Place I applied to required me to take an IQ test, didn't get the job. Yes, I had to pay for it.

  1. Title is misleading, OP had to pay out of pocket for the test and potential employer notified them they would be reimbursed for the test. OP was indeed reimbursed for the test.

  2. Never pay for any sort of job application or test/background check. If they’re hiring you they’re going to pay for it. If they ask you to pay (seriously, pay for an IQ test and we might hire you? That might have been the IQ test itself) it’s a scam.

  3. Sounds like a scam job if you had to pay for the IQ test. Target desperate job seekers and refer them to a testing business and $profit$.

  4. I've never had to do an IQ test and I work in public accounting, where a majority of people are pretty smart.

  5. I work in public accounting as well. When I was in college, I applied for a couple of finance jobs as well. One of those jobs (Northwestern Mutual internship - which is a scam) required a personality test, which I thought was odd. The recruiter then talked about my test results in the interview which I also thought was weird. Luckily I didn’t have to pay for those exams but having personality or IQ tests seems like a red flag, even if you don’t have to pay for them.

  6. Are you in the US? It's actually illegal to use IQ testing to make hiring decisions (Griggs v. Duke Power Co.). Report that nonsense to your state Attorney General/labor department. They'll put a stop to it real quick and maybe get your money back.

  7. If a potential employer ever asks for you to pay anything out of pocket (even with the promise of reimbursement) before you're actually hired is either a scam, shit tier company, or both. Immediate red flags and you should not give them any more thought or attention no matter how good the pay increase is.

  8. If you're in the United States, Griggs v. Duke Power Company made it illegal for employers to require applicants to pass IQ tests.

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  10. Sounds illegitimate, you don't pay for pre employment tests regardless of why they are, good luck in the search you will find something

  11. For whatever it’s worth, I started shooting for those and yes, quite a few of them have IQ & aptitude tests: which I always absolutely blow away.

  12. In 50 years IQ testing will be viewed much the same as phrenology is today. Companies will probably still use it bc Myers Briggs is already a joke and companies use that garbage routinely.

  13. IQ tests or things like it aren't unheard of. My husband is an engineer - he's done some for some job applications, usually after the interview step. General mental aptitude tests can be important, some people don't pass them and that's an important piece of information for hiring, especially for older candidates that may be in the range at risk for age-related issues.

  14. My father has been an engineer for 40+ years and has never once had to take an IQ test. He’s worked in defense, office supply, medical devices, and transportation. It just seems so outrageous to me and a huge red flag.

  15. Once I had to do an IQ test for work and got decently high results (135). When I was hired, I went into the database and changed it to 138 cuz I wanted a higher score.

  16. Your score was probably too high for what they wanted There was a guy who actually sued a police department for not hiring for this reason. He lost because the department argued that he would get bored and leave after 2 or 3 years.

  17. Side note: this is still a thing, not necessarily with police departments. My husband took two interviews with the same university and they’ve hired much more under qualified candidates than him. Eventually we took the red flag and abandoned that university.

  18. A SKILLs test is pretty common. An IQ test? Not so much. I'd suggest that you contact them, and ask for at least partial reimbursement for what you spent.

  19. Psychologist here. I don’t have a ton of experience in Industrial/Organizational Psychology but I have lots of it with psychological assessment including IQ tests. I do have an opinion about this.

  20. Maybe paying for the iq test was the test. Maybe you were supposed to refuse. Arby's made me take one to be a manager and the test was from the 1960s. It felt racist.

  21. Tbh though, this sounds more like a scam, I was also scammed by a recruiter some place in Africa when I was fresh Out of college and desperately seeking employment. They made me believe I would get the job in order to pay the agency fees only to reach out to me 2 weeks later that the client is no longer hiring! Suckers!

  22. When you say they gave you an IQ test, can you describe the test and was it administered by a qualified psychologist. Also, ‘middle class job’ is vague, can you be a bit more specific.

  23. Two possibilities. They wanted people to get IQ tests or they wanted a way to exclude persons with a high intersectionality score without being sued for racism or hate. They might have been worried a white man might have better qualifications than some other group and needed a way to express this in a potential court case.

  24. Scam... if you have to pay for any portion of a test as part of the interview or hiring process, it is a scam (at least in the U.S.).

  25. I don't think an aptitude test is unheard of for *some* jobs. An IQ test seems vague, tbh, but definitely a test for, say, logical thinking would make sense for some roles. And for some things - like programming - more extensive skills tests are sometimes used to make sure people have the abilities they claim.

  26. I did a test like that for one of the top FMCG companies. They said it is obligatory for everyone.

  27. For my $60K(USD) hourly job. I had to take and pass a 15 question math test prior to being accepted into 7wk unpaid training. Then upon completion of the training has to pass an audition. To be hired. If I didn’t pass we had time to retake the audition within an allotted time. And if you didn’t pass then than obviously it’s not meant for you. Sucks you had to pay for a test and not even get the gig!

  28. This is what’s called a DUMB tax (don’t take it offensively, we all experience dumb tax) never ever pay for anything during an interview process. Other than maybe gas to go to the interview.

  29. A pure IQ test is something I've never seen, but psychometric testing is fairly common in general for professional jobs.

  30. Yes, taking aptitude tests are common. It was surprising they made you pay and then reimbursed you instead of paying upfront, but either way many jobs have all sorts of hoops to jump through.

  31. You’ll have to take personality assessments and technical question assessments for most jobs. My current job I did 3 technical interviews and a personality interview, each had a test to pair with the interview. I’ve never paid for one though.

  32. Couple years back i also had to take an English test because there was another candidate just as qualified for the job as I was. Passed the test but they ended up giving the other person the offer guess cz I had an accent 🤣

  33. What was the test? Many people don’t understand there is not a real IQ test. For example, in my job, I give the KTEA for academics, then the Psychologist I work with gives the WISC, which measures many things. Hers has FSIQ component, but not directly tied to the standard scores of the KTEA.

  34. Don’t give up, OP. Out of all the jobs I’ve had, I only had to take a logic type test for one hotshot tech company. (And I turned them down anyway because the pay wasn’t very good.) Most hiring procedures are more straightforward.

  35. I feel like the first test was flunked by agreeing to take the test. Sorry to hear this fam. The answer is no. If you are applying to a high end job they may in fact give you a test like a Code quiz but not anything you would have to come out of pocket for. If it’s a date they are paying they are courting you.

  36. Military has the ASVAB which is similar to IQ test. Idk if this is the only case where a job might have an “IQ” test as a pre-requisite

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