History repeats itself

  1. I genuinely didn't get into watching Pyrocynical until I was an adult and that was because of the video essays. I swear very few people on Youtube put in as much effort into make video essays as Pyro. He also doesn't skimp out on the visuals so his essays don't just devolve into glorified podcasts.

  2. His video essays are funny for the memes but they don't really end up saying much that hasn't already been said. Then again, not many video essays do.

  3. Not to mention thanks to the streams we get to know what’s coming, which right now is either Inscription or/and Cruelty Squad

  4. Pyro viewers trying to have the brain capacity as to why a stream highlights channel gets more uploads than his main quality focused channel. Videos like Cry of Fear take weeks, even months to finish and make perfect, and if all he did was main channel videos and nothing else he'd be making nill from them.

  5. Im unironically curious now, did schlatt fall off or nah? Haven't watched him in a while and the only videos i've had recommended from him are reaction videos

  6. Tbh I now just watch Sleep Deprived to see jschlatt play games (which is a podcast with jschlatt, apandah, aztorist and mikasacus). Which now turned into a gaming channel with the 4 members playing together

  7. Yeah he kind of did. Some of his new content is decent but for the last few years I think greed has taken over him and he's just been growing as much as possible whatever it takes. Kind of like Mr beast

  8. sort of. the shit he does on his main channel is mainly reaction shit now since unfortunately that gets the views. almost all the stuff he does outside that channel, though, are really funny and cool. I love seeing him collab with other youtubers. but its undeniable that the 2019 days are long gone for the better or worse.

  9. For me Pyrolive is annoying because there’s no quick meme edits like his old stuff. Those always had great timing and the pictures he choose to represent something were pretty funny. Now on pyrolive, all that his editing is is quick cuts to skip over the twenty minutes of nothing that his streams can sometimes have.

  10. Isn’t PyroLive legit just supposed to be a shitpost channel essentially though? To make enough money for the long videos on his main channel, and he’s said it before but can’t remember the exact vid so don’t ask. Have a good one

  11. I don't understand what you expect, this is daily content meant to mediate between his bigger uploads, ofc it's not gonna be as highly edited as videos that take weeks or months to do

  12. honestly i can't stand pyrolive videos because so much of what makes him funny (his editing) is just not there like it is with his main channel videos.

  13. I think its just that pyro can be a genius at writing, but he isnt that good at improvising commentary on the spot. Not bad at all either, but its not on the same level of quality at all

  14. Technically its already happening. As the old style short commentary vids that he used to do now are one the 2nd channel while reserving long form for the main.

  15. I hope it never gets to the point where a main chanel video is too much expectation so it never happens, like what happened to maxmoefoes main channel

  16. Pyro talked about it with oompaville. The main channel is what he's really passionate about, and the content there keeps him relevant. (prevents le fell off). And the second channel is there for easy daily content that makes money. So he won't be abandoning the main anytime soon

  17. If he leaves his main channel he’s gonna fall off. I really don’t care that much about those videos

  18. If Pyro just brought back ASOT & MemeBreak, then he would automatically be the best channel on youtube.

  19. His video essays aren't really opening up new discussion but I do appreciate him looking at media that hasn't been covered before..

  20. I don't really mind that if I'm honest. Complaining about originality on youtube is already a null point and his cover of things are in my opinion a lot clearer then other video essays I've seen.

  21. Thats my main concern when youtubers start streaming. Same exact thing happened to Jerma. I remember loving his vids and then he started streaming. Now his main channel dead af

  22. Don’t you love watching an 8 minute video pyro is really trying to kill YouTubes algorithm

  23. Pyros gonna see this and be like “Oi it says, does thwitch streams on the soid. I stream on you tube, meme kinda fell off, all in le head.”

  24. After being starved for daily content from Pyro back in the dark times I feel that the live channel is a great addition

  25. Schlatt stopped making essays bevause he didn't like making them, pyro does. He just doesn't like making essays about petscop.

  26. You forgot about "starts making repetetive irrelevant effortless content, but it's all fine because his fanbase is an all consuming mass (pyro moment) that doesn't mind the bar being set so low"

  27. for people that speak spanish, this has been the case for EVERY single youtuber, they never make cool videos anymore

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