Any MD/DO schools you'd refuse to attend or states you wouldn't live in?

  1. Yeah……that’s what I thought too until I got into one of those schools and decided I wanted to be a physician 😅.

  2. for TX residents, the answer is probably Sam Houston State. A DO school with a tuition 3x higher than other state MD schools and hasn’t even graduated a class yet so residency match is unknown. i didn’t know all this when i applied unfortunately, and I declined my II here when i realized i wouldn’t be happy going here

  3. TX resident here!! I was so excited to see SHSU get a medical school until I realized the medical school would not be state funded despite the university as a whole being state funded & that is why tuition is ridiculous. The school is also in Huntsville (45 min to 1 hour from Houston) & there ain’t nuffin out there except for a prison so no thank you

  4. I wouldn't attend any for-profit medical school. The lack of federal loans just not worth and many of them have accreditation issues.

  5. I’m a DO. I would avoid any DO school That hasn’t been around for at least 5-10 years. Many of them have obscene tuition cough Midwestern cough so I’d probably pick the cheapest one I could get into if I could do it again as the opportunities between the private DO schools are usually not significantly different.

  6. Yeah I have to agree with you. For me though I’m probably not applying to most of the places I don’t really want to go because there are a significant amount of choices in the places I’d rather go. I’m not sure about applying to over 25 schools as the cost for that just gets out of hand.

  7. I’m a soflo native and it’s gotten better, I have a few friends who are M2 rn and they say their experience has been so much different than the older kids.

  8. I attended Cal Northstate for med school... it had its issues but students matched to very competitive residencies and it was a good medical education, just rly expensive.

  9. LECOM. Malignant, mandatory lectures have to wear professional attire (suit and tie) to lecture every day. Fuck that shit

  10. CA. Because my mother (and only family) is still there and I would like to be as far away from that corrosive pile of battery acid as possible.

  11. Someone else already said it beautifully, but people in conservative states deserve good physicians too. I’m a lesbian POC in a relationship, in a southern state and I have never experienced an issue, but I’m not saying they don’t exist. You can run into racism and bigotry in any state, but the rest of the country likes to pretend they’re in a post racial society when they’re not. They just practice hate in a different form.

  12. As a brown person I’ve experienced far more discrimination and outright n-word level racism in the year and a half I lived in Denver than in my 20+ years in Texas. It was a real eye opener for me.

  13. Good thing MS literally won’t look at your application because it’s there to support MS residents ✋

  14. South Alabama and UAB are both good programs in areas that are fun to live in. Having gone to college at Mississippi state though and having multiple family members in the state, I can fully agree on that one 😂

  15. I won't attend a school that thinks it gets to control my religion, my caffeine intake, or my uterus (looking at you, Loma Linda)

  16. Loma Linda is Seventh Day Adventist, but by your standards you should then also eliminate the Catholic med schools: Saint Louis, Georgetown, Creighton, Loyola Chicago.

  17. I don’t really want to go to CA, NY or Midwest. I’d prefer AZ, TX, FL, TN, MD, VA, CO. I either want warmth or mountains. I like the outdoors so that’s one of the biggest things I’d like to have is a beautiful outdoors with lots to do.

  18. I would say come to WA bc we have exceptional mountains but our med schools also very strongly prefer in-state sooo nvm

  19. I’m procrastinating that secondary bc of the brown recluse spider problem…this is even worse

  20. I’m fine with any politics but I can’t see myself enjoying states down south because I have general hyperhydrosis and I’d sweat buckets just walking to school haha

  21. My aunt works in Loma Linda, she’s a die-hard 7th day Adventist, and constantly harasses me to go to school there. If it’s the only school to take me in, I’d rather quit medicine.

  22. I went to school at Loma Linda for an undergrad program. Met lots of med students there and many of them came from many backgrounds, including religious and not. Their mission and values might not align with those that are not religious but from my experience and from what I hear, it seems that they don't actively enforce those things on students. Sorta just a formality at the start of matriculation. I've also rotated at the hospital there, and yes it sucks that they don't serve non-vegetarian meats, but that's just how they are. I brought loads of chicken on my lunches or went to the In-N-Out that's 3 minutes away. Many of those in the department did the same cause they didn't care for the vegetarian stuff in the cafeteria haha

  23. i have a friend who is in residency at loma linda...they aren't allowed to sell coffee in the hospital and have only vegetarian food. Besides that, he hasn't faced any issues, I doubt you would too

  24. The far bigger issue at CCOM is the tuition + coa. AZCOM has the same issues, but is arguably even less worth the absolutely insane price tag.

  25. aw all the people avoiding the south is sad. the south needs progressive future physician advocates like yall in order to thrive :)

  26. My dude most of the south has legislation that will take away your license or throw you in jail if you have done anything that could cause an abortion. Docs in Texas have been refusing to treat patients with ectopic pregnancies or stopped prescribing methotrexate for arthritis patients. Hard for anybody to thrive if there’s an ax over your head all the time

  27. I agree, but I need to feel safe. I know that I’m making a selfish decision here, but I’m really not sure what to do

  28. It's sad, and you are right, but I absolutely will not practice in states where I can be jailed for providing medical care and where there is a higher proportion of patients who actively hate science, medicine, and believe that doctors are trying to kill them. Combine this with lax gun laws (crazy patients more able to be carrying heat) and yeah...sorry but people are going to choose to practice in other places.

  29. There are some excellent schools in the south! Plenty of good people, good manners, and that charming delightful accent. If I got accepted into Tulane, I'd run from the safety of my ultra-liberal home city without hesitation. (Assuming the higher ranking dream schools on my list weren't an option.)

  30. Lmao dawg I’m not trying to go missing🥲 it is not safe for ppl of color in a few southern states.

  31. as an lgbt person i would say schools in the bible belt and florida… i’m sure a lot of the students and staff could be great but would be nervous abt the pt populations and public policy

  32. as an LGBTQ student at a big (really, I mean big) FL university I’d say it’s definitely not as good as somewhere more open like the west coast or the northeast, but it’s absolutely not as bad as Alabama or Mississippi for example. Most of the universities here are in blue pockets.

  33. As a Floridian it depends where you're at. Cities like Orlando, Tampa, and Miami are all very LGBTQ+ friendly. The trouble is when you go to the smaller towns and uppity areas like Boca or Naples. Overall most people are very chill here in public, we just have a wacko governor.

  34. Surprisingly, New York. NYC (while a cool city) smells so bad for me that it's a deal-breaker, and the non-NYC schools are not that OOS-friendly.

  35. Tbh I’ll take any A I can take, I worked way too hard to refuse to attend a school just bc they’re liberal/conservative/secular/religious, I just care about whether they can teach medicine, as long as they can teach medicine, I’m good. Side note: please keep in mind that med schools can see when you reject an acceptance from a previous cycle, and that will not go well for you, especially if your excuse is “The school is conservative/liberal”

  36. Medicine is for all…not just religious people like most conservative schools believe. Medicine is abortions. Abortion is healthcare. Reproductive rights matter. If they can’t teach that, I ain’t goin.

  37. I will not apply to Drexel MD. The lost of hahnemann hospital really complicated rotations. Also, I've heard very bad things from students about admin.

  38. Any school that has an average temperature above 85F in that area most of the year is out. I have terrible genetics and heat triggers a cascade of problems for me.

  39. Lol, just people who have never been south of the mason dixon line acting like they'd be shot on sight for stepping foot in texas while being gay

  40. As a woman, non-abortion states. As a brown person, the south. As someone who hates shitty weather, the Midwest and Florida.

  41. There are many schools and teaching hospitals with historically religious affiliations that are not moralistically rigid but still excellent. Some even have the religion in the school’s name.

  42. Tons, I want to stay within the NYC tristate area and am willing to travel to adjacent states. Outside of that I would be happy with going to FL, CA, or TX and maybe Chicago or Boston.

  43. i wouldn’t live in the south because i’m the biggest baby ever when it comes to heat and humidity

  44. I have a neurological condition and don’t do the best in extreme cold or extreme hot, so AZ/Minnesota/etc are out.

  45. I’m a lesbian and married to a woman. I’ll go anywhere that has made an effort to be LGBTQ inclusive.

  46. Any school that’s not near a big city (Atlanta, New York, Chicago, etc.). I hate rural life. Plus any Jesuit school

  47. The only Jesuit school I felt okay applying too was Georgetown. Everything else was a nope from me, and that's coming from someone who attended a Jesuit school in the past.

  48. I went OSU as an undergrad. Didn't apply UMich for MS, residency, or fellowship They had great programs for my training.

  49. Anywhere but the Caribbean lmaooo I get wayyy to many ads about them and I’ve heard so many bad things. But honestly I kinda want to visit the school myself to know if it’s true

  50. This whole thread is one giant "reddit moment." I wouldn't turn down an acceptance anywhere because of how difficult it is to get in anywhere lmao.

  51. or, like, if your partner is trying to get pregnant and doesn't want to be criminally prosecuted if she needs a medically indicated abortion. Or if you yourself are trying to do the same. Just real minor stuff like that though, what a reddit take am I right?

  52. I’d prefer not to go to a school in any state that restricts abortion rights now that roe v wade has been overturned. I think all physicians should have at least some exposure to abortion procedures/care during OBGYN-related training and idk how conservative states will be able to do that.

  53. Yep, I wonder what happens when they have to help religious conservative people. Seeing they clearly hate them.

  54. Any school in a red state, any school in which abortion is now completely illegal. I’d also be very reluctant to go to school in any place with a very high cost of living, e.g., San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles/Orange County. I’d also be reluctant to go to school in an urban high-crime area.

  55. Nowhere in the south. I know it can be unpopular to say, but I moved to Arkansas last year temporarily and the amount of racism, discrimination, and ignorance is destroying my mental health. If there are open-minded people with the capability to create change from within here, that is amazing, but it’s okay to be realistic what the personal cost of that is.

  56. The only Midwest state I’d move to is Illinois. Otherwise I’d refuse to go anywhere in the south or Midwest. And fuck Florida. Anything on either coast but I’d ideally like to be back in California. Being a person of color I just need to be anywhere liberal and diverse or at least just accepting.

  57. I decided not to apply to schools in states that had enacted trigger laws after Roe. I applied to Indiana before they decided to ban pretty much all abortions, but won't be completing their secondary.

  58. States that are known for being Racist, like no Ma'am no trying to get shot cause I came out of the womb with black skin. Looking at Alabama

  59. Most places in the south. Grew up in the south my whole life so I want to experience some nice cool weather and get away from all the bigotry. Also Ohio/Wisconsin.

  60. I’m not Christian nor really want to be in an environment where their beliefs are brought up daily. So, schools connected to the Church.

  61. no school in Tennessee or Mississippi or around there (i’m black gay and female) and no bible belt school

  62. New Jersey has a good healthcare system compared to many states, is very diverse, progressive, close to Philly/NYC/beaches…I could go on but go off I guess

  63. California and New York, staying far far away from those state. Dumb gun laws, high cost of living just terrible. Sigh I must have an obsession since I look research a states gun laws before considering to apply to their schools.

  64. People think doctors can’t enjoy firearms for some odd reason. Many physicians that I know enjoy shooting. It’s a pretty common thing, especially when you have higher income

  65. For states, I've got a family so it's a bit more complicated. No way are we going to NY or HI, even though it sounds fun, because the cost of living is insane. My husband, who is from the deep south, is absolutely against us going to some of the south for political/Deliverance reasons. For individual schools, Liberty for obvious reasons and PCOM PA because from what we've seen/heard Erie isn't a place to raise a kid even for a few years.

  66. The biggie for determining if a school OOS is worth applying to is not OOS matriculations, it is OOS getting IIs. Do not be fooled by some of these schools that get tons of applicants.

  67. I wouldn’t turn down an acceptance but tbh I didn’t even apply anywhere south of DC. Outside of the north east I only applied to a few in Chicago and California. It was a risk, thankfully it worked out, but I’d rather reapply than commit 4 years of my life somewhere I’d be unhappy

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