Was supposed to deliver a girl yesterday….. surprise!

  1. I WAS surprised haha. That’s why after that conversation I almost thought they were joking! Because she reassured me so much

  2. So dad was kinda team green but I was like no way I can’t wait that long. Got his wish, even more surprised than if we never “found out”.

  3. Lol, we have no doubts about ours being a boy. 23 week ultrasound and one of the photos they printed for us is of our little boy spreading his legs and flashing the camera.

  4. We had our anatomy scan at 20 weeks and it looked like they plopped his butt on a photo scanner. It was all legs, booty & balls lol and then they had an arrow pointing at his open legs saying “it’s a boy”

  5. Sounds like my boy. We have like 4 printed ultrasound pics of his genitals from multiple ultrasounds (never once asked & got kinda sick of it lol). But he ALWAYS hid his face like a little freaking turkey.

  6. You seem to be handling that surprisingly well considering everything you've purchased all girl stuff haha but what a story to tell!

  7. So to be honest, I have a four year old boy I’m a total boy mom and really wanted another boy! Was a bit disappointed in finding out it was a girl, but of course I grew used to the idea and was okay with it. When he turned out to be him though, wasn’t the worst news! More so after I had a few friends call me and say not to worry they have their baby boy clothes still! I had just donated and got rid of soooo many after determining I was not having another boy… D’OH

  8. Wow that’s definitely a story to tell when he’s older! It sounds like really poor communication amongst everyone. We got the blood test before the ultrasound because there’s been many times I’ve read ultrasounds even at 20 weeks were wrong. So having that extra confirmation helps us feel more confident. Congratulations to you and your LO!

  9. My brother was also a surprise boy, I remember saying prayers at night for my sister Alison Rose while "she" was still in utero. Needless to say, it was a happy surprise when I got to be the only girl in the family - didn't have to share a bedroom or my girly toys that the boys didn't want to play with :)

  10. Thanks! Your user name.. people call me vonny and bon(nie). My name is Siobhain! Found that interesting haha

  11. I was a “surprise” to my parents, who were told they were having a boy. Apparently I had tucked my tiny fist through my legs and they thought it was boy parts at the ultrasound..I was supposed to be TRAVIS. Lol.

  12. Yup, alll the dresses and bows. Some boy clothing seems almost unisex but girls? Very clearly girl clothing 😂 Luckily my friend who has a 3 year old boy and is expecting a girl called me and said they had saved all their stuff and he’ll drop it off!

  13. Congrats on the delivery and the baby boy!! Ive read so many stories like this and happened twice to my mom 😂 glad y’all had a boy name picked out already!

  14. Never got the results for gender from NIPT. Earlier it was mentioned by a nurse how if that test was wrong they would actually be kinda concerned, so when I saw the in house pediatrician I asked her and she said she’d look back. I haven’t heard either way which probably means it said boy all along and nothing to worry about

  15. My mom thought she was having a boy (my younger sister) and tried naming her Pablo after my dad. Apparently her vagina was so swollen they confused it for a penis??? Lol weird but eventually they found out her gender and named her Paola. Lmao

  16. In England they’re not supposed to write it on a piece of paper so that you can read it later - they’re meant to only tell you there and then in the room at the 20 week scan. Apparently there have been occasions where it’s been wrong (which is totally understandable it’s not a 100%science!) but because people have had it on paper (even though it’s just a scrap nothing official) they’ve done there darndest to sue the hospital for making a mistake!! Which is ridiculous in my opinion. We found out we’re having a girl but every now and again I remind myself she could come out a he still and it’s just not certain until the day they arrive.

  17. So honestly that’s what happened. This one ultrasound tech said during anatomy scan she was a girl, but unlike my (first) son didn’t print out it’s a girl! Photo scans.

  18. My chart said surprise on it too even though we found out the gender via NIPT and ultrasound! They asked me about it multiple times leading up to birth and then at the birth itself and I never understood why they didn’t change it 😅 I would’ve been SHOOK if he turned out to be a she in our case! Congratulations regardless!

  19. So odd! I kind of understand the confusion for ours because dad didn’t want to find out via blood test but once it was mentioned to midwife that “no we’re not surprised it’s a girl” one would think she would take that out and correct us 😅

  20. I actually just asked the hospital pediatrician to look into this. A nurse had mentioned how if it did say girl they would be kind of concerned for possible problems. She said she would look back but that his parts look all boy.

  21. Gender didn’t seem to be included at all, although for the NIPT test they should have checked gender at least for their own records the traveling hospital pediatrician said it was “scrubbed” from record or just not there. No mention of gender at all from NIPT test to either ultrasound. I don’t know how that happens… but I was relieved NIPT test didn’t say girl and they weren’t worried once they checked his genitals and determined they were normal.

  22. We both love the outdoors and hiking. His name is River, Stone would be the middle name. Just because it doesn’t float your boat doesn’t mean you have to rock mine.

  23. We also only have the 20 week US as basis for gender guess, but in our case the technican made sure to tell US at least 5 times that ultrasound is never a 100% and it was only her best guess that we might most likely be having a girl.

  24. How do you feel about this mix up? It's kinda a big one. I would have been really upset only because I would have talked to my hub the whole time with the thought of it being one way when it's the other. I'm sure you're happy nonetheless. Boys love their mommas more anyway. ☺️😍❤️

  25. Well.. I think it’s a bit easier for me because I have a four year old son And really WANTED another boy! I was actually a bit disappointed to hear girl. Of course I get to love the idea and was excited for cute dresses and bows, but since I initially wanted but the blow wasn’t bad.

  26. I found out I'm having a girl from my NIPT and I'm realizing that no one has confirmed that to me since then. It wasn't mentioned at the anatomy scan other than the tech asking me if I know what I'm having and I said "yup its a girl", but she never like showed me the genitals and confirm "oh yes, she is a girl, look here." Since then my midwives have periodically asked if I know the sex, and I say yes, a girl. But again, no one has confirmed that medically. Part of me wonders if I'm going to be surprised by a boy at delivery too!

  27. i have 4 boys in a row no girls yet, i swear to god if this would happen to me on a 5th child id lose it 😂😂

  28. This happened to a friend on mind. They thought it was a boy from the scans. The baby came out a girl. She had swollen clitoris which can look like male genitalia on a scan.

  29. That's crazy to think that would happen now! I'm 26, born in '96, and I was supposed to be a boy. Anthony Morgan was supposed to be my name and everything had to be returned. 😅

  30. I am so paranoid about this! I have 3 boys so when the ultrasound tech said it was a girl at 20w I was extra excited.

  31. This is not true. Chromosomal sex is established upon fertilization (conception). The embryo just hasn't formed enough to be able to tell the difference, but gentials begin to differentiate around 6 weeks. There's no "switching." Likely OPs anatomy scan just wasn't in a great position to be able to tell the gender or he was hiding, cause sex organs are formed by 20 weeks. It can just be hard to tell via ultrasound sometimes.

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