Pre-med jobs

  1. The only way to get into medical school is to have already completed medical school and neurosurgery residency. All my classmates including myself did this and I don’t see any other means of getting an A tbh.

  2. I mean I'm currently working as an EMT! Making $20/hr, plenty of OT available and bonuses offered ($400 for some!) for extra shifts.

  3. Wow cool. What state do you work in? I’m making $20/hr as a CNA in central NC, but know some coworkers who work more than me and are paid more hourly

  4. I’m getting 58k in a patient facing clinical research coordinator job, started out of college at 37k. I think clinical research is your best bet for clinical experience and money

  5. How do you even get an opportunity like this? I can’t even become a volunteer in my professors’ labs.

  6. I highkey second this! My first job (which I’m still at) is scribing for an orthopedic surgeon at a private practice, they pay pretty great (starting $19 with pay raises in future!)

  7. Clinic Assistant, Clinical Research Coordinator level 1, Clinical Data Specialist, Clinic Greeter, Patient Access Representative, Research Assistant, Lab Assistant. If you live near a research medical school look up these job titles on their career page

  8. EMT, PCT, MA, Research Assistant are all pretty relevant and don't require super long training. If you plan a bit more ahead, Paramedic and Phlebotomist are also good options but they take way more training time

  9. I made 39/hr as an ER Tech when I was living in California. I’m in New Hampshire now and make 22/hr as an ER Tech per diem but the minimum wage here is set at 7.25 and cost of living is way lower.

  10. I work at vitalant (blood bank) as a phlebotomist you don’t need a credential or experience starting pay (in California) is only $17.50 but I’ve been there 1 year and I’m making $24

  11. Realistically, idk if you'll get both? You can get a solid mix but you may have to compromise one one unless someone knows of something I don't. I feel I'm getting a good mix - working as a research tech for a super cool project and making 20 an hour which isn't phenomenal but it's pretty decent for the area

  12. Don’t be research tech in academia unless you enjoy it/need the experience. The pay is on the lower end (~19/hr for me).

  13. I made $25 per hour as a registered behavioral tech working with kids with autism. Currently I make $28 at a private research lab

  14. EMT, Medical Assistant, Scribing (college might have a scribing club), ER tech, Certified Nursing assistant, and if you want the full pain, Combat Medic.

  15. I’m working as an MA/scribe in a private practice and it’s been amazing experience so far. Not making a lot ($17/hr) but hoping I’ll get a raise soon and for me it’s more about the experience right now than the money.

  16. I’m an endoscopy tech. Just needed a CNA license and the rest of the training for procedure tools is on the job! Been such a great experience. $17.50 an hour, and I get paid to take overnight and weekend call and can make $50-100 from that while studying or playing video games

  17. Anesthesia tech. Can make about $18-22/hr pending where you live and can take call which pays time and a half

  18. i work as a clinical research coordinator with a lot of patient interaction! i’m in south florida so it doesn’t pay much but about ~38k a year

  19. Healthcare jobs could include, but are not limited to, research assistant, community organizer, management consultant, patient care technician, and/or healthcare project manager. If you find a mission and/or cause you are focused on, it's easier to find relevant jobs.

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