maybe come inside?

  1. I had a neighbor call the cops on me twice last winter because I "left" my dog out in snow storms. She's a husky mix and we have a dog door with a fenced in backyard. I couldn't have kept her inside if I tried.

  2. Definitely had some people thinking they were dog experts tell me it was too cold for her to be outside. Look lady if you can convince my dog to come in from outside be my guest. I even built my dog a nice dog house with a huge weatherproof heated dog bed, she still lays directly on the snow

  3. Do they know Huskies would rather stay out than in? Idiots. My guess is her happiest times are when she is caked in 4 inches of snow. Same with malamutes.

  4. One of my moms dogs loves being outside in the rain and snow. We have to go outside and carry him back inside at times. He's been this way since a pup, he turns 4 in December.

  5. My dog does the exact same. It’s hard work to try and convince her to come inside during the winter. I’ve had a few people ring my doorbell and complain, because “it’s cold out and my dog is covered in snow.” You can tell by the accumulation of snow on top of their coat that their insulation is top notch. If that snow on top was coming in contact with the dogs body heat, it would be melting. That dog is nice n toasty underneath all the fluff

  6. Our Great Pyrenees did not want to come in from snow. They made dens and nested in it. They hauled their favorite sticks in with them (by sticks I mean firewood). They made snowballs they’d hoard and try to take from each other. They were absolutely made as one with snow.

  7. Im pretty sure the owners of this newf had people complaining about the dog being cold and they actually took a digital thermostat to show that the dog was actually really warm under all that snow. Some people dont understand how their coats work. Same thing with my St Bernard.

  8. Had a standard poodle growing up, would never really groom him so he looked like a giant bear. In the winter when it would snow he would stay out in the yard for hours jumping around refusing to come in. Love a snow dog

  9. Dog over here like: “if your cold you should probably put on a jacket, If you didn’t notice, I’ve got mine on”

  10. I’m getting PTSD here, remembering what happens when the snow dog comes in and all that snow melts… There are never enough beach towels. 😭

  11. My cat recently discovered she likes snow, and will try to run out into it, since her dense fluff means the cold doesn’t generally bother her. My cat is an indoor cat. She has no survival instincts. And also she’s white. I now have to restrain Tiny Idiot from doing something she’ll regret.

  12. I have news for you. Just because you are cold does NOT mean he is cold. My niece's St. Bernard, Lucy, would open the slider, and sneak out of the house in the middle of January, in sub-zero temperatures, only to be found sound asleep an hour later, under a snow pile in the yard.

  13. My current great dane is nothing like my previous great danes. She loves rain and snow as much as sunbathing. She will jump around in snow and have the time of her life. Only when she gets really really cold she wants to come inside.

  14. My Bernese Mountain Dog would like a word. She would stay out in the snow until she becomes a snow pile if I’d let her.

  15. My Peke loved snow! He wouldn't come back into the house. He'd get mad when I'd call him. Then he would lie on his side and wiggle his paw like it hurt so I would have to put on my boots and carry him in. It was so comical. He had no snow stuck in his paws. He was just mad about not being able to stay in the snow.

  16. Lol this is my dog after 5 seconds after letting him outside - he just loves rolling around in the snow !

  17. A friend had a lab that would do this. The dog could go in the house at any time but preferred to lay out covered in snow. She would have to get his leash and go bring him in the house…he would dig in a bit but would eventually go inside.

  18. A wiseman once told me if you see an animal be it wild or pet, covered in snow and ice, its most likely fine because is any heat was escaping it would melt the snow. Its the wet animals are in trouble as they cant keep the heat under their fur

  19. Pretty sure me da waited til my Sasha and I came in hungry in order to lock us in when it snowed. You can bet us girls had some opinions on THAT idea

  20. Lol. Wrong. If you’re freezing, thick coat dogs are basically in Hawaii sipping on a Mai Tai. My dog’s an Airedale and he loves nothing more than diving into a pile of snow.

  21. This is a type of dog bred for freezing water rescues, so they just really like the snow and cold. Huskies are known to do the same thing!

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