Premiere Project Manager gets stuck, seems to hang up at about 45% on the progress bar.

  1. Oh I don’t pay attention to the progress bar for that, I’ve see it just stay at one number like 45% for 30+ mins, I get up to grab a snack and in that 10 mins it’ll finish. It is what it is.

  2. I excluded all unused clips, did it again only using the sequences needed. My guess is it was a corrupted file or sequence. I see some of the h264 files are now corrupted upon copy. Not the end of the world. I also noticed a program that was written by another company since the Project Manager feature does not work very well, anyone ever use Plume Pack?

  3. If you just want to Copy your media, you should use PlumePack ! It's a freemium plugin for Premiere Pro we are developing at Autokroma. So you will get more features and a better disk organization based on your Premiere Pro Bins Structure !

  4. Hello! Thank you for the helpful tool! I am trying out PlumePack as the free version to make sure it works before purchasing. However I find that the directories names it creates are broken versions of the actual names. It omits letters from the names. Strangely, this does not mess up Premier from maintaining the links, and it can still export a video. However I don’t want to deliver the directory to my client with all the names messed up. And if I change the folder names back, then Premier will no longer export correctly. See link. Is this just a crippled feature on the free version? Does the paid version not do this?

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