He should probably be neutered.

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  2. How the fuck does this guy have 6 children with 5 different women in only 2021 and 2022? Do all his girlfriends know each other? Dude has a whole Harem

  3. My best friend had a roommate in college who had 3 different girlfriends, they not only all knew about each other, but all competed with one another as to who he'd end up settling with. They'd bring him food, clean the apartment. He came from a pretty wealthy family, so that may have been a factor. My friend didn't complain, the place was always clean, he'd get leftovers cause the girls would bring too much food. This went on for the entire year until my friend moved out, so apparently they were in for the long haul.

  4. He’s got a big dick and girls are curious, or they enjoyed it. The dick could be so good they’d believe anything he says like, I’ll drop every other girl and be with you lol. He’s hung nicely and knows how to use it.

  5. Just to put this into perspective: On December 23rd 2020 Nick Cannon had 3 cildren. Not even two years later he has 10 (9 are alive).

  6. And how many did he have before that? And had a woman pregnant at the time. That's not why he's doing this shit.

  7. The man has hundreds of millions of dollars. He can have as many kids as he wants. He can afford to take care of them. People used to have tons of kids back in the day.

  8. Yes because wealth automatically means being an even passable decent parent. Let's just ignore all the rich people that can't be bother to actually raise their own children.

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