New to the poly lifestyle

  1. Are you and your wife partners in this? Can you talk to her about these fears? Can you articulate what it is you need from her to be able to process those feelings in a healthy way?

  2. Sometimes poly means leaving the person you are with to be happy, or leaving the person you are with due to a difference in needs (a poly person and a mono person). Just something to consider. If you aren't fully onboard with having a Polyamorous relationship, then consider keeping it Monogamous. Of course your wife will fall in love with others.

  3. Thx for the comments. I would prefer education and difficult work to relearn a just cutting up a marriage because we are at separate levels at our current stage.

  4. I'm new at this too, but this is something I've heavily considered. I've begrudgingly looked at it as competition in the healthiest sense. If my Meta is turning into a better husband than me, even though I have years of head start on him, maybe that's more of a reflection of me and my actions than my wife and hers.

  5. Marriages break up all the time. Maybe trying to fulfill the needs of our partners can help keep families together?

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