If you could pick any 5 musicians to form a band, who would you go with?

  1. Lol! As soon as I read the question I was already debating who the drummer would be. You e just gone ahead and solved that problem for me. Can I go ahead and throw Gavin Harrison in there as well? He’s used to playing with a larger than average number of drummers on stage.

  2. If physical limitations like death are ignored, if we ignore the potential for ego clashes and if the definition of prog rock can be stretched a little:

  3. This is my fav list, Sandy vocals are next level, would’ve been a prog god if she was that way inclined

  4. Mike Portnoy - drums and vocals Neal Morse - Keyboards and vocals Steve Hackett - guitar Peter Gabriel - Vocals and Keyboards Tony Levin - Bass

  5. I'm not familiar with your drummer, but the rest of your band is the most interesting combo I've seen in this type of exercise. Nice!

  6. Daryl Hall is an unusual but very apt choice, I really wish he did more prog stuff than just War Babies and Sacred Songs.

  7. Peter Hammill- Vocals (VDGG), Bill Bruford - drums (King Crimson/early Yes), Keith Emerson- Keyboards (ELP), Alex Lifeson- Guitar (Rush), Mike Rutherford- Bass (Genesis)

  8. My dream line-up, assuming I can pick musicians who are alive or dead, would be:

  9. Jeff Lynne: writing and vocals Richard Tandy: Keyboardist Danny Carey: Drums Brian May: Guitarist Chris Squire: Bassist

  10. I think an interesting band would be Eddie Van Halen on guitar , Geddy Lee on Bass, Carl Palmer on drums , Billy Joel on keyboards and …..😃 Bob Dylan on vocals .

  11. Gabriel Genesis with Howe and Squire replacing the weak links or peak Yes with Phil on drums for the vocal harmonies.

  12. Yes with Phil would have been absolutely unstoppable. Not to take anything from Bill or Alan but of those three Phil is my favorite.

  13. Patrick Moraz-keyboards Jeff Berlin-Bass Bill Bruford-drums Trevor Rabin-guitair Jon Anderson-vocals

  14. Sandy Dennis - Vocals Neil Peart - Drums Rick Wakeman - Keyboard Geddy Lee - Bass Steve Howe - Guitar

  15. Roger Hodgson: vocals, keyboards, guitar Jeff Lynne: guitars and vocals Tony Banks: keyboards Chris Squire: Bass Nick Mason: Drums and percussion

  16. Vocals/guitar- Chris Cornell Bass- Justin Chancellor Lead guitar/vocals-David Gilmour Keyboard- Rick Wakeman Drums- John Bonham

  17. I think an interesting band would be Eddie Van Halen on guitar , Geddy Lee on Bass, Carl Palmer on drums , Billy Joel on keyboards and …..😃 Bob Dylan on vocals .

  18. Keyboard/vocals- Steve Winwood. Guitar/vocals- Jerry Garcia. Drums- Chester Thompsons. Bass- Victor Wooten. Vocals/rhythm guitar - Thom Yorke

  19. Vocals/Drums - Phil Collins Guitar - Steve Howe Bass - Geddy Lee Keyboards - Tony Banks Guitar - Allen Holdsworth

  20. Drums: Gavin Harrison, Bass & Vocals: Paul McCartney, Lead Guitar & Vocals: Josh Homme, Keys and backing vocals: Richard Wright, Rhythm Guitar and Vocals: Steven Wilson

  21. John Bonham Omar Rodriguez Lopez OR John Mclaughlin on guitar Coltrane on Sax John Paul Jones on bass Ikey owens on keys

  22. Drums - Neil Peart...Bass - Jaco Pastorius...Guitar - Guthrie Govan...Keys - Vittorio Nocenzi( Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso)...Vocals - Freddie Mercury

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