Besides Yes, who are the most optimistic prog bands?

  1. I'd say Caravan. They've got this very happy-go-lucky "let's talk nonsense and smoke weed and make dirty jokes" careless and lighthearted vibe in the majority of their songs. Also Electric Light Orchestra, provided you consider them prog.

  2. Not exactly optimistic but maybe Jethro Tull? I think they overall have a happy, good feeling songs especially in songs like “Songs From The Wood”. The flute probably also helps

  3. Renaissance comes to mind. Some bittersweet songs like Kiev but some real feel good tracks like Carpet Of The Sun.

  4. The Flower Kings. Sheesh, they beat you over the head with it. I think Rush CAN be optimistic (or depressing, depending on the song). Someone mentioned Caravan so it's worth mentioning their side project, Hatfield and the North, although its output is more weird than uplifting. What about XTC's side project, The Dukes of Stratosphere? Or Starcastle, but really, that's just an even more delicate Yes.

  5. With Rush it really depends, specially when they have one of the most depressing albuns of all time imo: Grace Under Pressure.

  6. Genesis can get very happy and whimsical at certain points in their albums. But it usually doesn’t last for a whole song lol. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and chaos.

  7. Flaming Lips also did DSOTM start-to-finish. I'm not a big fan of them, but that looked like a fun concert to be at.

  8. With optimistic meaning: hopefull and future looking. I'm just going say that most of them were in the early 70s... But King crimson, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, and Jethro Tull were probably the best in the early 70s..

  9. Devin Townsend's more recent stuff (after filtering out stuff like "Hear Me", which is amazing and incredibly heavy but not especially optimistic). A great deal of Transcendence and Empath are wonderfully upbeat.

  10. Yes i love it. I went from Chicago to Wales to see them. The new album 7 Chambers will be pretty up lifting too. The addition of Chester Thompson and Alphonso Johnson should be amazing.

  11. Os Mutantes from Brazil. Their first couple of albums are much more psychedelic rock than prog, but from "Technicolor" (1970) to "O A e o Z"(1992) they got more and more prog.

  12. Transcendence and Namaste (Live) by Devin Townsend. Both are just incredible experiences. To paraphrase a friend: "it's like standing on the top of Mount Everest seeing all of creation spread before you... While an army of chinchillas tickles your feet"

  13. Focus — musically very talented, they also have some wacky songs, I find them very optimistic. There’s also Caravan, as mentioned

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