*Ignores blatant statistics*

  1. Ngl reminds me of a crappy female manager i had at Starbucks. She was stealing from my pay by changing my hours. Me being young and dumb, i didn't write down my hours so i had no proof of any of it. I ended up quitting and getting unemployment due to a hostile work environment.

  2. Are we forgetting the way teachers treat girls and boys? Even male teachers give girls an easier time in class. I remember the first time I saw it happen, I felt betrayed. Edit: there are mods from

  3. Women usually have very high in-group bias for their gender. This tribal mindset becomes very problematic in hiring.

  4. My first manager was a female and she tried to only hire other female employees. I was 1 of 3...eventually 2 guys and she would always schedule the women more then us and would promote the women and never promoted the guys even if we completed the required training. I recently went back a few years ago for some Italian ice because my sister still liked that place (she got me the job) and it was the same employee that the manager praised (bc she snitched on all the guys if we were on our phone for 2 seconds) and one other girl working there...no other employees. Then a few more years later and it went under and got replaced by a different store

  5. Girl boss i iunno, to me its just another term for obnoxious narcissist and in your case it just proves the term right for them being obnoxious narcs

  6. In my experience it’s the other way around, my entire school life I thought being depressed or having anxiety were for pussies or you were just soft, hated my mindset then

  7. Well, at least personally as a guy who’s recently finished school, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Most of my friends especially in year 7 upwards were pretty nice with the whole mental health thing, male or female

  8. Wow this is clearly a part of the problem women who advocate for men but not from a healthy or positive place how can a professional ignore the statistics and data on male self deletion. For how she feels and imply women need more support than men! Why do these women pretend to help and then show there true feelings and be surprised. Image she is you mental health professional you have already been let down by a system “patriarchy” that is in your favour. Lmao at her weak sauce responses to her hypocritical language!

  9. I’m honestly so glad other people understand, I don’t really do the whole “arguing with people online” sort of thing but I’m on a 3 hour train journey right now so I had the time for it and couldn’t ignore that level of stupidity lmao

  10. “I wanted to light a fire to get a debate going” and when asked why she chose to ignore stats.. “it was gud banter bro” wtf. I don’t even understand this person…

  11. They hate men giving advice to eachother and creating our own groups because they want us to be tools, not humans

  12. And then when men end up bonding or creating their spaces, these harpies invade said spaces and fuck it up. Because if the attention is not on them, they can’t function. But then turn around and insult men. Fucking ridiculous.

  13. Women who are mentally ill have far better lives than Men who are mentally ill, they're even valued. As someone who is mentally ill and is getting his talents and opportunities ruined because of it, this is bullshit

  14. I personally know so many completely dysfunctional women with mental health issues that get by purely on the sympathies of other people. An option that’s just not available for any man. I have mental health issues too and it infuriates me how coddled women with mental health issues are compared to men

  15. my neighbor's female family members get antidepressants as if they were vitamins. But when he tried to get them, he had to have looong talks with doctors to convince them he is not a junkie looking for an easy score.

  16. I can't provide the data so take it with a grain of salt, but I remember someone competent saying that psychotherapy is more effective on females than males.

  17. What's funny is that she probably didn't even see it on social media and it's probably entirely based on something that happened once to a friend who told her

  18. While you are correct on the suicide rate of men vs women and the person you are replying to is an absolute moron. Police do not kill more black men then they do white in fact the actual statistics indicate police kills aligns near identically to the actual crime statistic by demographic (which means ~60% of deaths are white)

  19. I was about to comment this. The irony of saying to base your statements on facts and statistics and then quoting an emotional figure was amusing.

  20. Oh wow, did not know this at all. I’m not from the US so I just assumed more blacks were killed than whites just based off the news reports etc. Sorry for the ignorance, that’s a real eye-opener for me

  21. Just try opening up about any of your feelings to a woman and watch how fast she loses attraction to you. Then it's either she breaks up with you or uses it against you in an argument later. Men get fucked over no matter who we go to for help. That's why I tell my friends to reach out to me if they are in a crisis. We can share a few beers out on my balcony or something and just talk about what's going on. I'm not going to judge them for having emotions. To put that in context: I don't even drink, but I will just to level out with a friend in need so they feel more comfortable.

  22. Lose attraction? If a man opens up to me I’d be even more in love and try my best to make him feel better

  23. Sounds rough man. I hope you're doing okay. I sorta relate, I'm grateful for the friends I have now where I can speak about certain personal things and hardships and have an older brother I can talk to, perhaps it's also a bit more accepted to talk about mental health in my age category (I'm 24).

  24. It’s interesting seeing a woman being somehow pro mens health but at the same time shitting on mens menthal health at the exact same time.

  25. Ye I realise how wrong I was about that tbh, I think at the time in my head I was thinking there’s more attention on Black Lives Matter as they are the majority of people who are killed by police in comparison to white people etc. It made sense in my head at the time lol. I’ve also now been told that I was wrong about more black people being killed than white people, I’ve learned a lot today

  26. I'm not gonna lie, this whole discussion is beyond fucking retarded. Women don't care about men's mental health issues, men don't care about men's mental health issues. Women don't care about women's mental health issues, men don't care about women's mental health issues. This isn't a men vs women thing. It's and Men + Women vs Mental Health Epidemic

  27. when people go like "men" this "women" that i kinda dont care anymore, they advocate for equality yet make sure to split the two genders apart... I see people as people. (Not related but its like we're going backwards)

  28. The thing women don’t seem to realize is the only reason the “suck it up” exists is because of women. I’ve never seen a woman be attracted to or befriend an emotional heterosexual man.

  29. Ye I was being ignorant there, a different Reddittor has pointed out to me how wrong I was with what I said. I just assumed that more blacks were killed than whites as I’m not actually from the US and constantly get fed news articles about black people getting killed by police and never white people

  30. A good therapist is beneficial for a lot. It's just that there's very few that are good enough to even have a net positive effect.

  31. I hate the term toxic masculinity. Like, the people being accused of embodying toxic masculinity are assholes. They're just assholes. No need to try and drag a whole gender down. Not all men are "toxic" just like all women aren't "Karen's". Both genders are full of assholes though.

  32. I was replying to someone else’s comment on her post when I first saw it saying that within the next few hours she’d end up deleting the post due to everyone calling out her bullshit lol. Guess I was right as I don’t see the post on her account anymore 😎

  33. Never put a woman and a men in the same bag.. a woman always need to be respected... Be like a respectful lady... A be like a respectful gentleman

  34. When I was diagnosed with depression, and going through it really bad, my ex the day she left, looked me in the eye and said “stop with the pity party” shit like that doesn’t help. It makes things worst. After that it took 6 months for me to get help. One day having a panic attack, feeling like the world was crashing in on me, I made the decision to call my local mental health hospital, they talked me through the panic attack and set me up for an appointment the very next day. 5 years later, I’m a lot better, depression likes to creep it’s ugly head every now and then, but being on meds and having someone to talk to that doesn’t judge or ridicule me, has made me feel like myself again most of the time.

  35. Really? Because I see it the other way around. The slightest hint of a man doing something weird or wrong is pathologized as "yeah he must be mentally ill". Meanwhile women doing shitty behavior gets explained as "don't blame her, its hard being a woman, she's just going through a tough time", etc.

  36. That last comment is completely hypocritical complaining about not listening to statistics when the whole reason black folks are killed more in comparison to cops is because they are the ones who interact overwhelming more and more negatively with cops, (not to mention they are constantly told not to cooperate with cops and instead to fight or run from them, which new flash, is very capable to result in getting you justifiably shot beyond the felony prison sentence if you live) when you have more incidence of interaction, you're obviously gonna get more cases of negative interaction resulting in more death comparatively...then again if I recall correctly the FBI statistics actually say that cops killing black folks is remarkably low for the amount of violent crime committed, asians are actually killed monstrously more by cops then by whites and blacks but because the quantity of asians being killed is still dwarfed by everybody else (as the criminal acts of asians is also massively dwarfed by the criminal statistics of other races) nobody dares talk about it.

  37. Besides the BS argument, if someone can't control their emotions enough and respect blind people using screen readers, that they type in all caps... They don't have a respectable opinion.

  38. Just to clarify, she has deleted her post as she was apparently receiving death threats. I do not advise anyone to send her death threats nor have I ever advised anyone too.

  39. I didn’t delete it because of the comments I had a bunch of comments you clearly didn’t read where I agreed with them. They thanked me and went on their way,I’ve had people from this exact thread sending me death threats so I’m trying to delete my account because my entire post was about mental health and you can’t have a civil conversation without sending more harassment because you don’t agree with me. Not a place for death threats considering the post was about men and womens mental health. You’re also twisting a narrative because these people cannot see my post. I was polite and friendly to everybody,many I had very good discussions with and they shared their experience. My opinion isn’t vile because I said that mostly men refuse to let other men be vulnerable,that toxic masculinity is engraved in society. I also said it was really great that men were getting more recognition through the media,I also actknowledged the statistics for suicide and agreed men outweighed the womens issues entirely. You don’t have to agree with me but you should have some respect and not post something these people cannot read anymore,you havent created a space where they can decide for themselves you’re just blindly leading them to fit your opinion. Not once did my post put down men,and discriminate against men. I simply stated that in my life men have been treated better regarding mental health and women were labelled much harsher. That’s my own experience,you can’t say my experience is wrong because it’s different from person to person. I’ve read through these comments about mental health as my thread was cut short by your broadcasting my username,I’d like to say to everybody here who was rude to me or not no hard feelings,I understand your frustration with me based on this one comment. speak out about your mental health. Don’t let society put you into a box,seek therapy and speak to eachother. I invaded this space once my username was being shown to 100’s of people and I was receiving threats based on a snippet of a few hours of conversation. Gregg You’re wrong for this,you should have some respect for the mental health community and not post things for further bullying and harassment. I said if you blindly follow this guy without knowing the full story then you’re brainwashed and a idiot

  40. I like the scrolling thing, on the bottom of the post. I feel like one day, this is what the news will be reporting to us.

  41. Someone should point out to that ignorant CUNT that the leading cause of mens death isn’t heart attack, or accident or a itty bitty innocent female shooting the evil, abusive abhorrent man, but suicide. Suicide. Fuck her and fuck anyone that spouts false, agenda fueled hatred towards other humans for what they carry between their legs. Fuck their sexist, bigoted foul hatred. Fuck them.

  42. A female friend of mine had gone through a lot of stress and sadness and I was always there for her, had her back through it all. Then at one point I open up and tell her I had felt very suicidal during a period of my life and you know what she did? She fucking laughed like I was telling a joke. Learned my lesson on that one.

  43. Men should stay away from women who act crazy and emotional because of their mental health issues because it means she doesn’t have a very good hold over her issues. She should focus on getting better before she dates anyone. But the truth is women get cut a lot of slack for acting like this. I personally know so many guys who are in toxic relationships with women who act like that. Men on the other hand are never allowed to act like that regardless of their mental health issues. If they do they’d be demonized to the point of predators and lepers

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