I finally managed to like Jethro Tull

  1. I've finally come to a conclusion that Songs From The Wood is their best album. There just is no weak point, and if you play Old Aces Die Hard (their best song IMO) after Fires at Midnight, it concludes the magical adventure even better.

  2. Jethro Tull has been my favorite band just about forever. The best albums are generally Aqualung, Thick as a Brick and Songs From the Wood, although there are great songs on every single album and even the unreleased material is of an extremely high level.

  3. Their first three albums (pre-Aqualung) are more accessible to some people, and ghey feature classic songs like Teacher, Nothing is Easy, Fat Man, Bouree, Nothing to Say, Song For Jeffrey, and Witch's Promise.

  4. Stand Up, Benefit, Minstrel in the Gallery, Songs from the Wood and Heavy Horses are my Tull favorites. I prefer those to the more prog oriented Thick as a Brick and Passion Play.

  5. I’d skip Aqualung for now and do A Passion Play, Songs From the Wood, Minstrel, maybe some Stormwatch.

  6. A Passion Play is my favorite of theirs. It won't click fast though! If you're willing, you need to give it a lot of listens before it starts to make sense and becomes their most consistent work.

  7. Not many comments backing minstrel in the gallery and I’m quite shocked! After you listen to Aqualung I’d definitely give it a go, as it’s definitely their most proggy album after taab and passion play, but also doesn’t ramble on even half as much as passion play in my opinion. The song Baker Street muse (and all its parts if you’re listening to a modern remaster) is my second favourite Tull tune only after taab, that’s how you know it’s a goodun!

  8. Jethro tull is the worst band ive ever heard. The hare who lost his spectacles is a masterpiece of prog but everything else is wank tbh

  9. My favourite is This Was, their first and probably their most bluesy album. Mick Abrahams was still a member and Tull was more of a group, not so much Ian Anderson and friends as it became later.

  10. Ah but the secret with JT is you should actually go listen to STAND UP first. It's their best album that no one mentions. 😉

  11. You gotta dress up like a pilgrim or something to get the full experience. I’ve always called it “ye olde rock music”

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