Encouragement for other noobs

  1. This! A relationship is allowed to end when people don't want the same fundamental things without it being a failure, and without YOU being a failure.

  2. It sounds like you two rally rushed things. Have you read the most skipped step of opening a relationship?

  3. Thank you so much for sharing something so beautiful and positive! I’ve also put dating on hold to work on my own issues and I hope I get to experience the same blossoming. Thank you for your story! You are rocking it

  4. Love this! Thanks for sharing :) I've had a lot of the same experiences (re: doing my own internal work) and it's so important to continuously remember that relationships, while important, are not what our lives should be entirely built around. Being a Whole Person, not part of a couple (or triad, or whatever) is incredibly important.

  5. I thought my advice to you was much better than that giving perspective that expecting any solid answers at 2 weeks was unrealistic and to give it time and do reading.

  6. Didn't deliver any criticism your way, merely said that your direction was vague and didn't amount to much besides "read everything". To my credit, I didn't waste your time, I followed the only advice I was given and here I am 2 weeks later to add more to it. I'm not going anywhere, either. I lurk this sub as much as you do, I'm sure. Thank you for what you offered, it has proven fruitful.

  7. Thank you for this. Partner dropped it in my lap and has been rushing me to feel okay and it's an uphill battle. This post helps me feel slightly better.

  8. I felt the same way, there have been so many days where I just try not to cry. Those days seem to mostly be behind me for now. I found unique experience in how I connected with music through that discomfort. I feel like understanding that there are no 'bad' feelings and facing your growing pains as growth instead of pain was very helpful to me to keep wanting to give it another chance.

  9. Thanks for sharing where you're at too! It feels so good to recognize how much control you really do have. I wrote out a list of things I had immediate control over that would improve my life and it made me feel so empowered. It's good to hear you're facing yourself with an honest eye and recognizing your own weaknesses. It's hard when you have to face yourself in dark times and recognize what you're sacrificing your happiness to.

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