What is the best RAV4 dash cam? I have questions ‘22 XLE

  1. The Toyota one is horrible. The app and everything is super delayed. I have the FITCAMX and no delay. The only downside is the app, but it’s been fairly decent on an iPhone. I just take out the sd card and watch it on my laptop if needed

  2. FITCAMX has one of the worst apps when trying to use it. Easy to install and works fine. Trying to find a clip and let it load on your phone? Horrible!

  3. Never have had issues accessing a clip. I have an iPhone though so it might be different. I find that the cameras work great at capturing what I need.

  4. I have an Apeman 1080p dash cam I bought a year and a half ago for my Corolla, which I believe is discontinued, and it's been working fine. The only common issue I have with all dash cams is the suction mount never holds, regardless of where I put it. Apeman provided a 3M plastic adhesive mount for the windshield and I'm looking to get a replacement once I get my RAV, or I may just take the plunge and upgrade to one that is able to store GPS data (lat/long and speeds).

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