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  1. Are you yourself convinced that you are reacting in a idiosyncratic way or is it just your conversation partner? Are you assured that the other person understands what the word means?

  2. Do you think I should talk to a psychiatrist about my problems or a different psychologist? It would make me more comfortable talking to a elderly man! I love talking to old people!

  3. no sometimes we need psychologists cause we can not talk and we need someone who has strategies to get the talk out of us and know the point that fucked our life so I think the psychologist is the right choice

  4. Hello! Is there a specific term for the tendency to like the first version of something you see more than the second and so on. For example, liking a movie remake more than the original because it’s the version you saw first. I was thinking the familiarity effect came into play for this, but I wanted to know if there was an actual term for this phenomenon.

  5. I feel afraid from people i avoid looking at their eyes while I am walking on the streets I think I can fight and I get nervous quickly so I can fight but I am afraid and this fear affect badly, so badly at my life I need help

  6. I'm not able to google the right words on this. How would you find research about people without a history of domestic violence becoming abusive?

  7. Hi, I got a question that could be answered by yes or no, I answered 'no', then the person did not hear my reply then asked 'did you say yes?'

  8. Can someone point me to a questionnaire I can use to filter out high school students with depression? The suicidal attempts at my local high school have been very high in recent years and the principal asked me if we can prepare a discussion form for young kids with depressive tendencies.

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