They did it to themselves.

  1. To these types of people, racism has been redefined to mean "prejudice plus power". It's impossible for a black woman to be racist against a white man, because white men have all the power.

  2. I was sexually harassing dudes by giggling and looking at them from a distance. :( Live and Learn I guess? Could she be comparing that to hollering gross things at women you see on the street? Because that would obviously be bullshit. lol

  3. I wish she could get her wish and live in a world where no men are attracted to or give any attention to women whatsoever. If only for just a little while, to see how much she likes it. Guarantee she would go mad and try to spin men not being interested in her as some kind of sexism as well.

  4. You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension—a dimension of sound... a dimension of sight... a dimension of mind...

  5. She'd hate it. She'd become one of those girls who announce how ugly they feel that day and pause for someone to tell her "you're insane, you're gorgeous!" If she isn't already.

  6. I've posted it before, but the twitter thread of a FtM who experienced our lives and realised what a cold and affectionless life we live day to day. It started to drive him crazy and had to get professional help. As you'd expect, they regretted the transition and had a newfound respect for men.

  7. These kids haven’t seen any of life but they want to go around restructuring everything. I blame all those Nike ads.

  8. My generation wanted to restructure everything too, back in the 90s at my university there was the "womyns" group that hated men so much they had to spell women without the "men" part. There was the socialist alliance that wanted to take over the uni administration, etc.

  9. Most of them haven’t seen what hardship is truly like. And those who have, sadly they don’t complain.

  10. I know someone who got unjustly fired because of a woman like this. He hired her at an entry level position to be his assistant. The word "molly" came up referring to the wall mounting bolts. He made a stupid joke and said he gave all his molly (as in the drug) away at the club last weekend. He made the joke in an open office with 7 or 8 people in the room. The assistant heard the joke and went to HR and said he made a rape joke because she didn't understand that you can take molly and not fucking rape people. He also said he didnt say anything about rape. I think she confused it with roofies because she's fucking stupid. Anyways, they instantly fired him. This is the world we are living in now and it makes extremely difficult to tell who is actually being harassed and who is just trying to fuck other people's shit up because they are ignorant. Of course everyone should be able to feel comfortable at work free of harassment but he wasn't even talking to her and he didn't make the rape joke that she claimed he had made. On the plus side, he works in a gig field so that was only one job and he got hired on another job almost instantly. My friend contacted his union about it but they couldnt do anything as he had already been fired. Also, her reputation got around and now she is literally unhireable. Who wants to work with someone like that? It was just stupid that a woman can get a man fired instantly without just cause even if she doesn't understand what she is talking about or making shit up in her head.

  11. I wonder if this logic applies to women too, it should but we know how prevalent double standards are with these people.

  12. Funny how when conservatives started coming out with rape allegations against Dems, suddenly it was, “NO ONE EVER SAID BELIEVE ALL WOMEN”

  13. First of all what makes you assume she is a Democrat and what the hell does this have to do with democrats or Republicans.

  14. I always worry about women like this having sons. In my opinion, they're much more likely to abuse the sons because they're so angry they didn't have daughters. My mom used my brother and I as punching bags sometimes because she was so angry about the things her dad did to her. She was getting revenge, I guess. But I suspect it also had to do with the fact that she has sons and not daughters.

  15. I’m happy I met my wife when I did, because seeing of the accusations and slandering of some people over the last few years would make me terrified to date again.

  16. It unfortunately seems like she had a bad experience. Kids, not all bad experiences = the only reality for everyone. Sorry you had a bad time.

  17. Me too. One late night bar hookup, I ended up with this gal and we were starting to get busy and she started yelling no no stop stop so I stopped. She turned around (doggy) and said no I didn't mean for you to stop. So I get at it again we get up to speed and she does it again, no no stop stop. So I stop again. She turns and the same thing again. I finally just got rough with her because that's obviously what she wanted. She was quite happy about it. Nowadays I'd be in jail. And probably not because of her. Someone would hear us through the wall and call the cops.

  18. Damn that's wild kudos to you for walking away man. She sounds like someone who'd revoke consent later because she changed her mind. And people would still side with her if shit goes down.

  19. Y’all. This girl is obviously being ridiculous, whether it’s self-aware/satire or not. But careful with those generalizations. This comment thread is getting cancerous.

  20. Yeah I’m pretty sure this is satire and a bunch of boomers getting worked up over nothing LOL

  21. wymyn are fucking up life on a global scale. dumb bitches need to shut the fuck up. even the most “educated” whore is just a cock globbler at home. All opinions are invalid you dicksucking creature— the only animal on planet earth to do so.

  22. JFC, it's sad how many lonely little men fall for bait every time to push their weird bigotted views. I swear they do it on purpose.

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