My friend and I have just launched Lock Busters, like an escape room at home, you lock the recipient's gift in the box and they have to solve a series of puzzles to unlock it! This is our first box, 'The Christmas Work Party', themed around a festive night out!

  1. This is the Lockpicking Lawyer, and what I have for you today is a neat little gift idea masquerading as a security system that, with the application of a bent piece of soda can and just a few seconds of effort, reveals itself to be completely insufficient for its purpose. Let's get to it.

  2. That’s so cool. I did something similar. I made a puzzle box with three dials which can’t be turned individually. You had to find a code and had to find out how to enter the code.

  3. Yes I have heard, but thank you! We are UK based and 2 separate words so in our official branding it should be clear we are not affiliated in any way 😊

  4. We sourced all the materials to make the box with the lock, and for the puzzles, decided on a number and reverse engineered them to come up with a separate puzzle for each number 😊

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