F/24/5’4” [140>125=-15lbs] I developed a new face shape since 2017 😳

  1. Well done on the progress but are you claiming your new face shape is natural, from weight loss? I find this very difficult to believe.

  2. It's absolutely possible. My face shape has changed quite a bit from weight gain. Also if you look, the second photo has a different angle on her face, which makes a difference in the shape.

  3. I swear so many people say they noticed my weight loss immediately with my face, ifs really such a crazy change to adjust to! You look amazing!

  4. I wish my face structure was naturally that good. I feel like even if I meet my weight goal, I’ll still have a stupid looking face

  5. You look very pretty in both pics! You have a bit of a more mature vibe in the before, whereas you look more energetic and "fresh" in your after pic.

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