Do you have a racial exclusion for dating?

  1. Im usually more likely to date from my nationality, but in general idgaf as long as they are fluent in my mother language (aka barely any people that are ourside of my country)

  2. Personally, race doesn't play a role for me in who I'm attracted to, but at the same time you can't really control who you are and aren't attracted to so it's unfair to call someone who isn't attracted to a certain race a racist or something

  3. I wouldn't date a race per se, but the culture attached to the race. I wouldn't mind dating anyone who share the same values as me tbh

  4. There isn't an on/off switch to being racist. The fact that someone can't control it doesn't make it any less racist, but it does require understanding. Racial dating preferences are racist, but that isn't a call for racists to date people they aren't attacted to. Rather, they should work through whatever beliefs they have that cause them to view that race negatively. Pretending to not be racist by dating the race you view negatively does a disservice to everyone involved.

  5. My wife isn’t the same race as me, I think the cultural diversity makes our marriage that much better honestly.

  6. I answered "I'd date any race" because I would date people I feel attracted to no matter the race. Still, I rarely feel attracted to people of certain races (mostly asians and blacks), so I don't date them for that reason only. It's not like I wouldn't date them out of principle (which would be racist), but I need attraction to date and it just so happens I feel more attracted to people from certain races over others. If I did feel attracted to someone from those races I would definitely date them. I bet most people are like this. Attraction is something you don't choose or control. You either feel attracted or you don't, and our early life experiences shape who we will find attractive and that's very hard, if not impossible, to change.

  7. Not sure what you mean, but in most countries in the real world men date people from racial minorities way more often than women.

  8. I find it really suspicious if someone outright definitively excludes entire races. There's a lot of variation in both skin color and facial features within racial groups that anyone who can just say they refuse to date ANY Hispanics, for example, probably has other motivations behind their exclusion.

  9. Most people don’t care, and don’t exclude certain races on purpose. but most humans are wired to love someone who is alike. That usually means same race.

  10. I feel like language and culture is more of a barrier than race. If they don't speak my language it will be pretty tough to hit it off. Likewise, if they are part of a culture that is drastically different than mine it may be tough to relate, live together, raise children, etc. As a Canadian living in Toronto, I find it's fairly mutli-cultural. However, by the time folks are second gen immigrants they are enough Canadian culture that they take on and usually they learn English.

  11. Kinda i guess. Its not actually about the race though. If i would meet someone, i like them and they are attractive then i would date them regardless of race. But naturally we all have preferences regarding what we think is attractive and i can say that there are races i mostly rule out because personally i dont find them attractive.

  12. You can't really help attraction to people, most of them aren't racist it's just based off of preference. All but the current relationship I'm in have been my own race (Latino) as I just haven't been attracted to the others until I met my current SO.

  13. I am a woman and I wouldn’t date certain cultures (kind of the same as race I guess) because the culture is incompatible with the kind of life I want to live.

  14. I don't want to become frustrated with my partner when I'm explaining the racial microaggression that happened to me at work and they don't see it for what it is.

  15. I want my kids to be like me. I'm not really into casual dating, so if marriage isn't potentially an option I don't consider it.

  16. The problem is what the great philosopher Chris Rock schooled us to, we meet the other person’s representative for the first few months.

  17. I am brown, I don’t prefer someone who’s too white or too black. Also, North Indian so I’d strongly prefer someone from my ethnicity.

  18. It's not a bad thing to prefer folks who look like you, but exclusion is too far. And it's healthy to analyze why you prefer your own race's features and to look for different characteristics when it comes to other races. I like to think it's similar to comparing different genres of music. Rock music has different criteria than Country or Rap or Pop to be considered good, but there's still a universal "quality" factor underneath. This sort of thing applies to most of life.

  19. Im not attracted to blacks but I’m not racist. Just find white and Asian women more attractive

  20. Why the fuck is it still ok to talk about humans and use the word "race"!? Not only is it utterly grotesque, the context in which it has been used, and the meaning it's use has therefore gained, is of truly unspeakable nature. Maybe I overreact a bit, but hearing "race" always brings up Nazi-vocabulary, such as Rassenlehre (eng.: scientific racism), which shouldn't have a place in our everyday-language. We could just use "ethnicity", talk about the same thing and make clear, that we don't want to refer to certain historical events.

  21. Posts like this really reminds you that Reddit is an American forum. They still like to divide people into different races over there. I think a lot of other countries realised the flaws of that way of thinking after WWII. They still seem to be stuck in though. Hopefully they'll progress and move forward from it some day. I'm just sitting here hoping that their obsession won't spread to my country but sadly I see it more and more here as well. They are exceptionally good at exporting their culture

  22. I know I'd date any race as I've had crushes on a pretty wide range of races before. However it's totally understandable for people to have different sexual / romantic personal preferences.

  23. I don’t have a problem ,but I feel like the older generations of my family would be weird about it. although they aren’t blatantly racist.

  24. Generally looking for a long term relationship with someone of my own race. That's technically racial exclusion but it's not specific but it's general to everyone except my own race.

  25. Although I tend to gravitate towards my own race, i wouldn't honestly mind dating someone of a different race

  26. Although it doesn’t matter the race, I don’t find a lot of other races attractive to me. Not saying they are ugly, but it’s just not what I find attractive, which is fine. Everyone has preferences.

  27. Naturally I’m drawn to people of the same race as me, but I’m not ever going to say I’d exclude other races, if they’re attractive then they’re attractive

  28. I have been traumatized by too many white men, I have a hard time with men in general but I find it hard to find white men attractive anymore. It's not their fault but they just remind me of things I'd rather forget.

  29. I am not really well in control or aware of who i am going to be attracted to. Maybe i have racial preferences, but i am not sure tbh. A perfect exclusion is something i definitely dont have but i dont deduce whether im attracted to someone. Its totally possible i have a racial bias

  30. I'm in a interracial marriage and I couldn't be happier. Not because she's a different race, but because she's exactly what I want in a partner.

  31. I wouldn't write someone off just because of their race, but there are some categories that I haven't found myself attracted to. I've never been attracted to Indian or other Asian men, but that doesn't necessarily mean I couldn't find one attractive in the future even though I don't really expect that to change. However, I think Indian and other Asian women are beautiful. It's similar to my gender preference. I haven't found myself attracted to any nonbinary or trans people, but I'm open to the idea of it it someone comes along that changes my mind.

  32. Personally it depends on their beliefs, if they see me as absolute garbage and just something close to a slave than no. Also compatibility is also a thing

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