If you were a waiter, would you spit in the food of a rude customer?

  1. Sometimes, instead of aiming for the urinal, I aim up and try to catch it with my mouth.

  2. So is smoking weed drinking under-age trespassing speeding buying most drugs jaywalking the list goes on some crimes are just not that bad

  3. I will laugh about it, take it as a great joke and move on. I don't know clowns are free these days 🤣

  4. Making a server react a certain way to where they would even consider spitting in your food means you’re already the asshole, AND probly deserve more than spit.

  5. Your crazy, I've been a waiter I personally have never done it but you need to see the harassment we get I wouldn't put anybody down for doing it some people deserve it

  6. Don't stoop to their level. Plus I wouldn't want to risk getting charged with assault and losing my job.

  7. I was a waiter for years and had countless rude customers. I never even considered spitting in their food. That's disgusting and you're a bad person if you'd do that.

  8. Absolutely not. I've heard of this and even seen this happen in movies, but has anyone actually confessed to doing this in real life? In any case, I'm always extra polite to waiters and waitresses, their jobs are thankless.

  9. Sucking it up is part of the job, if you can't handle it don't work in customer service (I'm not encouraging people to be rude but you have to act like an adult)

  10. If you’re really that immature then just “forget” about their order and take a long time to bring it to them. Much more legal and not as disgusting.

  11. That’s a good way to get your ass beat and fired all in one go. I haven’t had a job yet, and I understand that’s not a good idea if you wanna get paid

  12. Sounds rather childish and a bit self-centered. Do you know why the customer is rude? Can you assume they are just a general asshole or were they just put through a tough day or time? Maybe they will stop their behavior and warm up a bit once treated with a bit of kindness, I've seen that one happen as well, even seen people apologize for being rude initially. All a matter of perspective and what-ifs you can't really answer right away.

  13. Goes both ways, I've been a waiter and have been subject to all kinds of harassment, I personally wouldn't but I'm not putting anyone down for doing it and just because their put through a tough time doesn't mean they get to be rude or mean to someone else it's the golden rule right? And certain actions have consequences

  14. Okay, the customer is rude, so what? He’s paying for a product and deserves what he paid for. Also, you don’t know if he has some type of autoimmune disorder or something. Spitting in his food could be dangerous for his health. Being rude doesn’t mean your health should be at risk. Also, he could feed the leftovers to a kid or someone else later. I work I’m good, and I have never met anyone who said they would ever mess with food like that. I have met one person that said they knew someone he spit in someone’s food once. And that customer was the biggest dickhead ever, and he said everyone disapproved of it.

  15. No, but I may ask they get the smallest/worst cut we have of what they ordered (still cooked properly though)

  16. a) That's fucking childish b) Where I live they take hygiene very serious in medical, gastronomical etc. spaces.

  17. I'm petty as fuck so I would short portion size / give a bad cut / otherwise ensure their dining experience was less pleasant than it otherwise would be (tips be damned) but seasoning with bodily fluid?

  18. Nah, Id just put the food where it belonged as quickly as possible. In their face. To quote an amazing true story from a character in the classic epic of "Spongebob Squarepants", "Did he like the pizza?" "He sure did. Ate the whole thing in one bite."

  19. Even if it wasn't a crime its not worth the effort especially during a rush. You have to remember which dish goes to which table and then select the one the rude customer ordered, I already have to keep tabs on who gets what and what table number I'm going to, honestly it's a waste of 10 seconds which can be critical when you're on the floor

  20. The only time this would be okay is if they spit in your face, but at that point I think spitting in the food is dumb. There would be a fight instead.

  21. Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you. Modern society has evolved (tried) to be as fair as possible for living in peace.

  22. Was never a waiter but worked in multiple restaurants and resorts as a cook rule 1 don't fuck with the food it's not worth your time . Customers are the worst

  23. No cause they can verify it was me like that one guy who knew they were spitting in his cup and took it to a lab and in fact had undeniable proof they were spitting in his drink. I would rather rub the food full of bacteria such as hands in pants and a bit of shite.

  24. They wish they could get some of this. Seriously though I have never been adequately hydrated in my life, I can't afford it.

  25. Too subtle. I’d mix in some sh*t, guaranteeing they’d notice something is off. But by then it’d be too late 🗿

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