Post Game Thread: Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders

  1. It is such a shame we blew 3 17 point leads, shutout vs Saints, and then the dud vs highschool coach Colts. We'd be sitting so fucking pretty right now if it wasn't for those five self-destruction games.

  2. Yeah-WTF was that? He was waving goodbye when they were still down 7. That guy missed like 7 games this season, hasn’t done much of anything, and his team has underperformed all year. Not exactly in a place to talk shit, down a TD

  3. The announcers were extra insufferable this one (as per the norm). I was nearly stunned when they could finally pull Keenan Allen’s balls out of their mouth long enough to mention Davante’s game stats right at the end. Wow. I’m just so glad they pulled it off. They are not subtle in who they root for, and it’s never the Raiders. Fuck ‘em.

  4. When Derek Carr had that bomb to davante at the end of the half the commentator said "but where does Carr go if he doesn't have all that time?" and the other guy was just like "I can only call what I see greg"

  5. There was a moment where they accidentally said the chargers are having a hell of game or something like that only to correct themselves to “oh I meant the raiders” cause we were up 14

  6. Thank you! I was saying this all game. Idk who the other dude was besides Gumble but he was way too biased. Unprofessional

  7. Chandler had a great game don't get me wrong... But he was playing a rookie 6th round Guard who was playing out of position at LT and it was only his 2nd start at the position.

  8. Even more impressive when you consider it was against the second coming of Jesus himself back there at qb (if you listen to coverage of that guy).

  9. Big respect to the defense today. Other than one terrible Amik Robertson play, they surrendered no other TDs, and were overall much better as a unit.

  10. Well if we win next week I will actually have so much hopium for this team that I’m genuinely worried about my mental health

  11. The defense came to play today. Extra chippy with all the shit talking going on. This might have been the most complete game they’ve played this year.

  12. Pretty clear we are better than our record. Lot of new moving parts and it took this time some time to find its footing. Playoffs probably aren’t realistic, but we have an awesome foundation for next season. Just need to inject all our cap and assets into the D, and maybe an OL or two. Which is all very easily doable.

  13. Anyone else extremely happy after the win today? The defense showed up, the offense(Davante MF Adams) was clicking and we beat the bitch ass Chargers. Good ass Sunday. Go Raiders

  14. It feels soooo good to punch those undeservingly cocky bitches in the mouth. Fuck them and their playoff hopes.

  15. I can smell a little something called… playoffs. It’s not a strong smell. But there’s certainly a hint of it.

  16. chargers fan’s attacking maxx’s rehab past because they’re salty, loving the classlessness from a trash nonexistent fanbase

  17. Has our season been disappointing? Yes. But at least we are not the Chargers. I do not want to hear shit about Herbert being the second coming until he does something. Anything. Dude has to be the most overrated player in the league.

  18. with jimmy g out for the year the niners matchup suddenly doesn't look as daunting...interesting things happening right now ladies and gentleman

  19. The only negative about this game is that we got staley fired from this one. No way that team sniffs the playoffs and I’d be shocked they let him come back

  20. Looks like canceling the Raiders, silver and black Christmas theme at my house this year lit a fire under this team's rear end.

  21. Another team win where playmakers are making plays!! Coaches were on point too! Great win! They almost feel like that count for 2 wins!

  22. I can see the vision coming together. There really is enough to work on here going forward, good on the team leaders and coaching staff for keeping it together during the first half of the season.

  23. Raiders win another game, and the Raider hater/Bronco fan stays quiet. I KNOW he has to be fuming right now. He has to be quiet for ANOTHER week because JMD won ANOTHER game. Lmao

  24. Having a WR1 works wonders for our offense. Opens up the run game for Jacobs. Hopefully we can get Waller at some point.

  25. I gotta know what are offensive line ranking is this season, because they've gone from dog shit to? Looking dare I say solid?

  26. Last week I was watching the local CBS postgame show. They were going on and on about that great Charger comeback and this was going to propel them to an easy victory next week against the Raiders because of what happened to them in Seattle and into the playoffs. They literally assumed the Raiders were going to lose on OT.

  27. I was at the game. First Raiders game in Vegas for me. It was a helluva time. It was awesome being around a ton of fans. Only a few Bolts fans sprinkled in here and there and most were respectful. Our defense came through when we needed that stop. Adams is something else seeing him live. Can’t wait to come back to Vegas for another game. Just win baby!

  28. Allen waving goodbye after catching a touchdown that got them to within 1 score was honestly hilarious. Great play, but you’re still down, buddy. Why are you waving goodbye?

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