Checking out the potency of this dab got me like. Did anyone else grab the Ayoday glass top on Amazon before it got taken off?

  1. First time filling it I got water in the bottom piece where it attaches to the base, that was my fault filling it with too much water but it's been two days and no leaks or weird things have been going on

  2. I missed the opportunity but that's alright I'm not actively using my peak at the moment not until I can afford a new Puffcoil atomizer. Those amazon glass tops come and go I'm still waiting for the puffpill bottle to pop back up

  3. Personally I still say the Alien Flower Monkey Ball glass is the best for the money. Hits twice as hard as the stocker

  4. Search for ‘Pro Glass Peak’. It’s now $30. AND IT DOES LEAK! More than stock ever did. Caveat Emptor.

  5. That’s a 3d printed stabilized base for either the OG or Pro. It helps with heavier aftermarket glass, and from normal bumps with the stock glasses

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