Help what have I done :(

  1. The wire contacts are connected to the heating element below the chamber, that whole little circle is it. You’ll have to remove from bottom of the chamber/bowl, and rewire it.

  2. You did this in one day?? You are pulling way too hard causing molten dabs to make their way much further into the device than they should. Buy a new atomizer, eat the $40. Look into an upgraded plate, would be much easier wiring that than trying to fix this.

  3. I know they can be rebuilt but, personally, I would buy a new one and start fresh. Another note. By the look of things, both the glass and what happened, you could really up your maintenance and cleaning routine. Regular cleaning will avoid a lot of problems. Not scolding, just saying.

  4. I needed to hear this myself when it happened to me. Hopefully OP can change her ways too. The dabs have only gotten better for me !

  5. Boyfriend said he’s buying one but if this one breaks I’m sol he said let’s hope next time I try to pull the ceramic bowl out the whole damn coil and heat pack don’t join it 🙄

  6. Happens when u try to remove the insert from the atomizer when it's cooled down before cleaning out the reclaim....Best way to avoid this in the future is always run a cycle let it heat up a bit before trying to remove the insert....the same goes for when twisting off the atomizer

  7. Okay so to remove this thing usually do I twist it or pull it? That’s how this whole issue started I didn’t even know how to remove it properly so I started twisting away.

  8. I did this same thing and I ended up just buying a new automizer. I took it into a shop by my house and they troubleshooted it for me and put the automizer in for me.

  9. I can’t emphasize how important it is to clean between seshes. Especially heavy seshes. I clean mine at least 1 time a week and no issues like this. It’s just so old now that my LEDs are always on rainbow

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