Yes Medley. Possibly funny, probably a bit weird.

  1. Probably not the best type of music to adapt for marching bands, but you've got to give them credit for trying

  2. I think the announcer went a bit overboard in trying to explain what progressive rock is. Just announce the music. Most people there don't care about prog or labels anyway they are just there to watch the game or the cheerleaders. Also, how could he mention Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd but not Genesis? That makes no sense to me.

  3. I marched to Karn Evil 9 (first impression part 2) in high school. Probably my introduction to prog rock even though I wouldn't sink my teeth in for another two years.

  4. At 22 yrs of age - we want to make music that's dynamic, cutting edge, examples our skills and is just fucking off the scale.

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