Freshman in College, feel lost in all my science classes. Is being a doctor for me?

  1. youtube will be your best friend during undergrad as it only gets harder from here. Figure out what topics you’re struggling with and find then on youtube - That’s how I got A’s in my chem/bio classes

  2. To add to this: Organic chemistry tutor on yt was my savior for so many science classes. Dude is probably responsible for the careers of hundreds of scientist & doctors. AK Lectures on yt is also a great channel. And khan academy of course.

  3. Lots of strategies. What's the best way for you to learn? For me, it was practice problems and visuals. For some of my friends it was recording lectures. For others, it was audio recordings. Figuring this out is key to being successful.

  4. There are plenty of people who don't start out as strong students. You have to be flexible with how you do things and always be hungry to grow. As others have suggested YouTube and such may expose you to ways to do things, it also may just be experimenting as you will be different from others and you'll have to tailor how you do things and how you study to accomplish your goals. I have had plenty of hiccups but as long as you learn from those, get back up and keep going, you can do it.(if it is truly what you want because maybe it's not and that is ok!! Shadow and try to experience different things. Consider different lifestyles, years of education, etc.)

  5. Wouldn’t have recommended Chem and bio in your first semester. Oh well, no going back. Hit up YouTube and study the textbook religiously. Study with classmates. Make studying your outlet, and once your are good at it balance your life properly.

  6. Just a BTW but every Biology major I know has Biology and Chemistry 1/2 freshman year and then O-chem /Physics 1/2 sophomore year.

  7. 😀😀 Bruh what??! My advisors got me registered in Bio lecture, chem lecture, bio lab, math and psych for my first semester???

  8. Take it one step at a time and don't get too discouraged. Youre just leaving the nest and will need some time to adjust. Make sure you're doing your reading, going to office hours, and paying close attention in recitation as I always found recitation 100x more helpful than lecture.

  9. Hey it’s okay you’re just starting out, high school is so much different to college. No amount of AP/IB classes or whatever other preparation you thought you had will help you. Go to your Profs office hours, but often the TAs office hours may be more helpful as they’re also students so they understand the struggle a little better. If your school has some type of academic resource center see what they have to offer in terms of academic support or tutoring

  10. My school required us to take Bio x Chem x Physics x Calc (I and II) both semesters of freshman year. It absolutely SUCKED and I felt the same way - like a total imposter. My GPA definitely suffered and ultimately it was because I didn't know how to study/excel in large, test-heavy environments.

  11. we've all been there, at some point. college is a different beast when it comes to science classes, but you're doing what a smart student would do (i.e., trying to identify your weaknesses)

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