Surprised Elon hasn’t announced the Cybertruck can also fly in a hurricane

  1. And what kind of propulsion will it have in the water? Give the wheels retractable paddle steamer paddles so you can tumble along? Stick an outboard motor on the back? You're gonna be able to drive it in to the sea, briefly float, drift wherever the current takes you, and then sink to a watery grave.

  2. Seriously. As someone from a hurricane and flood prone area its stupid as fuck and will absolutely kill someone. It's like his dumbass idea that if he dug his dumbass tunnels on the gulf coast people could use during weather events. Like this mother fucker doesn't understand places like Houstobln have very healthy fears of tunnels and underground spaces during hurricanes thanks to a history of people dying in them during flooding. We know what happens and wouldn't use the death traps his out of touch mind comes up with.

  3. Even if it floats it has no drive system. Plus batteries are insanely heavy. They would make the truck list if the weight balance isn't perfect. So you're floating down a flooded river you wanted to cross in a truck you can't steer or propel in any direction other than the water flow and it's listing at a crazy angle. Sounds fun. The electrical drive components may be "waterproof" but being submerged is different. Maybe Elon will claim you can drive it on the sea floor. CyberTomb?

  4. The Cybertruck is sounding more and more like a real life manifestation of "the Homer" from the Simpsons - the car designed by Homer in the episode where he finds his long lost brother.

  5. I watched a bunch of videos one night of the 2011 Japanese tsunami and was amazed/horrified at all the little cars bobbing along, for a while. The ones with the lights on were very sad.

  6. "Nah bro, those cars sink after floating for a mere 4 seconds, while our car can float for 5 entire seconds. It's revolutionary".

  7. I mean, not really. Basically all ICE cars have their cold air intake manifold just under the hood (only some off-road vehicles have snorkels) so once the water level exceeds that and flows in, you're completely fucked and the engine is likely too via hydrolocking.

  8. This isn't anything new or revolutionary, EVs in general need to waterproof their batteries and they have the majority of their weight very low, which gives them stability when floating. There's plenty of videos with Tesla owners passing small flooded areas.

  9. Cyberplane will be able to fly enough to serve briefly as an airplane, so it can avoid traffic, hills & even mountains that aren't too tall.

  10. As an engineer who has had to listen to the company's CEO magically materialize 'will-be' features to the public with zero discussion with engineering beforehand and an already set timeline, seeing posts like this really triggers something deep inside me.

  11. waterproof and floating isn’t going to save you from currents in a river. Super easy to get swept away. Happens every year around my parts when kids take their trucks out fording rivers that are just a bit too fast and deep.

  12. I live near the Adriatic and have sailed on it - "even seas that aren't too choppy" just won't happen. Even on perfectly nice, calm days, a sailboat sways a decent bit - a hunk of truck wouldn't stand a chance.

  13. Eeh Mitsubishi did it first, as seen in the great documentary “cannonball run 2”, Elon is just a copy cat.

  14. Actually you don't need to float. If the body of water is calm enough and you are going fast enough AND you have a specifc type of offroad tyre (one with ridges) you can just drive over it like jesus.

  15. When the first showcase of your vehicle is someone smashing the window with a lightly tossed baseball I don’t trust that it will drive, let alone float.

  16. When I was younger, I bought into his whole “save the future” shtick, now as of a few years ago I realize he’s just an incompetent billionaire who feeds off attention.

  17. My best answer? That’s what Elon is effectively hired to do. To my knowledge they’re always way off on what they can deliver and the only reason the board at Tesla keeps him there is that without him the hype for the company will tank fast.

  18. You have to see the movie don’t look up, this is like his entire ethos is just inserting himself into every disaster and then getting upset when people don’t want his help.

  19. My impression too, however it seems like his starlink internet project is doing legit good for people in nations that try to suppress them so that’s refreshing

  20. The bullet proof windows can't be broken either so when your fancy truck sinks you'll be trapped in it all the way to the bottom. Can't open a door until the pressure is equalized, as a firefighter these vehicles are death traps. They're going to be made with materials that will slow down extraction from accidents very slow and people will die waiting for medical assistance. Not to mention trying to cut someone out of a vehicle that has a battery on fire

  21. When I was in high school I used to worship this guy, he was my hero, I even read his biography....looking at him now I realise how much time I wasted on this retard or maybe the real retard was me afterall.

  22. For real, like has no one noticed the pattern? How many years has he promised full autonomous driving? Now he’s making promises on a vehicle that’s not even out yet… also, where’s the semi truck? It’s all empty promises

  23. He probably really thought he would have it ready by now but he probably realised during testing that Teslas build quality doesn't hold up very well in off road terrain and other normal tasks you would use a ute for lol (im Aussie, I refuse to call it a truck)

  24. I can’t believe I used to love this dude. I mean, cmon bro. You’ve been talking about these vehicles for years. Where are they? Where is the cyber truck? Where is the semi truck? Where is the roadster?

  25. Man. I feel like he may actually believe this piece of shit is being built. The unveiling was like Iran showing off its "state-of-the-art" fighter jet that has not been seen since.

  26. Imagine it’s 2012 and you get a glimpse of 2022. It feels like someone has turned up the dial to 11, by comparison; what a weird and uncertain time to be alive.

  27. This is a reminder for people not to post political posts as mentioned in stickied post. This does not necessarily apply for this post.

  28. If he does it that’s nice, if he doesn’t who cares, we have boats. Either way it’s more or less inconsequential. I don’t anyone with an IQ above room temp will actually try this. Might be nice for anyone stupid though.

  29. The truck would be bullet proof and we need 1 year. The truck would drive itself and we need two year. The truck would be waterproof and we need another 2 years.

  30. If the Cybertruck is as waterproof as its windows were supposed to be shatterproof, that thing is going to fall apart if you leave it out in the rain for 5 seconds.

  31. If the windows couldn’t even withstand getting hole punched by two sales/marketing nerds… it will not survive the torrent of upswept debris from an actual flood

  32. Don't cross floodwaters in a car. People die doing this. It doesn't matter if the vehicle is waterproof initially. Once you are buoyant you have no control. I am a huge fan of SpaceX engineering but Musk really needs a social media handler to tell him when to shut up. Some criticism of Musk is way over the top, ignorant and sponsored by commercial and political interests but this time he deserves to be torn to shreds.

  33. This is literally just elon trying to profit off of tragedy. A hurricane is devastating florida. So he’s trying to boost pre-orders by exploiting that anxiety.

  34. I'll bet my ass he has absolutely nothing to show for this claim. Just like his indestructible windows. Just like the actual Cybertruck itself.

  35. It's just like a child that keeps making shit up on the spot and can't really just shut the fuck up.

  36. Can you tell me when it's going to rain in the beginning of December in London cause I'm planning a trip.

  37. Tesla’s literally float lol, I’m not saying it’s an easy feat but the buoyancy is there so it’s not that far reaching

  38. All cars float mate. I've floated across a stream in a 1990's land ranger (with a snorkel) and down a stream for a short distance in an early 2000's mitsubishi station wagon.

  39. When it rains water goes directly into the battery. The battery is the same price as the vehicle and not covered by the warranty. You also can’t keep the car out in high temperatures or low temperatures because the battery isn’t resilient. Teslas cost so much and the wait list for them is ridiculous but they’re basically lemons. $21,000 to $22,500 to replace the battery in the Tesla Model S.

  40. Teslas work while floating... there are videos of this happening, they're not even designed to and he somehow expects one that IS designed to function while floating to not work? Severely uninformed or a useless troll.

  41. I work with Teslas. Tesla is a tech company first and foremost (and a good one at that) but are second-rate car manufacturers. None of the bodywork fits snugly together, a lot of sections are loose and ill-fitting.

  42. It's crazy to think that this negative attention you so desperately court by breathlessly rushing into threads defending a man who doesn't know you exist is the highlight of your existence.

  43. Everyone I know who has a Tesla tells me service Is terrible, quality is questionable, their car has many defects, and fsd is worthless

  44. People need to stop thinking that he's working on this he's got the pattern for like 3 things and one of them is a different car charge so you cant share car changing cable

  45. Yo why tf ppl hating on elon, like he never said he invented the shit, he pays the inventors, hasnt been in a scandal and is humble. (Atleast compared to other billionaires)

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