Not exactly "popping," but in the same vein

  1. Technically it wasn't an ingrown toenail, it was falling off after I broke my toe. I just used that tag because it was the closest I could find.

  2. My nail got badly damaged, I let it grow out as much as it possibly could but then eventually pulled it out too. Stings but definitely felt better!

  3. Wow! Nicely done. Sure beats the h€ll outta locking on a pair of Vice Grips and pulling it over backwards. I'm assuming your toe had swelled at least somewhat, making the nail dislodge to some extent, no? If not, f☆CK, I'd pay real money to see you do that in person. I've pulled more than a good member of nails off in my life, including 3 Big Toe Nails, but I've never even seen that before, letvl alone ever had the thought to consider it. Either way, swollen or not, you are the MASTER. I bow deeply to you, in your absence!

  4. Ouch my guy if it hurts that means it's still attached and alive at that area. Meaning it's healthy nail. Also unneeded trauma to the nail matrix can cause lifelong deformities. Next time please see a podiatrist

  5. "Not exactly popping, but I'm going to post it anyway because I said it's similar" - 90% of OPs posting shit on this sub. Trash mods allowing trash content

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