Did your parents ever tell you that giving items to them with your left hand is disrespectful?

  1. Would it be for the same reason some people are only allowed to eat food with their right hand? (With their hands) Because you wipe your ass with the left one then?

  2. I only said yes because it’s disrespectful to give things to your teacher or parent something important with one hand. You’re supposed to do with both. This isn’t strictly enforced or anything it’s just a way of showing respect.

  3. No, but in the past the left hand was seen as "the hand of the devil". My grandmother was left-handed, but the school educated her to write with the right hand.

  4. The culture of eating with a specific hand because the other hand is not clean enough definitely still exists. For sure in northern parts of Africa. But I'm not sure where else.

  5. My dad used to say giving currency notes with left hand was kind of disrespectful... It has become habitual now to pay with my right hand

  6. Yeah I'm Nigerian so it was pretty common for us. I don't even give my classmates anything with my left hand I'm so used to it 😅

  7. It's a thing in Asian cultures. The left hand is typically used to wash and clean and wipe your butt, so it's considered rude to give people items with your left hand. Yeah I'm Asian and I find it silly.

  8. Isn't this also the case in some parts of Africa? I guess it's just something that develops in areas without basic hygiene

  9. I'm left handed too, but here our left hands are preserved only to wash ourselves, so eating, handling and handing over anything with left hand is frowned upon

  10. Not a big thing in the west, but it's a part of culture for the majority of people in the world and all over Asia

  11. No but my mother was born left handed and my grandmother forced her to switch to being right handed since left was the devils hand or some dumb shit like that. She would hit my moms hand if she ever caught her using her left. To this day my mother can't write with her left hand even though she's left handed. There are some really stupid religious people out there...

  12. You dont need to touch your bum directly with your hand. It's the using the toilet paper with your left hand. And it's a matter of principle, not actual lack of hygiene.

  13. Anyone who says that never touch their left hand. There is a reason they consider left hands unclean. Also check if they keep toilet paper at home or not.

  14. This is cultural ettiquette in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. Left hand is for poo-wiping, right hand is for eating, greeting, and everything else.

  15. my family also doesn't say that, however, they say handshaking with the left hand is a fake handshake (no idea if it's just us?)

  16. The only conversation about handing items we had was about knives and if I should hand them hilt first, blade first, where to grab, etc.

  17. In my culture it isn't disrespectful, so that's probably why they didn't mention it, however, you're in a world of shit if your elbows are on the table

  18. No but when I worked as a waiter at an Italian restaurant some of the clients told me that pouring wine with my left hand was bad luck.

  19. I’m left handed, and an older lady tried to tell my mum to make me eat (and in the future write) with my right hand. She gave a flat out no, of course, but there are definitely still people who have a weird up hanging about left-handed people.

  20. American Dad has a great episode of this where Francine tells Steve his classmate isn't allowed, he assumes it's because the classmate was black. Ff to them calling Francine's adopted parents to find out she was a lefty in a Catholic foster program and the nuns would be at her with fish and scream LEFTIES ARE THE DEVIL'S MINIONS

  21. Idk. Culture I guess. I assume my parents were told this by their parents who were told by their parents and so on.

  22. I used to attend a Japanese Dojo that followed the traditions to a T. And anything you'd give or take was to be done with both hands and a slight bow

  23. Poll answer no. I am left handed and so are both my parents. But this sounds like a cultural thing OP - my family is Canadian with English heritage and we are agnostic.

  24. freshman year history teacher told us about this, he was left handed and talked (constantly) about his military experience including where he had to travel to the middle east and had to make a conscious effort to always use his non dominant hand because of the shitting hand rule lmfao

  25. My parents are left handed, I’m left handed, that wouldn’t make sense??? Though one of my grandmothers forbade my older sister from using her left hand to do things. Just one of those weird things old people think

  26. In my culture and many asian and African cultures, using just the left hand to give and receive items is rude

  27. Pouring coffee with your right to pour it into a cup in your left to give it to some1 is considered disrespectful in Arab culture.

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