Biological males, would you give your left nut to get into medical school? It’s your only way. This is a very real hypothetical question.

  1. Firstly, I would have to gather more information. I would want to hear from both the left nut and the right nut (while respecting the privacy of each). With a mind to looking out for vulnerable parties on either side, I would be certain that the left nut was fully aware of the conditions of the arrangement, that the right nut finds it acceptable for the trade to go forward without its own opportunity to be given, and finally for the medical school to be made aware of exactly what the left nut is bringing to the table, what its plans for the future are, and how it has represented itself. Open and honest communication is an important goal to uphold throughout the process of coming to a decision, and patience and truly listening may prevent any party involve from becoming.... teste.

  2. Incorrect, your body will obviously make less pee (pee synthesis and retention capacity has halved -from two balls to now only one). This is a win-win situation: you get into med school and now you waste less time of uour life going to a bathroom

  3. I think it’s a safe bargain. 1% of people have testicular cancer and 1% of that have it in both testicles.

  4. I’d give an ovary. I still have one for all the hormonal and reproductive shit. Not like I need them both, and it’s not visible like a missing nut.

  5. Fr that’s what I’m saying lol m1 rn life isn’t that fast, take it slow, smell the roses, nobody wants a 26 y/o doctor anyways

  6. Similar question: I’ve asked every straight male premed friend of mine if they would suck a d*ck to get into medical school, they all said yes.

  7. Mine's stopped working a couple years back so they can have them all, balls and stick and all that 😂, long as I can still pee I don't really care. I can get my testosterone from like getting geared, so win-win.

  8. I think old-school medical culture doesn't realize "do no harm" should also apply to one's self. So by all mean, chop off that left nut

  9. I’ll give you both if I get to pick a school. Compromise and say no ivy league out of state tuition loans secured. Yeah take them both.

  10. Take both of my ovaries, I definitely don’t want to go through pregnancy or childbirth and if I want kids later on, I’ll just adopt

  11. Even if you give one of your nut, it’ll still have to have solved cancer to qualify 🤦‍♂️

  12. No I’m going into medicine for the pussy if I can’t come out the other side with normal genital organs then what’s the point

  13. well I am very attached to my left nut as it is bigger than the right nut. I would without a doubt give my right nut to get into a school of my choosing. Good riddance to that useless shit.

  14. No! The internet contains a whole bunch of stuff that is covered in medical school. It is incomplete, but is better than nothing at all. Just use credible sources. And non-credible sources with a colossal grain of salt. YouTube has all sort of videos for just about anything, which has pros and cons...

  15. I’m game. My buddy and I often joke about letting our professors (were in undergrad) kick us face for an A. Some instructors are much bigger than others, and some classes are harder than others. It’s a fun hypothetical for us.

  16. As a trans person I will literally pay someone to remove my ovaries so if someone offering to take one ovary for free and accept me into med school for it that would be a massive win win.

  17. as a female, it depends. will i be given proper pain management during the procedure? bc most of the time that isn’t the case in gynecological procedures.

  18. I’d go as far as both my nuts, a kidney, and maybe a leg (but only below the knee) for a chance of getting an interview.

  19. Hey bro. You didn’t specify biological or trans females. Shame on you. So politically incorrect………. /s

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