I without a doubt think that RDR is a far superior game series to GTA, and my friends hate me for it.

  1. The thing I hope GTA6 learns/borrows from RDR2 is giving us a reason to enjoy the entire map. It’s a seemingly small detail, but the diversity of wildlife across RDR2’s map keeps it interesting and I find myself slowing down exploring the map. GTA is built to drive 100+ mph and get to the next thing.

  2. i think gta is more popular because of the culture surrounding it and just how much it affected pop culture. if red dead could’ve managed to do that more successfully than gta then it would have double the players because female audiences would probs be more accepting as well. but alas, gta is modern which is why it is so inbred into pop culture and basically a satire on society, red dead is deep but doesn’t have those things really as it is about the 1800s.

  3. I've never liked the GTA series. There, I said it. Tried GTA5 but couldn't finish it. Stealing cars and shooting people randomly seem pointless and boring to me, because that's basically what you do in that game. And I guess the gameplay is horribly shallow that way.

  4. Most GTA players/RDR(2) haters prefer the modern world more than something they’re not used to, and assume there’s no entertainment in the western, 1800’s-1910’s games. I felt that way before playing RDR2, and i’m obsessed with how well done Red Dead 2 is. i completed story mode all the time, completed the game 16 times in two months. I think that people assume the game is boring because it isn’t a modern world game.

  5. GTA IV is like the Red Dead 2 of the GTA franchise. All the friends and play dates, internet cafés and shit. it's full of details and reoccurring little side characters... World is incredibly dense as well, it's got those lite RPG elements IMO and I love it.

  6. Playing through GTA IV for the first time right now and I’m enjoying it a lot more then V, it’s just way more grounded while still being satirical

  7. Nobody is right or wrong. Avoid this topic of discussion with your friends and don't engage if they press it. Simple shit.

  8. Basically this sums it up. I see it on nioh and some others where it's shit like "omg Dae actually prefer this to souls my friends don't like it". Come on. You're posting in a sub for the thing just for attention/validation.

  9. You haven't seen the Resident Evil subreddit. It's near constant and seems like every post sometimes. X game is better than X game and here's why. Chaos ensues almost immediately. I literally just came from a post of exactly this.

  10. For me red dead is clear I’ve never spent so much time in an open world game not really doing anything just because of the aesthetic. However I’m bias because I love the western setting and western films

  11. GTA lacks in my opinion because as I have aged, just the over the top humor is kinda gotten low brow. RDR is the perfect balance of serious storylines but not so much in your face potty humor.

  12. GTA is meant to be a satire of American culture while Red Dead Redemption is retelling the stories of the Old West. The former is known for its sarcastic humour whilst the latter is serious in storytelling and the world of the game.

  13. I appreciate the social commentary in gta v, and it’s a fun look back at the political/social environment of the late 2000s.

  14. The thing about red dead v gta fans is that the red dead fans seem to have a superiority complex about them. They’re extremely different games, why even compare r

  15. Exactly, as evidenced by this long rambling list of why RDR2 is “clearly superior”, and why my friends hate me.

  16. Exactly, I think after Vice City I was done with the over obvious satire; I like the story of the GTA IV era but GTA V just seemed like a bunch of muddled and confused scripts mashed together. It's still a great game that I've played to death but after you've completed it there is just not much to play for; I would take a tiny map with accessible buildings over a large ghost town. RDRII is great as you still feel their is life in the world after the game is done.

  17. Totally. Previous GTAs, the satire was more of a subtle wink. I felt like with GTA5 they laid it on really thick

  18. I just think the cowboy setting is superior for being a “criminal” red dead 1 made me fall in love with the setting. Imagine a pirate game made by rockstar?

  19. Why would your friends hate you for this?! You either need new friends or need to stop talking about it 24/7

  20. You’d be right if GTAIV did not exist. Not only did GTAIV do a similar revenge storyline with a similar dark and gritty atmosphere but it also did the buddy system and choice system better than even RDR2. I would say GTAIV stands as Rockstar’s greatest achievement.

  21. I’m more confused by the take that RDR has “great gunplay” it’s literally the same lock on crap as GTA, where the game basically aims for you

  22. RDR just might have ruined GTA for me. I used to love playing GTA. Just randomly roaming around and having fun. I liked the story missions in GTA 5 too. But I left it after it became a bit tiring for me. After a few days, I tried to play RDR2. And boy!! The game is just on another level. I still like GTA but everytime I try to play it now, it just feels shallow. RDR feels like a world that's been lived in, but GTA feels empty to me. It has a ton of things to do but still feels pointless. RDR on the other hand feels like art that's been made with a lot of love and care. Just my opinion though.

  23. Well saying bland world put you on my list as well. And i love rdr. First of all gta has an amazing breathing open world full of suprises. While it was probably intentional, rdr2 is a lot deader than gta. You putting one con on rdr means to me you can't say anything bad about the game you love. Cons: Too much focus on normal activities instead of crimes and no real reason to do side missions and long empty spaces that while intentional start to get boring and that's just three. Listen, i think rdr2 is the better game but you obviously aren't subjective here. Gta pros is it has cool cars? Really? Nothing else? Fuck that, and if you downvote me, it proves that you don't want opinions, you want yes men. If you wanted actual goods and bads of both games then you would've posted this on

  24. Both great games but the simple fact is that GTA appeals to a larger audience. No reason for fans to pick a side and hate the other it’s childish.

  25. I like both and I think the GTA story is incredible and very emotional. I enjoyed both the same. Also loved the world even though it's a little outdated and less interactive.

  26. I feel the same but it's in preference I don't generally care much for gta plus kids play gta more then RDR. I also enjoy horses and the old west. I've never been a car guy. The only time I play both is single player however if I play online rdr is my preferred because we don't have douchebags flying on bikes shooting us with missiles.

  27. I agree. My friends also disagree with me but it's true. The reason for it being better is because it was made at a later stage compared to GTA5 is what they believe. I partially agree but I think it might be because of the story being told in the wild west. Personally it's more interesting.

  28. To me the biggest con for RDR2 is that it never got ANY (!!) DLC. I really don't know what R* was thinking. I was also puzzled as fuck why the western part of the map wasn't used at all in the story missions.

  29. They’re targeting different audiences that overlap for sure but different nonetheless. RDR2 is a far more grounded, immersive and realistic game. Sure it has its quirks too, but for the most part it’s a slow paced game with a lot of time spent some would call tedious things. A great example is split point ammo. If you want split point ammo you have to make that split with your knife in each and every bullet. Some people find this boring and tedious while others like myself find it immersive.

  30. Huh? The game is 9 freaking years old. Nobody was saying the game was overrated then, EVERYONE was raving about how incredible the game was.

  31. I love both but let's be honest you are limited in the western times. Also the game can be tedious with managing your health and how everything can have long drawn out animations. Sometimes you just want actions abstracted and instant for gameplay and flow.

  32. Gta also has some great storylines, gta 5 and 4 are both great and while 4 maybe doesn’t as much, 5 does have a great interactive world that I believe is larger than rdr2

  33. It’s larger but there’s less in it. The NPCs do react to you but there’s way less impact on the world around you, unless you start blowing shit up and shooting people or do a specific mission

  34. Rockstar will never pull off a RDR2 again. They found profit in GTA5 online and they will aim for the same going forward. They've also lost a lot of good talent - RDR2 will be the peak.

  35. GTA5 came out in 2013. It has better gameplay and more interactive world than RDR1. Of course GTA6 will have better gameplay and a more interactive world than RDR2. GTA appeals to more people because people wanna play in the modern world. They want machine guns, rocket launchers, tanks, and fighter jets. The guns in RDR2 just shoots too slow. But, with dan hauser leaving rockstar, I don't think rockstar will ever produce another good game again. Rockstar has become EA.

  36. As a guy who enjoys almost all of the GTA's way more than RDR2, I must say RDR2 is easily Rockstar's best game they've created and it's not close

  37. I really don’t get the GTA hype. I think the main reason for it being as popular as it is, is that it was the first game that let you feel like a modern day gangster in an open world where you could do whatever you want. But when i look past that aspect of the game i just can’t feel anything else than that the game is highly mediocre. I must say though Ive grown to dislike the whole GTA (especially GTAO) franchise because of the way rockstar prioritises it over RDR as it makes more money so that might be the reason behind some of my criticism.

  38. The problem is that there’s a lot more they can do with GTA. RDR2 you can’t do as much online, or even with the next game. The gunslinger life only lasted a short amount of time.

  39. Honestly, I think both are very different and cannot be compared. RDR2 has a very good, realistic story in a very realistic setting. On the other hand, GTA V is very entertaining and isn't meant to be taken too seriously. Even the graphics are like that. RDR2 has a very hyper realistic quality to it, while GTA V doesn't. That may be because it's an older game but from the GTA VI leaks it seems that it will also have graphics of a similar type to GTA V, just a lot better.

  40. I play games like RDR2, Elite Dangerous (solo), MFS2020 (soon) for relaxing and games like GTA V, FIFA14 to release frustration or stress lmao. Also like the flying in GTA V untill I get MFS2020.

  41. I agree that RDR is better, I’m a huge fan of the Western genre but it’s really a pointless argument. These are simply opinions and people can like whatever they want. Hopefully you and your friends can just have fun conversations about it and there is not real anger or anything behind it!

  42. One you can go really fast in a bunch of different ways, the other you’re mostly on a horse. Having fun is subjective, dont worry about it too much.

  43. I think that RDR general has better single player and GTA has better multiplayer. I put a ton of hours into GTA online over the years but I've barely touched RDR online ever though I've played through RDR2 like 4 times now.

  44. I feel like, despite the many similarities both franchises have, they’re too different to be properly comparable to each other. I think they’re both great franchises that serve different purposes.

  45. Glad to know a lot of players are also finding the satire of GTA tired. I always thought it was a technique to break tension with demographic differences among characters. It makes me wonder if an edgier or more dramatic story could be told, darker as opposed to bleak like IV. That said, I also wouldn’t mind a lighter story to complement Arthur’s in RDR. I guess the epilogue was that in a way.

  46. Ur so correct, plus for me, you get for attached to the story, I like GTA, I love the game but rdr will always be the god. I also wonder what Rockstar will work on after GTA, Hopefully like a fantasy game or something would be cool

  47. Rdr2 came out long after the most recent gta game. Only makes sense it's a better game. New gta will likely be far superior in terms of depth vs rdr2

  48. I love both but I understand your point. GtaO is a biiiiig win tho. Whenever you can have an online game last through 3 generations of consoles and not lose a step…. It’s huge. I love both games and think RDR2 is the greatest game ever made along with god of war. But I find gta is more playable because of online

  49. I like the smaller things RDO has that gta could never have - hunting, fishing, picking things, crafting. I also like that there are more interactive homes and objects. It feels like RDO is more flushed out. And I also like that a lot of the things can easily be done as a single player and they change it if your posse has more. The always needing another player (or more) for a lot of the things on gTa online is what drove me away

  50. I would say Red Dead Redemption is good in making sure every small detail is counted making the game more alive. Maybe because the game is created with more advanced technology.

  51. My favorite game of all time is RDR2 but in terms of series clearly, GTA is superior. You have to compare all entries as well, GTAIII, VC, SA, GTAIV, GTAV are ALL legendary. You can't say RDR series is better with only two entries.

  52. The fact is that, objectively (and I largely prefer RDR over GTA), RDR is way too complex for a vast majority of players, sadly.

  53. I definitely love RDR better. But i find myself playing GTA more because its so easy to get into shenanigans nd drive or fly around fast. After my first playthrough of RDR2 it really felt TOO slow. Insanely massive map and a slow horse.

  54. While they can't add cars or sonic speed horses, they should've toned down the realism in terms of horses because they are slow for such a massive map

  55. Yeah I vastly prefer RDR as well. I did enjoy GTA4 a lot when I was younger... story, characters and gameplay were all great. I loved RDR about the same amount. But GTA5 I couldn't get into. By that point the GTA schtick of "all our characters are buffoons and assholes" had worn thin. The game is constantly trying to shock you or make you laugh with non-stop dumbassery, and that just doesn't entertain me anymore like it did when I was a teenage boy.

  56. I believe it's just personal preference but I understand y rdr2 is considered a better series then gta. The last gta release was 10+ years ago while rdr2 was released in 2018 in a much more refined console and with many years of comfortable development. Rdr has 3 entries while gta was vastly more popular and had many more entries. I feel the argument will be vastly more valid once gta6 releases (God knows when)

  57. Personally, I'm happy to live in a world that has both. I've loved GTA from the beginning. I didn't play RDR until 2 came out. I still haven't played 1 yet, but I bought a copy a while back. Just waiting for me to have time and space to hook up the PS3 to rock the original.

  58. No doubt story mode for Red Dead redemption 2 is a masterpiece. Beautiful game playing, incredible graphics amazing story open-world with RPG element. GTA V single player was no doubt great at the time but is dated now.

  59. Arthur is still upset over the loss of Mary and his other unnamed girl and John has a wife. Still should’ve been able to in Online.

  60. I think that RDR2 is a far, far superior game to GTAV and GTAIV. I don't think it's particularly close for me, I think that RDR2 is one of my top 5 games of all time, and my opinion of GTAV has continually dropped throughout the years.

  61. there’s an argument for RDR being better made, better written, etc., but i have way way more fun playing any GTA game. with RDR2 specifically, i enjoyed the story, did some post game stuff, then put it down. i occasionally go back to play the odd game of poker, but that’s about it. with GTA5, i constantly go back to that game and just mess with it. i try to see how fast i can go without crashing, i try to survive for as long as possible with a high wanted level, i go and do some of the mini games like tennis. honestly it’s apples and oranges, trying to say one is objectively better than the other is ridiculous because while RDR might fail at one thing, GTA excels at it and vice versa

  62. RDR is FAR more interesting at its base than GTA for me as I don’t care for the themes and atmosphere used in GTA all that much.

  63. But you aren’t taking the other GTAs into account, as they all do have deep narratives that aren’t outright explained or spoken of but shown in cut scenes or learned about within the game world. You don’t talk at all about RDR1 so how can you compare the series?

  64. RDR overall to me seems like a more serious, more sophisticated and better written video game. Feels like a great tv show while GTA is more comical and cliché. We must not forget that RDR2 was released almost another generation after GTAV so we can't really compare them.

  65. RDR2 is "the best" of if not one of the best games I have ever played hands down. The story and immersiveness of other games don't even come close lol. GTA is more popular because of the nostalgia factor. Almost everyone who had a computer in the 2000s has played GTA or at least heard of it.

  66. This is probably a hot take, but as I grow older I start to think that GTA V is probably very overrated. When it came out it was obviously groundbreaking and everyone loved it including me, but that was almost a decade ago. The game has been out for 3 console gens, only the online part which is the main selling point, is getting updates, the story gets bland once you’ve finished it 4-5+ times, the open world is not nearly as interesting as I though it was when I was younger and there really isn’t a lot to do anymore. There’s just more of the same, new weird and OP weapons and vehicles you have to grind incredibly hard for, heists, a few online missions and that’s basically it.

  67. They're both great game series, it doesn't matter which one you or your friends like better. There's no reason to get in an argument over game quality.

  68. I think you are being too hard on GTA. Can’t really compare level of detail between RDR2 and GTA V, and even then it’s not as crazy as you think.

  69. We have all the R* games that came before to thank for RDR2, especially since the whole company was involved. So all that experience blended together to make the 2nd best game in history.

  70. I think Red Dead, especially RDR2 is just more atmospheric and fun to play around in. GTA tends to be very satirical, and for me reality has been so upside-down that satire is more frustrating than entertaining as of late.

  71. GTA (to me, this is my personal opinion) seems like a shooty shooty edgy game for teenage boys. I could never get into it. I tried, I really did, but maybe it's because I prefer historical games (tbf witcher is not the old west but would still classify it as medieval in every sense.)

  72. I’d say you should clarify your statements because you said your friends “hate” you over a game preference. That’s a pretty loaded statement and if it were true, they’re not really good friends. It sounded like you had a knock down drag out argument and lost friends or something.

  73. i haven’t played much of RDR Online but at least it’s not like GTA Online where it’s full of kids who only play GTA who have those flying bikes and just repeatedly kill you for no reason (on console at least)

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