What age did you find out Santa wasn’t real?

  1. The year I told my parents I didn’t know, they didn’t get me a gift from santa. But then I cried so they started giving me a gift from santa again every year and we pretend he’s real for one day. It’s probably the same amount of presents, it’s just that one is marked as being from santa instead of my parents.

  2. Yeah honestly I have no idea when I figured it out, but I knew before my dad told me in 4th grade. Same with the tooth fairy.

  3. People worry about the moment kids find out Santa isn't real, but looking back I feel like I only believed in Santa around Christmas time. If you told me he wasn't real in July I would have been like "Yeah I know..."

  4. Yeah, I can’t remember a time I truly believed in Santa. As far as I can remember, I thought it was just a fun make believe thing we did. Like how my brother and I used to slay dragons in the living room. However, my family wants to be annoying AF if I say that, and then insist that I’m lying and that I truly believed in Santa until about the age of seven or eight. Nope, I had that figured out back in my earliest memories.

  5. That's what my parents did with Sinterklaas, they told me in summer so it was less of a shock. About Santa I figured pretty early, because we didn't really do presents at Christmas (bit much, presents twice in one month), and the make-believe narrative wasn't really cultivated.

  6. My best friend in elementary school was muslim. In middle school the topic of Santa came up and he told me that his parents said the exact same thing

  7. My parents never told me he was real. He was always just a fictional Christmas time mascot. This is the best way imo. Better to not lie to your kids from the start than have to admit the truth when they’re old enough to feel betrayed.

  8. For me it’s fuzzy when I truly believed he wasnt. Santa “visited” an Xmas party and kid me cornered him and asked how it was physically possible for him to go to every single house in the world in 24hrs. The adults laughed and gave me a present, but that was when the seeds of disenchantment were planted. I think it was a year or two later that my parents finally directly told me in a “you know this already, right?” and at that point I had stopped

  9. It was my first day of middle school and my teacher broke the ice by saying "So when did you all find out Santa isn't real?". That's how I found out.

  10. One of my teachers did that too but I already knew at the point. I always thought it was kinda rude tho it’s fun to believe in Santa

  11. Y'know I felt embarrassed to be someone who took til the age of 12 to realise he was fake, but now I feel a bit better looking at these comments.

  12. Same. But I was Jewish, so idk that my parents ever mentioned him to me at all. I just learned about him from popular culture.

  13. I remember finding the Christmas presents in my mom’s closet when I was 8, and she was in complete denial.

  14. I always knew, but one year i was 7 and my parents decided to stop pretending and i cried, not because santa was fake but because they pretended for all my other siblings but not me.

  15. I always thought it was strange that he could deliver presents to all the nice kids in ONE night, unless he made clones of himself. But yeah, I stopped believing when I was in my early teens. A little embarrassing, I know, but my mom is a huge Christmas fanatic and it took me a long time to finally come to the conclusion that Santa, in fact, was fake.

  16. I didn't even get a Christmas present until I was around 8. Family was just way too poor, but I'll appreciate that toy truck until the day I die.

  17. 12 is when I stopped believing. My parents went all out, like they would put speakers in the attic, put ashes outside of the fire place, do literal Street magic with the damn elf to make it seem like it moved from one place to another, etc.

  18. What always threw me off was packaging from “Santa’s” presents always had copyrights and ‘patent pending’ listed and I was always like “why does Santa need patents?”

  19. I used the same logic, like I don’t think Santa is getting his presents from the readers digest magazine… and it’s just awfully convenient that we are also subscribed to reader’s digest

  20. i still believe he's real. Either someone broke in to my house or santa magically placed presents while i was awake at 1 am. Everyone was asleep. My parents dont' give me presents lmao

  21. I didn’t buy that story so I asked when I was super little and my mom tried to get me and the middle child out of the room so she could tell the answer to just the oldest even tho I was the one who asked. It just didn’t make any sense so I never really bought it

  22. Actually funny story imo. The whole family was out in the van, me and my sister were debating about who was better, Jesus it Santa, I don’t recall who but one of us said Santa because he brings us gifts and that pissed our step mom off and she told us Santa wasn’t real. Now that I’m older I see the irony there. Jesus is Santa for adults.

  23. I never rly beloved in Santa we had a kinda more christian Christmas (?) Literal translation of 'my santa' is pretty much "child of Christ" just more common in Germany

  24. It was easy to find out by myself since a very early age, I mean a man who came through the chimney flying didn’t make sense to me.

  25. Santa wasnt the gift bringer here, its called the Christkind over here. Anyway, i cant remember believing in either of them at some point in my life. For me it was always just my parents buying the stuff and then we acted like it was brought by the Christkind

  26. As a child I was told he existed, but that he couldn’t deliver everyone’s presents because there were too many people so he distributed the presents to the parents to put under the trees. Made it a lot easier on 7 year old me when I learned he doesn’t exist, since I was never under the impression that he’d never visit my house anyways, it was kinda just an “oh ok” type thing

  27. When I was around 6, I was laying on the floor next to my parents’ bed (I don’t remember why) and I looked over and saw a wrapped present. When Christmas came, that same gift was labeled as “From: Santa.” That’s how I found out.

  28. my parents never pretended he was real. they told us from the beginning that everyone pretends for fun, but he's just a story character to make Christmas more interesting

  29. I think I was 7. My dad kept a few of my teeth that “the tooth fairy took,” and when I found them, the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and the Easter Bunny all came crashing down.

  30. I approached my mum all serious when I was maybe 5 or 6 and said like “I have something to tell you. I know Santa isn’t real. You can stop lying”. I gave my évidence as: we don’t have a chimney, magic doesn’t exist, and his handwriting was the same as hers. We finally negotiated down to: she will continue to pretend he is real, and we both agree to pretend the Easter bunny and tooth fairy are real.

  31. My parents never told me about Santa. The 1st time I heard him mentioned was at school & I was confused as to what people were talking about. When I went home and asked my parents about him, they just told me he wasn't real.

  32. I knew he wasn’t real because all Christmas movies he’s delivering presents somewhere that has snow, and it doesn’t snow where I lived. Also asked why we had to buy toys for Christmas for some relatives in the Dominican Republic and my parents told me it was because they didn’t believe in him he didn’t show up there. All they had me believe was that Santa was racist and classist lol.

  33. I learnt he wasn’t real when I was 10 or 11 when my friend told me at school. When I told my parents I knew he wasn’t real, I didn’t receive a present from Santa that year. I was very upset and cried. I knew he wasn’t real but getting presents from Santa and pretending he was real made me really happy. So my parents found a random picture frame and wrapped it up and pretended they had missed it behind the couch.

  34. My parents told my 7yo brother and then on Christmas Eve he told 5yo me, because he's always been a dick.

  35. I didn't even ruin it for myself like a normal kid would by waiting up for Christmas or finding Santa kissing mummy. I just randomly asked in the car if Santa was real, my parents initially got mad at my brother (just under 3 years older so he was around 10) but I told them I was just wondering, then asked about the Easter bunny and tooth fairy. If we were religious I think I would of asked about god aswell and then gotten beat so good thing we aren't lol

  36. Was never told he was real. It's a presents and family holiday with a fun theme. Still did the whole Santa visit and tree thing because it's part of the fun.

  37. I was 8. My father, who hardly talked to me about anything, called me into his bedroom and told me. Apparently, my mother was opposed to it at that time.

  38. my family didn't celebrate christmas so I never believed he was real and I still don't understand the obsession with telling children that an old man from the north pole somehow enters their house (not everyone has a chimney for that explanation) and gives you things based on how well behaved you've been during the last year of him spying on you... it's always been a little alien to me

  39. I confronted my mom about it when I was like two quizzing her about “but how does he make billions of presents? How do the reindeer fly? How does he fit in the chimney? How does he get around the whole world? It just doesn’t make sense mommy!!” And she was just like ok yeah you figured it out

  40. I never believed in Santa, I still remember back in the day where my parents would tell me not to tell the other kids that Santa isn’t real lol

  41. I don't remember finding out. All I remember is one time I tried hiding under the living room table to catch Santa, probably at the suggestion of a sibling, then not believing in Santa. I don't know if I ever strongly believed that he existed at all, I wasn't the most gullible kid

  42. My parents felt lying to a child for no reason was unacceptable. We instead treated Santa like a fun game. We knew he was not real, but would still leave coca cola for him, and go to bed early. We had the fun of Santa without my parents lying to or manipulating us.

  43. I never believed in Santa…I’m Jewish (well culturally at this point as I’m atheist, but I still had a bar’mitzfa and all that jazz)

  44. I figured it out when I got my parent's amazing password two months after Christmas. I was 11, I think. I didn't tell them I didn't believe and the next year they told me. They weren't surprised but they only told me because they wanted my help with my younger siblings gifts.

  45. I had my doubts as a kid but my parents, for whatever reason, kept insisting he was real. Got made fun of in school and shit. Took a pointed conversation to finally settle it. If I have kids I’m going to skip all that bs.

  46. My mom did her best to keep the Santa magic alive for as long as she could. I was in middle school when I learned he wasn’t real. I’m 29 and she will still argue that he’s real

  47. Well I'm not Christian and i dont celebrate Christmas so the first time i was introduced to Santa itself was like "he's this fictional character that..." So i was never made to believe he was real in the first place.

  48. From birth? Not in a country with much Christian population. Even though we celebrate Christmas, even kids know that Santa doesn't exist

  49. When I was growing up The neighbors on my street got together at Christmas and had somebody go around as Santa. He would give out small trinkets and other toys, and everyone would have fun.

  50. My mom never let me believe Santa was real from the moment I knew how to comprehend things. That being said, I still refused to believe for a good two years before Kindergarten, and I'm not sure why

  51. My family told me at the dinner table one night when I was 11 years old that he wasn't real. That same night was also when I found out the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny weren't real.

  52. I was never told Santa was “real” we have Sinterklaas in the Netherlands. Santa isn’t really a thing here for as far I know.

  53. Well, my grandma have confirmed that our version of Santa isn't real when I was 7. But I already didn't believe.

  54. In Austria we celebrate Nikolaustag (Saint Nicholas Day) on December 6th, where parents usually hire some local village guy to dress up as Nikolaus (he also sometimes takes one or more Krampus with him) who traditionally brings presents like peanuts and tangerines but nowadays usually also small presents and chocolate.

  55. About 11. I never found it out, I just sort of came to the realisation tht I didn't believe anymore. I have 3 younger siblings (two of whom are 6 and 8) who I suspect still believe, and our family still has traditions, like putting out a glass of milk for him, and writing letters which I participate in to keep the magic alive for them.

  56. Around 8. Before then my sister would buy me presents and write me letters while I was sleeping pretending to be Santa, great times.

  57. He is real tho. Saint Nicholas was the patron of kids I believe. In my country, Turkey, there is an old monastery named after him. He is from Patara, Turkey

  58. i distinctly remember being 4 in kindergarten during christmas time and telling other children santa wasn’t real. i’m not proud of my actions

  59. I only learned that Santa's the person who's supposed to be giving you your gifts through TV when I was like 7 or 8. Before that he was just a Christmas mascot for me. I think I than believed it for like one Christmas until I was like, nah Santa's not real. I'm not even sure if I ever truly believed it back then or if it was more of a make-believe thing.

  60. I’d just turned 6 and set up a trap of plastic grocery bags in the Santa sack that sat at the end of my bed (so Mum could get a little sleep in) and sure enough Santa was Mum.

  61. I recognize Santa as a job and as a person who comes in red clothes during Christmas. He is real, I've seen him with my own eyes, and this POV annoys me.

  62. Where I live we don't believe in Santa. Instead we believe that Jesus gives us gifts, but I discovered that Jesus doesn't give gifts when I was 8

  63. As a German I grew up with the Christkind. For me, Santa has always been a stupid American hoax invented by Coca Cola for as long as I can remember.

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