So New Jersey basically just said they aren’t going to honor the SCOTUS ruling. It seems there’s no repercussions since the SCOTUS has no enforcement authority.

  1. Gun owners can sue state actors who abridge their Constitutional rights under 42 USC 1983. Because the DOJ won't enforce Constitutional rights, that's the only legal remedy.

  2. The Supreme Court has no enforcement mechanism. A ruling is only as powerful as people are willing to accept the legitimacy of the court and its decisions. I kind of had a feeling some states might drag their knuckles on this one

  3. How about some jury nullification. When a law is ruled unconstitutional, but lower govt refuses to stop enforcing it---seems like a pretty good use case

  4. They can k take every case that gets appealed to them and throw it out making the arrests and everything else associated with it meaningless and a waste of the states money.

  5. This is referring to NYSRPA v Bruen, a ruling which A) ruled NY's May Issue scheme unscontitutional, and B) Clarified that the standard of review for 2A cases is "Text, History, and Tradition" without allowing lower courts to use a balancing test instead.

  6. As a nation, we've been chipping away at federal primacy for quite some time. These are just some recent examples, but states have a long history of fussing against the fed.

  7. At some point can't you sue for civil rights violations? Seems like a slam dunk punitive case if they are straight up refusing to follow the SCOTUS ruling.

  8. My understanding is they will need a case go to state Supreme Court, citing SCOTUS ruling. When this happens, the repercussions would be defying a court order.

  9. I'm all for state's rights, but when you ignore the fundamental laws of the land - as reaffirmed by the court of the land - you deserve to be burned to the ground.

  10. From NJ and actually getting the hell out of this shithole wellfare state. The middle class is dying if not already dead.

  11. Highland Park in NJ just made the entire city “sensitive spaces”. No one can carry, concealed or open, in any public location in the city.

  12. ...that sounds cool and badass and all. But the executive branch's job is literally to enforce the laws passed by the legislature. The people of NJ need to stop electing people who want to step on their rights.

  13. The Court just has to see fit to use it. That's the primary variable in practice. The Supreme Court (and the relevant Circuit) would almost surely prefer to leave the dirty work of having a standoff with a governor to the district court. U.S. Marshals carry out their orders too.

  14. This. Someone gets tossed in prison for a gun charge that is unconstitutional. Federal court overturns. State says nahhhh we're going to keep them in jail. US marshals sent in to stage prison break. And there it goes.

  15. I may be risking a bullet from a book depository, but I have been saying for years that the US Constitution needs teeth. Within it are the only laws in the world that do not carry punishments for breaking them. We need clear & severe punishments for breaking the highest law in the land.

  16. It needs teeth, claws, and venom. I’ve said politicians that try to subvert, circumvent, or break the bill of rights should be in prison.

  17. Start releasing EVERYONE in NJ convicted of gun charges. Throw out other convictions if they were prosecuted at the same time.

  18. Believe it or not, this is not unheard of. When SCOTUS makes a judgement restricting government, you often get rebellious ordnances passed, these would have to go through the court system to be struck down. Typically, the court system will back SCOTUS, even if they disagree with the ruling, because they understand the importance of keeping the balance of power in place. Just take a deep breath, give it time, it will be struck down.

  19. This is why we lose. We play by rules while the leftists are out there literally doing whatever TF they want. And we’re supposed to be the ones with all the guns…..

  20. Rule of law has been dead for quite some time now. The only reason is why do conservatives keep playing by rules the communists make?

  21. The rule of law has been dead in NJ(and NYC, and most of New England for that matter) for a long, long time.

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