking Charles and Sadie out for the extras and literally started over again after that.

  36. Id prefer a new set of characters/new gang. But if they are gonna stick with the same characters, I want to play as one of the Calendar boys (maybe both if they go the GTA route). You’re them in their early days when the west was still wild, leading up to them joining Dutch’s crew and culminating in the Blackwater massacre. But I don’t want the Ferry job in the game. I want that left as a mystery. But giving them a redemption arc would be tough considering the way the gang speaks of them. Maybe one of them saves a couple others or something

  37. Tbh I'd rather a completely new set of characters, I feel like focusing on any of the existing characters and making it another prequel would feel too forced and repetitive

  38. If there was to be a RDR3 I'd want it to be away from the VDL gang. The story of Dutch's boys is perfect and doesn't need anything adding to it.

  39. While I doubt they’d do it, it’d be fun. When I first played AC3, and you play as ratonhnhaké:ton it was a really cool perspective on the American Revolution, and I feel like history classes never really went into depth about it. To be a cowboy and see that perspective again just a hundred or so years later? I’d be down for it 100%

  40. DLC or Spinoff, but not mainline Red Dead 3. Should be someone new who would fit into the Arthur-to-Jack story line further back in time.

  41. Maybe we’ll get to be Landon rickets or some shit or Dutch who knows. We probably won’t know for at least 8 years after GTA VI

  42. I think it needs to be either the gold rush or civil war as a theme. Someone totally different and not related to this group

  43. the problem is that any RDR protagonist has to die at the end of each game, so it is either a sequel for known characters, or a prequel for a new character

  44. No, Same reason I wouldn't want any other characters from 2 or 1 as a protagonist, it's hard to integrate the idea of Red Dead Redemption, of the character redeeming themselves before getting killed then one of the side characters getting vengeance. Without straying from canon that is. So younger Charles no, Older Charles, maybe, would still like a fresh new character we've never seen before.

  45. I’m torn on any member of the gang being in the next one - BUT 100% would like them to explore the Native American side of the west way more in depth.

  46. i'd prefer something that plays during the civil war, with the progress of the war having an influence on the story. some regions being heavily protected by the military (doesnt matter which side) at times, making life difficult for the gang

  47. Would love to see a sequel with jack living in a New York like city like we saw in Gangs of New York

  48. I'd love a Native protagonist. I'd like for rockstar to have native writers involved in the process if they go that way though. In any case, I would definitely prefer that to a mafia style game.

  49. good take exploring his childhood and living on his own and joining some gang but the next should lose the redemption then setting in the height of the west

  50. I like the idea of exploring the native American perspective of the wild west, but I would like the 3rd installment to have a fresh new protagonist.

  51. I see alot of people constantly suggesting this kind of thing (gang member’s stories) and when it would be cool that should be dlc not a separate game because we know what happens to them if it’s a prequel.

  52. Do not call me a weeb but lowkey I want it set in Japan. Have a roaming gang of Yakuzas. Samurai movies are what inspired westerns and it's the only other country I could see having a red dead game set in. I just think it'd be neat.

  53. I’d be happy with a short Charles timeline, Sean timeline, and Lenny. Flush out members of the gang as they fall in with the van der Lin gang. Each about the same length as undead, and sell it as a dlc rather than a third installment. Also remaster rdr1 and open up México while your at it.

  54. i think the redemption title shouldn’t be included in the next red dead game. the van der linde story doesn’t need anymore addition, the spots that are supposed to be vague are better remaining that way. there should be a red dead revolver 2 or something else of that nature, but not redemption

  55. I think it would be a cool DLC or stand alone. He’s 1/2 Black and 1/2 Native American. So he would just kick ass

  56. I'd rather a Charles sequel in Canada, perhaps he moves towards a more morally grey perspective out of desperation (or someone killing bison) and his redemption story is him learning to stand by his views even when times are dire, maybe even with the inclusion of Rains Fall

  57. I still think RDR3 should be the formation of the gang with Dutch as the playable protagonist and the player gets to choose Dutch's true motivations.

  58. I love the Wild West angle they go for in Red Dead but I really think Rockstar should make a period piece set in the 1920s or smth and could be a spirtual successor could focus on the death of bootleggers or smth like that or just be a mafia like game I reckon it would be quite good. Though we all know R* isn't allowed to have cool ideas anymore

  59. Maybe? I'd sooner imagine a younger Dutch or Hosea as the protag and the story is about how the gang got together or something.

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