A tip that helped me with social media use

  1. Reddit is an interesting one because I had to change my relationship with it too which hurt me the most.

  2. I scroll reddit for around half an hour (one hour max) on bed before sleeping only. I don't open it on day or working hour usually.

  3. This is me, Facebook is a big tool in connecting with my peers in Grad school and sharing resources. 😖

  4. I agree with this, for me, when I was working I would delete the app from my phone all together but for the first day or so I would find myself clicking on either an empty space or a different app that got pushed into the old space. It makes you think of how much it is a subconscious habit. I would download it again or use it on my laptop as a reward or if I needed to use it for a specific reason.

  5. This worked for me initially, then i needed another barrier - so i started using this app called blocksite, which can be scheduled to block specific apps at specific times or indefinitely. I love it.

  6. I put up time restrictions so that most apps are unavailable for me after 9pm until 8am. I wasted time scrolling though them before bed and after waking up. It’s easy to bypass the restriction but I don’t find myself going on those during the off hours now.

  7. I recently set app limits and it has helped a lot with cutting back my usage, I recently lowered Instagram to 30 min and it honestly hardly appeals to me anymore. If I want to scroll more than that I make myself “earn it” by doing a few chores, similar to what you discuss.

  8. I was also having a sever problem with instagram. I justified my extreme usage because I needed it for messaging. But I'd use Instagram 5 minutes a day for messaging and the other 2 hours was used to cope with my separation anxiety and I'd scroll "explore" forever.

  9. Nice. I removed all Faacebook apps flwom my phone. A year ago I downloaded all my Facebook media, deleted them and then closed my account - I wonder if FB still has the data

  10. Thank you for sharing. I had to delete everything from my phone, as I am very lazy to do it on PC and don't spent as much time.

  11. Did the same and it's working really well. I just use reddit for productivity, whatsapp for talking with friends and that's it.

  12. Same here. I took Instagram off of my iPhone “dock” and replaced it with Spotify. I haven’t intentionally gone back in IG in close to 6 months and it’s helped my creative work immensely.

  13. Ive been doing this too! It helps so much. I hid FB , Twitter and Reddit - i have reduced my time by half.

  14. I pretty much did the same. A recent iOS update added the App Library, and I took all but my top apps that I use daily for important things like my fitness, sleep, music, and gps off my home screen. Now, to find anything social media, or games, or really anything I don't use daily, I need to go searching for it.

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