RAV4 Prime Manufacturing Situation-- seeking info

  1. I'm 2 months late, but how did you go about getting yours? Just walk into the dealer? Waipahu or Honolulu?

  2. East coast, NJ and CT. Expect to pay a premium, but should not be more than $4k depending on the trim. I hear don’t pay over MSRP from a lot of people on this forum. You might get lucky and find one at MSRP, but if you want one now then a premium is likely. MD and NY will not sell to out of state, at least the dealer I contacted. Even some NJ dealers won’t sell out of state. Good luck in your quest.

  3. We just bought one in NY and had it shipped to WI. Dealer was fine with it. See details in my other response.

  4. I'm ok with a mark-up given all of the . . . everything. I'd say 2k or so is a non-issue. I'm closer to the west coast but I'm not up for a 10-15k mark-up-- I'd just get something else at that point so I'm only looking at east coast if I were to do this. I'm concerned though with the mechanics of the sale too. I heard that I'll pay a down payment, a Prime that generally fits the description comes in, and I have 48 hours to pick-up before it's sold to the next person. I don't have the type of job that necessarily allows me to drop what I'm doing so that I can fly out for purchase (then also the drive-back time) at a moment's notice. If you have any advice on this point it'd be much appreciated.

  5. There are used ones available, but they also cost a pretty penny. If you’re willing to look out of state and willing to possibly forego certain options, you could probably be driving one within a few days.

  6. Be persistent. I live in NV so the dealers here never get Primes. I've been calling all the SoCal dealers the past two months. Finally called one at the right time and have a Prime XSE w/ premium package that's supposed to get to Long Beach on Dec. 3.

  7. We just got one in Wisconsin. By buying it on Long Island, NY. Cost me $996 to have it shipped and paid a little over MRSP. Given my 16 months on a waitlist here all of it was worth it.

  8. Recommend making numerous refundable deposits at any dealers you can find with shorter waiting lists and reasonable markups. Sure, with lots of luck you might one at MSRP, but those dealers are few and far between and usually have huge waiting lists.

  9. We bought a prime se in February and just bought a Leaf. No doubt the prime has more features and a phev might be more practical.

  10. I am in 12 key states and refuse to pay over msrp. So 11 months later still waiting. Last month 70 people were in front if me. Every month before that at least 10 people cancelled the order and 25 got their car. So i figured maybe by the end of december i will get my car.

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