Is this pothos still alive? It’s been like this for a month?

  1. So hopefully this one is still alive? I regularly water it when it gets dry but It’s been over a month? 😕

  2. This happened to me last yr mine is alive and it's full. It was outside the whole winter 😭 it's one of my grandmother's plants it freezes in Northern Louisiana & I'm sure it's used to the cold weather.

  3. Came here to say this, once it fills its pot out you'll probably see more leaf growth but the green says it's still alive.

  4. it looks alive! it takes a lotttt longer to grow when there’s no leaves since there’s less surface area to photosynthesize.

  5. Hi! Some of its leaves have fall and decided to propagate the last remaining leaf a month ago but it was unsuccessful.

  6. Most of its leaves have fall and I cut the last leaf to propagate but it was unsuccessful. It has been this way since my cutting.

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